The trouble with pants

Can I just say that pants and I have a love-hate relationship?  I am presently on the hate side.  And running capris?  Well, they are the devil.

A few weeks ago, I committed a big race no-no while running the Spooner’s Cover 5 mile race.  I wore something I had never ever run in.  On a race day.  I ran in a skirt, I didn’t even own one, I had to borrow it from my mother.  (She has a ridiculous amount of running/ tennis clothes.)  I had never really been interested in running in a skirt before.  I know that tons of people do and I have seen some super cute ones, but in my mind, skirts were for tennis and shorts were for running.  But I just could not stomach wearing capris so I figured I would try a skirt.  Actually, it was pretty comfortable, I may buy myself one.


But off point, the last month or so of posts, I have mentioned some stomach discomfort.     I figured I would share a bit.  I have a thing, I hate words like disorder or syndrome or condition. Anyways, that thing is gastroparesis.  Or at least that’s what the doc is going with now.

I have had problems for years and went to multiple doctors and nutritionists and had numerous tests done, yet very little help.   No allergies to speak of and then last year, they finally came back with gastroparesis.  What that means is that my stomach doesn’t like to digest food, and it does so extremely slowly.  See, even my stomach is a Slacker.  :)  So that can cause some discomfort and irritation and make running uncomfortable.  It also can cause some blood sugar drops which lead to lovely dizzy spells.     Woo hoo!

Back to the pants, there are times that pants just suck.  In fact I own plenty of dresses for that exact reason.  Ok, well some are just really cute ( and great for lazy days :) )   I even have one that all my coworkers know I wear when I just refuse to wear pants.    Running capris are the worst.  Why are they so damn high-waisted?  I have tried so many brands and types but all the same.  I have tried rolling the waist band down too, no such luck.   I love my Nike shorts because they sit low enough.  Sometimes, it’s uncomfortable just crossing my arms, which sucks because I always cross my arms.

So, verdict is that I should be a grazer, and have to moderate my carb intake among some things that I shouldn’t eat.   Despite the food pictures I have posted on this blog, I really do monitor my carbs, but those pictures would be boring.  I have literally had the same thing for lunch and breakfast, with slight variations, for the last 11 months.  Yawn.

Anyways moving on, I have had a better year than previously but November has not been my month.  Hence the whining on my posts and the very uncomfortable last 2 miles of my last race.     But I see my doc next week, so I will be sure to whine to him, but this may wander back into the blog at some point, just giving you a heads up.

Source- Pinterest

Source- Pinterest

I have debated posting anything about this, but I figured why not?  It can’t hurt and maybe something good will come out of it.  Maybe someone out there has similar issues, who knows.   Otherwise, my next post should have some actual running in it :).

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Any crazy AM shoppers out there?

Turkey Trot and too much food

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone had good food and a good time.

I don’t say it enough but I am truly thankful for my family and friends.   I don’t know where I would be without them.   They put up with a lot of my crap :)

When my alarm went off this morning, I admit to questioning my sanity in running a race on Thanksgiving.    Once I finally managed to drag myself out of bed, I was wishing that the race was a 5K and not a 10K.  I was feeling ill so eating prior to the race was not an option.  I got ready and then headed out to meet C and her husband.   It was going to be her first 10K :)

It was cold!

It was cold!

The race was small as was expected.  Could it have been better organized? Yes but they still did a good job.  Start and finish was in actually in a supermarket parking lot, which was hopping.   More people than I expected were out getting last minute items for Thanksgiving.   We started on time and we were off.   The race was an out and back along a back road.   It was primarily flat with a fairly decent downhill around mile 2.3 until the turn around.   Thing about that downhill?  It was uphill on the way back. Ugh.  But there have been way worse hills in other races, so I sucked it up and ran.  I passed C and her husband on the way back up.


Mile 4, my stomach cramped and it never really went away.  It made for an uncomfortable last 2 miles.  Heading back towards the parking lot, I could see my family on the corner.  It was a Thanksgiving miracle, my pops and brother were there with my mom as well.

The brother, did I mention the cold?

The brother, did I mention the cold?

I crossed the finish line at 56:21.   I felt like I was slower than that so woo hoo!   We were told our times at crossing and then had to report them to the registration table.   There were only 3 age groups- Amateur (high school), Open (18-35), and Master (35-up).   I was either 3rd in my age group or just 3rd to report in, not sure which.    I then waited to see C and her husband come across.  I think I will always try to get one these in our races (well until they become faster than me)-

Leaving him in the dust!

Leaving him in the dust!

goofballs :)

goofballs :)

The rest of the day was spent with my family, possibly eating too much food.  But it was yummy.   We watched some TV (Independence Day- we were holiday confused) and played with the puppy.

Tomorrow is Christmas Tree day :) I will avoid all stores as much as possible.  I plan to meet C and another friend for lunch and maybe hit the gym in the afternoon.  Hopefully neither of those places will be too crowded.  I really should do homework as well. Ha!

On the upside, today’s race pushed me 5 miles passed my Pile on the Miles challenge for November!!  I followed through with something!!!! And I have 2 days to spare.

I hope that everyone had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving!


Almost Turkey Time!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!!

Anyone racing tomorrow?  Have to rationalize the calories someway right?

A puppy is tiring and she isn’t even mine.    Just playing with her is exhausting.    She passed her first vet check with flying colors.  What is it about the vets office that makes all animals want to cuddle?  She didn’t even have a frame of reference, but she was not happy.   She also finally has a name.  Meet Zoey-



Vacation brain has somewhat set in but I was able to get in a 5 mile run on Tuesday.   It started out really sluggish but all in all it was a pretty good run.  I never quite got up to speed but I felt good at the end.  This run also put me within 1.1 miles of my Pile on the Miles goal!  Woo hoo!   I may succeed at a challenge!

Tomorrow’s Turkey Trot will be the final push needed to meet my goal.   It should be a smaller race, there’s only race day registration available.  But it’s also fairly cheap and it benefits the local high school wrestling team as well as the food bank.  I am planning on meeting C and her husband there tomorrow morning.   It’s close, so I can pretty much roll out of bed and head over there.  (See- Slacker!!!!)  I would not say that I am super prepared for this so my goal is just have fun.   It will be more for the camaraderie than the pace.  I say that now, we’ll see if I follow through or bolt at the starting line :)

I thought by this point of vacation, I would be going a little stir crazy. But, nope, just slacking it big time.   I should be Christmas shopping, I have an advertising plan that I am woefully behind on.   Actually forget Christmas, both my parents birthdays are next week.  I need to register for classes, etc etc.   I did manage to get my car to the dealer to fix the door locks and made it through a dentist appointment with flying colors.   :)   I also met some friends for a yummy lunch today.  We couldn’t decide where to go, so we hit the Irish pub.  I had never been there before.  Pretty sad considering it’s 2 blocks for where I used to work…for 5 years.    We ate some of the largest salads I have ever seen.   M’s made me laugh, it was called the “Man Salad”.  It looked amazing though.  We may have gone over their lunch a bit, oops.

Now its time to get some rest for tomorrows race and family fun to follow.  Plus puppy time!

I hope anyone who’s traveling has safe journeys.

Anyone else running a “trot” tomorrow?  Good luck!


Hello Cutie

Sundays for me alternate between track days and Slacker Sundays.   And despite my best intentions to have yesterday be a track day, the Slacker in me won over.  The time came to go run and well, a nap really sounded like a good idea at the time.    I can’t even say that vacation brain kicked in because it was just me.

Today was the first real day of my vacation, and I admit I slept in, late.  It was kind of awesome.    I had plans to go to lunch with my mom, run some errands and hit the gym in the afternoon.  Those plans were derailed in the cutest of ways.

How cute is she?!?

How cute is she?!?

My parents have been fencing their yard in preparation of getting a dog.   It’s almost done but not quite so some thought the dog would be the beginning of next year.  Surprise!!!!   My dad was totally not prepared for us to show up with a dog.    Neither, really was my mother, there was nothing for the puppy yet.

So the afternoon was spent taking care of this adorable fur ball (so hard I know :) ) and running around getting stuff for her.   She now has a collar and a leash, a bed and some toys, a squeaker frog!  What she does not have is a name.   The whole family is in on it now, but no one agrees.     I said Marathon, my brother said Ammo, my dad said “not thought out”.  My mother has shot everything down, I am currently calling her Misfire, but my mom hates that and it is her dog.

Every time she would bring up getting a dog, I would tell her that it had to be able to run. That way I could “borrow” her and train her to run with me.  I have always wanted to run with a dog, instead of being attacked by them.    She is an Aussie/ Lab mix and the lady said that she could totally be a runner.  We would just have to start her early and slowly and she could do shorter runs.  Woo hoo!

Even after I chased her around the yard all afternoon I knew I should get a run in.   According to my Nike fuelband, chasing a puppy does not earn you many points.  :( It was getting dark and I did not feel like going to the gym.  So I changed into whatever was on the top of my running drawer and went for a quick run.   Good lord, I was obnoxious.

Damn, that's bright!

Damn, that’s bright!

But, racing the darkness, I completed 3.8 miles.  If I could have seen my phone to know how close I was to 4 I would have run more.   But that’s for another day.

Anyone have any tips for puppy training?

Hope everyone had a good Monday!!!!

And some last cuteness-

Puppy playtime

Puppy playtime



Fun Times ( and a little running)

I tried to start this post last night but the kitten decided she wanted to join me on the comfy chair.  I was cold so I had the big blanket out.  She made it very hard to type.  Not sure if it was her purring or just me but I totally fell asleep in the chair.  It’s a good thing I didn’t drop the laptop.

ok, maybe bigger than a kitten

ok, maybe bigger than a kitten

Thursday saw a successful girl’s night out.  We lost one before it even started (missed you A!) but picked up another.  :)   We hit Chili’s for yummy food and drinks and then were off to an early showing of Catching Fire.  And it was amazing.  I got a little teary eyed and I knew what was coming.  Could have done without the guy a few rows down getting trashed and shattering his wine glass, but the movie was great.

The only real downside to the night came when I realized I had left my hat in the theater.    :( It was my favorite hat!  It had been a little misty when I picked up my friends, so I had been wearing it to and from dinner and into the theater, I hate umbrellas (and cause more harm than good with them) so for years I have been wearing an old fedora.  I tried calling and emailing the theater but no luck.  Ugh! Otherwise, it was a great night!

Today marked the 1st of 9 days off.  I’m on vacation.  Part of me is excited and part is anxious.  I have not had that many days off in… well ever.  But work gives me no choice, so here I am.   If I had my way, I would just have a 4 day weekend every once in awhile.  But no such luck.  So much time and so little to do.

My first morning of vacation started off with a very slow 5.5 mile run.  And it was so cold, and I apparently thought I didn’t need gloves or ear warmers.  Stupid.  It was cold and I was slow but whatever, I still made it a happen.   I even ran halfway up 2 hills I have always walked before.  One of which was my driveway- when my shin splints were really bad, I would drive to the bottom and park before running.  So to even make it partway up was cool.  This run may have been slow but I met my weekly goal for the Pile on the Miles challenge.  Woo hoo!

Saw this online and loved it!

Saw this online and loved it!

My run was cold and early because nerdily enough I had a date with my tv at 11:50.  Today was the 50th anniversary special for Doctor Who and I was too impatient to watch it later.  It was awesome!  Between this and Catching Fire, it has been like nerd-vana for me this week.  Now if I can just go get my book that came out this week, it would be a trifecta of awesome-ness.

Tomorrow my goal is to get in some track time and maybe do a little speed work.   Now let’s see if I follow through or let this vacation thing go to my head.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Anyone else see Catching Fire or The Day of the Doctor?

Anyone racing?