Goals and Gear


Stats so far-

Distance Attempt #1 Best so far
5K 35:44 27:54
10K 1:12:11 55:40
Half marathon 2:37:50 2:05:53


Future Goals-Nail biting, finger crossing time:)

5k- break 27 Minutes!!!!

10k- under 55 minutes  (So Damn close!!! 9-29-13)

13.1 – 2 part goal:)

under 2:10:00- 2013 DONE!!!! 10-13-13

under 2:00:00 -March 2014 Hoping for April 2014, now


Gear and things I like:

Current shoes-

Brooks Adrenaline 14- more cushion than previous shoes, but I am still on the fence, they’re good but not in love with them yet.

Mizuno Wave Rider 17-  Love these so far, pulled some of fastest training runs in them  :)

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9— loved!!!  Sadly I was not impressed when I tried on the Inspire 10‘s. Retired my second pair of 9′s, just felt off.

Garmin Forerunner 220-  still working out the kinks but loving it so far!

Mileage AppNike+  

GPS can sometimes be a little wonky where I live, but overall this is best app that I have tried, and I think I have used them all at some point!  Plus this one gives you level goals as you run more miles, or virtual trophies for accomplishments. Plus a good website!

Calorie Counter- Lose It

Good App with corresponding website, again with virtual trophies when you hit goals.

Nike Fuelband-

Fancy pedometer like device that you wear on your wrist everyday that measures your movement and awards you “fuel” points.  It allows a changeable daily goal as well.  Love the idea of it, wish it was a little more cleanable.    I do need to make my daily goal higher:(  Website works with the running app as well. UPDATE- 11-2013 With the new firmware update and the iOS7 update, the app and the band have been extremely glitchy and uncommunicative.   :( UPDATE- 1-2014 And it’s dead.  Second one in 12 months… hmmm, not looking good NikeREPLACED- Finally emailed Nike, they replaced my dead Fuelband with a refurbished one, so far so good!

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