Unseasonably Warm

It’s December 28th and my run today happened in shorts and a tank top.  Say what? Christmas day was in the 70′s and sunny.   Boo hoo, I wanted clouds.  :(   Where is winter?  I know I should stop complaining, it will be cold soon enough and I will probably complain about that too.   I’m fickle like that :)  I passed one guy running in heavy black pants and full sweatshirt and hood followed by another 4 blocks later running only in shorts.  I’m not sure which one seemed more out-of-place.

I did start out wearing a long-sleeved shirt but I lost it by mile 2.   Ever have one of those runs where you felt like your stomach was leading you?  I know I said that I wasn’t going to worry about December and maybe indulge a little, but I really shouldn’t have stepped on the scale this morning.  Wah.   And to continue the spiral, I ate a tri-tip sandwich while out shopping (Christmas returns) followed by a cinnamon roll at Panera.   So counter-productive.    But I think I have finally figured the new diet restrictions, so fingers crossed I level out soon.  Plus my training plan starts Monday so bring on the calorie burn! Hopefully half marathon ready by February 15th :)

Jumping Puppy!

Jumping Puppy!

Today’s run was an easy 5.5 miles around the neighborhood.  I normally don’t run after eating a lot of food because my stomach with its issue just doesn’t like it.  But I am trying force myself to run through it.   I usually don’t eat anything pre-race, even on half-marathon days.  I know that I need to change that in the future.   So like I said, I felt like my stomach was leading the way.  That being said it was a pretty good run.   Ran the first 3 in 30 minutes, with only a little walk break.  As I rounded the top of a hill, I saw my mom and Zoey coming up it.  I met up with them and walked with them for .5 mile.   It added in another little hill but oh well, it had a big downhill.  I took Zoey’s leash while we were walking but she must not have noticed, because about 3/10 of a mile in she looked up the leash and was very surprised to see me holding it.  The look on her face was priceless.  I left them at the downhill and ran on.  I looped around and met back up with them at the school, water stop!  I walked a bit more with them before running on to finish my run.

Data overload

Data overload

I love my new Garmin, and all its shiny new data.  Even If I am still trying to figure it all out.  I was able to send workouts to it but I have not made it to the track yet to test them out.   Right now I all I know is that my pace is all over the place and my cadence is really low.  More things to work on :)

I have one last guilty lunch with my family planned for tomorrow hopefully followed by a run.   I also have boring errands and laundry to catch up on :(

Anyone racing tomorrow?  If you raced today, you rock!!!

Can you believe it’s almost 2014?!!

A Christmas 4

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope you and yours are having a truly wonderful day!

Christmas day is the one day a year that I usually take my Slacker-ness to a whole new level.   Like stay in my pajamas all day, Slacker,  But that’s ok right?  Christmas is one day of the year that it’s acceptable to wear matching pajamas, right?  That was my plan for today.  However things changed a bit after opening presents this morning.  My amazing parents sprung for a Garmin for Christmas!! So I had to test it out right?

So shiny!

So shiny!

After a yummy breakfast and gift opening, we relaxed watching movies.  Choice for the morning- Red 2.    I then joined my mom and Zoey for an early afternoon walk.  Well it was supposed to be a walk, but I really wanted to play with my new toy.   So I would run ahead and then double back.   I only almost lost them once.  I threw in a hill loop and it took me longer to catch back up.  It upped an easy run into a temporary tempo, ha! I ran with the Garmin and the Nike App, just to compare.  They were pretty dead on to each other.  4.25 miles to 4.23.  I love being able to check my pace as I am running.  This may make me more neurotic than ever, haha.

So much information!!!

So much information!!!

photo 2

Then it was time for an amazing dinner of Beef Stroganoff and the previously mentioned matching pajamas.  Fleece ones this year, so much better than flannel.  Then it was time for the Doctor Who Christmas special, a tradition these past few years.  I won’t lie, I may get a little misty eyed this time around.

Hope everyone has had a great day!!

How many of you got running gear for Christmas?

Merry merry Christmas Eve Eve

Merry Christmas Eve eve!!!!  For those of you already at Christmas Eve, I am envious!

Thank you WordPress for the slew of fake likes.  That was fun.  I used to like hearing the WordPress notification chime on my phone.  After the other nights post, I almost began to dread it.  Less than 2 seconds after I posted, someone had liked it.  I was skeptic, so I looked into it.   Turns out it’s not legit, nor were 9 or 10 that followed.  (I did get a few real ones, thanks guys!)  I have to admit, I don’t get the point.   Its supposed to be about clicks, but they don’t even do a great job of making it look realistic?

Sunday’s shopping trip was pretty good.  The crowds were not insane and weather was freakishly warm- 70º!!!  I was able to finish my shopping and my wrapping on Sunday :)  Today was pretty good at work too.  Other than that same piece of equipment that crapped out a on Friday the 13th, died again.  When we left for the day it was still not working.  :(  Hopefully the tech guy will be out early in the morning tomorrow.

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

I really had planned on running this evening, but somehow I forgot caffeine today.    All day.  I fell asleep on my lunch in the break room.   I have been trying to transition from Diet soda to coffee.  I eliminated the diet soda entirely 2 weeks ago and replaced it with a 12oz real soda.  I would also try to choke down a coffee.  It’s not going so well, still can’t stand the taste.  Then this weekend, I bought some tea thinking I would try that.  I noticed today that I stupidly bought caffeine free.   Today, I some forgot to get a soda, and never managed to drink my coffee.  By 2:00, my head was pounding and then the nap.  Oops.

Tomorrow at work, we are having a breakfast potluck and an ugly sweater contest.    I don’t one so I decided to make one.  Hmmm, this is not my strongest talent.  The cat also discovered tinsel for the first time and it was apparently better than catnip.   It turned into a tug of war for the garland.

Ugly in progress..oh and it jingles too!

Ugly in progress..oh and it jingles too!

Living in central California, I long ago gave up on snow for Christmas, but fog or clouds would be awesome!!  I am not a fan of bright sunny Christmas’s.  Fingers crossed!!!!

Wishing everyone who is traveling, safe journeys!

Is everyone ready for Christmas?!!


Embracing the Excuse

December has shaped up to be Slacker month.  I have decided to stop stressing about it and just enjoy it.  I hit my weight loss goal in January of 2013 and have stayed there for almost a year.   If the scale goes up a couple pounds in December, so be it.     I would rather spend the holidays enjoying time with family and friends than being the weird one who isn’t eating.  Besides I am having a hard enough time with the new stupid diet restrictions my doctor gave me, I am not going to stress about counting calories and pounds.  I am having troubles with my newest restrictions, some days I notice I eat hardly anything and other days way too much.  I am still tracking my food everyday (Lose It) but now it’s mostly so I can try to level it out and watch my nutrient intake.

That Slacker-ness has extended to running as well.  :(  My standard 3 days a week has become 2 days a week.  Ouch.  On the upside, my class finally finished and all final assignments have been turned in so I am hoping that will clear up some time for running.  I am aiming to finish 95% of my wrapping tonight as well.   I am going to attempt some last minute shopping tomorrow so I may have a few last minute items.   Fingers crossed, it is not totally insane tomorrow.

I did make it to the gym on Tuesday evening.    I was cranky and tired but my goal was to do 3 miles (very Slacker).  I went with the same cuckoo pattern that I had done last week.  For every mile, I walked 1:30, ran the middle at a steadier pace and then ran at 7 for the last .25 mile.   I also had the incline set at 2, yeah that probably should have been higher too.  L   Luckily, none of the TV’s had Monsters Inside Me on, and yes I checked before choosing a treadmill.   I chose one near the door so I could take advantage of the occasional cold air coming in.     I must have been good because I ran 10 minute miles for 3.5 miles.  Usually the treadmill feels like I am slogging and my pace reflects that.   I noticed that I had upped my middle steady pace, so I will aim for more of that in the future.

Today I worked, so it was up cold and early to head that way.   Of course I was stuck behind a car driving below the speed limit  but even with that delay I was still 25 minutes early.  I should have slept longer :(   On Saturdays I work at a different location so sometimes I end feeling as useful as a bump on a log.  Other than that it was a good morning,   I drove home for some lunch and braving the Target crowds to get some essentials.  I also picked up some ingredients for a Crock Pot French toast recipe that I found on Pinterest.  Work is having a breakfast potluck on Christmas Eve.  This is amusing because I can barely boil water. :)

After all that the plan was to get in 5 miles.  However, my stomach was not keen on that plan, stupid diet.    I thought about waiting and going to the gym when I felt better but I knew I would not follow through.  I was also running out of daylight, so I sucked it up and went.  I was torn between going really, really slow or just hauling to get it over with quicker.  I also knew 5 miles was probably not going to happen.   My first mile came in at 10:23.   With that hill? When I run from my house, my first mile is always SLOW as I usually walk half of it.  So hearing 10:23, hot damn!

My future running partner!!

My future running partner!!

Maybe the incentive was that I knew my mom was out somewhere walking the puppy for her first long walk.  Success at 1.5 miles!!!  I pause Nike for some puppy time and then ran on.  I threw in some loops so I could meet up with them every mile.  It was great incentive to keep moving quickly :)  I finished at my driveway for 4.27 miles in 42 minutes, sweet!   But I was also glad I was done.

Now, I’ve spent too much time in the Comfy Chair, so it’s off to wrap presents.    I even have a little helper-

If she stops eating the paper that is...

If she stops eating the paper that is…

Anyone brave the chaos today?

Any races this weekend?


~Christmas Parties and Randomness~

Happy Monday!!!!

Yesterday was our office Christmas party.   So we all put on our party duds and met at a local steakhouse.  For once I had the shorter drive, woo hoo!!  After some reservation confusion (if you have 3 locations but all phone lines ring the same place, you think they would ask where you wanted to eat!), we were finally seated.

I live less than 10 minutes from this particular restaurant but I don’t think I have been there in almost 20 years.  I was super excited when we chose to eat there because I have been craving a good Filet.  Even better when I don’t have to pay :)  There were 11 to our party and I was rockin’ the single life at the head of the table, ha!  Or was that the bottom? Hmmmmm.  Either way it was still a blast.  We started out by exchanging our secret Santa gifts.  Mine knew me pretty well, a Barnes & Noble gift card, sweet!

This restaurant is big on the real steakhouse, cowboy theme.   And the food was amazing.  There is no such thing as diet, when you eat here.  Every meal comes with beans, soups and salsa.  Then salad, garlic bread, rice pilaf and potato spuds.  Then you chose your entree.  It was then followed by desert of a root beer float or after dinner licqour.   Like I said, all included, so yummy.  I chose the Filet Mignon, with Shrimp Scampi on the side.  Up until that night I had never tried seafood.  And yes, I know exactly what facial expression you are making right now.   The Filet was amazing and the shrimp was, ehhh.  I ate one and passed the rest around the table.     Still not my thing but at least I tried it. :)   I topped everything off with a Root Beer float.  I can’t remember the last time I had one, and they are just as good as I remember.

After all that calorie loaded goodness, I really should have gone for a run tonight, but nah.  After a good day at work, I finished up the last bit of my final while watching a cheesy  Christmas movie.  It was filmed in my town, I had to watch!  Tomorrow, I have a date with the bore-mill, oops, sorry- the treadmill.

So I leave you with a little random-ness inspired by my morning commute and Christmas music.    Apologies in advance for the cheesiness.  Oh, and please no on sue me, I have no money, but you are more than welcome to all my bills!

Santa Sweetie

And some more festive pictures from Saturday-

IMG_2600 IMG_2609

Anyone else Secret Santa’ing this year?

Any good Christmas parties?