Slightly Unfocused

Ever have one of those runs that makes you feel crazy?  Today’s run went something like this–

Yay, the sun is shining- oh more geese, but they don’t look cranky today, that’s good- wow, this feels hard, maybe I’m running too fast- check watch- oh a 10 minute mile, not so tempo-ok, let’s make this an easy run- well that’s assuming I can finish this second lap- man this kicking my butt, 3 is good right- left, right, left- take deep breathes- just keep going- ok, 3 miles done, I can do 1 more right?- this is not easy- man, it’s hot-get over it, it’s like 60, big baby- man why is this so hard- yeah Saturday was 11 miles not 8 but 3 were slow walking- did I foam roll? I can’t remember- I took Sunday off, I should be fine- it is Monday and work was busy but aren’t all Mondays?- Maybe I too much popcorn last night- did I eat enough today- I did start earlier, but I took a full lunch, so those cancel out right?-hey look, sprinklers! Can I run though them?- Water sounds really good right now, why didn’t I bring any?- Yay 4 miles! But I’m on the other side of the lake- If I keep running, I will get to my car quicker-  just keep running, just keep breathing- man, I feel hot- even the nasty lake water looks inviting- on second thought, not so much- oh thank god, the parking lot- pause watch- oh wait, 4.70 miles- I can run a bit further right?- I can finish 5- oh this sucks-what was I thinking- I should have quit at 3-just keep breathing- yay the watch vibrated!- 5 and done- where’s water- I should stretch-ooh, my splits kind of look like a pyramid.

photoSo, I was just a tad unfocused during tonight’s run.    Throughout the day I was undecided about what I would run.  I was torn between 4 miles of downhill-uphill in work town or a 5 mile tempo at the lake path.   I had my Wave Rider’s, so I was hoping for a repeat of last week’s great speed work out and I headed to the lake.  While work had been long (I started early) and crazy busy; we managed to get out on time.  The sun was shining and the weather looked great, so I started my drive.  I was still excited when I got to the lake, but it didn’t take long to lose that energy.   After the first mile, I mentally changed from the planned tempo to an easy run but it was rough the whole way through.  I should have quit at 3; I really should have.   I also should have taken water.  What good is my shiny new handheld if I don’t use it?  As I was stretching, I figured out that it was actually in the mid 80′s.  At 7:00 pm… oops.  That’s not even a newbie mistake, just me being stupid.5mile

Overall, the pace didn’t suck.  I drove home remembering all the times I ran 12:00 minute miles just wishing I could break 10.  This may have been a less than stellar run but overall it’s still an improvement.   :)   I managed a long slow run of 8 miles on Saturday.   8 miles at 10:18- that used to be my 5k race pace, so that’s a plus.     After those 8 miles, I headed out for another 3 with my mom and the puppy.  So Saturday was an 11 mile day, yowza.  Nothing to complain about there.

Could have used this earlier...

I took Sunday off but it wasn’t exactly restful.   I headed down to SLO to browse hardwood options with my mother.  Hit Dick‘s and finally chose a new gym bag.   Had a yummy lunch before heading back to town to go to a friends BBQ.  I got to hang out with Baby G for a bit :)  She has gotten so big; she walks and dances now!    I went home to do some laundry, then I joined my mom at the school.  They’re doing construction so she needed help moving all of her tennis stuff. (Can we count that as strength training? Ha!)   That was followed by a quick dinner before going to the theater to see Captain America.  Which was awesome, but I may have indulged in a little too much popcorn.  It was worth it.  :)

Could have used this earlier

Could have used this earlier

Please tell me I am not the only who conversations in their head while running?

Seen any good movies lately?




Well, that was a hot one

Happy Daylight Savings Time!!!  You know, I hated this day before I was a runner.  Not I count down the days until it comes.  :)

Not only was Friday a rest day but it was just one of those days.   It started with a 4:30 AM text and went on from there.  It left me feeling harried all day and that can sometimes make me crave crappy food.  And I indulged.  A few too many of these ↓ followed by pizza for dinner.



I had planned my long run for Saturday morning, I had been thinking 9-11ish.  I was giving myself 2 hours to run 10 miles; I knew I wouldn’t use the full 2 hours but I wanted to make sure that I took it easy.  Well, 9 turned into 9:40.  I have been trying to train myself to sleep differently and it’s not going so well.  :)   I finally headed out the door after making the last minute decision to lose the long sleeves.

The first 3 miles were solid even if my body was telling me that it did not appreciate the pizza for dinner the night before.  It was warmer than I had expected so I was glad I was running in a tank and shorts.   I planned my route the night before but as I passed the cemetery the first time I saw that they were setting up for a service.  I try not to run by when they are having a service, sometimes I can’t avoid it, so then I slow down to a crawl and try to be super quiet.  Today though, I could see it so I knew I had to change my route.    I had planned on doing a hill loop twice so instead I added a third.    By the third pass I was getting tired, it was getting hotter and I was only at 6.5 miles.   One of my former co-workers lives on that street and the first 2 times I ran down, her husband was outside.  I thought about saying hi but figured he would have no idea who I was.  Third time back down, she was outside too.  Yay for a break!!!  I stopped and we chatted a bit.  It was a good little rest.thelongrun

After saying our goodbyes, I headed off to finish my run.  Of course, stupid pride makes you run faster when you think someone you know is watching, haha!!!     I was also still trying to figure out the route in my head so I threw in another half of the same hill loop; 3/4 of the way up, there is another option for coming back down.    I then headed back towards home.  It was hot and it was getting rough.  By mile 9 I was done.   I ran out of Gatorade at that point as well.  I have never run out water or Gatorade before.   I dragged myself through mile 10 and shut off my Garmin.  I was still half a mile from my house and was trying to remember if the grocery store 2 blocks away had a water fountain.

3-8-14The weather had started in the low 60′s but by the end of my run it was almost 80.    I have run in much hotter temps  before but for some reason, I was not prepared for yesterday.  It kicked my butt.  It also burned through my sunblock, my back is a lovely shade of red.  I made it home and went straight for the water.  Then a little chocolate milk and 2 bottles of Nuun.

recoveryI then managed to clean my car, finally.  My mother had a tennis match yesterday and she wanted to show her team the puppy.  So I picked up the puppy and took her for a ride.  She was a little confused at first, but overall very well behaved.   She wasn’t prepared for stop signs though, and tumbled off the seat at the first one- oops!!!

Puppy Ride!

Puppy Ride!

I rounded out the day by doing the usual errands and topped it all off by watching Catching Fire, again.    Today was mostly chill, I took the puppy for another puppy jog- 3 miles in 56 minutes.  She was a little slower today but much better behaved.  She only barked at one car.  :)

I am excited for the daylight time to run this week after work.  It’s also inspection time at work, so I may have the need to run off some stress.  :)   And my first half of the year is just two weeks from today!

How were your weekends?

Ever had a run turn out to be way warmer than planned?

Too much sun = Ouch

Apparently I can run 13 miles in the sun and be fine, but a few hours at the beach paddle boarding? That really kicked my ass.  By Sunday night, I had a splitting headache, I even tried sleeping with an icepack.  Woke up Monday still feeling crappy but dragged myself to work.  I only made it half way through the day though. :( One crappy thing about a commute is that once you leave work sick, you still have to drive all the way home!

I did make it home, showered and crawled into bed with a blanket.   You know it’s bad when you’re sleeping in the middle of the day with a blanket.  Particularly when it’s almost 100 outside.   So much for Monday’s planned run.   I still felt poorly on Tuesday so I took another rest day.  Slacker!  On the upside, two days off gave the burned tops of my feet a little more time to heal. :)

I planned to do an easy 2.5 miles on Wednesday, just 2 laps around the park.  However my friend was unable to make it.  My mother had been texting me that she wanted to walk while I ran, so I said ok.    Downside of not stopping halfway like planned?  An extra 10 degrees.  When I parked my car, the internal thermometer read a nice toasty 100.   Oh boy!   But I was gonna take it easy right?  So I changed, grabbed water and was out the door.

Even the trees look hot :(

Even the trees look hot :(

Had to fix a shoelace, so I bent over to tighten it.   A little over half a mile later, I realized I was missing something.  I had never picked my water bottle back up!    Seriously where was my head?   But I pushed on cursing the hills and missing the nice flat lake path.  Finished 3.5 miles, some very slow miles.   I am telling myself that any forward motion is a good thing, right?

Now I just have to work out when to get in a 6.5-7 mile long run before Sunday and I will be on track.   Plus I have a 5k next week to look forward to!!

 dune run run

Anyone have any races to be excited about in the future?

I run, why can’t I do this?!

Apparently working in a town that rarely gets above 72 has killed my heat resistance.  Living in a town that averages triple digits in the summer makes that a problem.  Today’s workout was only around 90, but holy hotness I was dying.

Hit the track with the intention of doing 5 miles.  Ha!  I maintained race pace for 2 miles, then did some speed work for the remaining 2 miles, completing only 4.   I think I finally started to notice a difference in my running after 27 days of squats.  Running the straights, I felt like my legs were working more efficiently even if the heat was kicking my butt.  Of the course, the breeze didn’t pick until I was done running.  After running, I decided the grass looked nice and comfy :)

Nap Time!

Nap Time!

So my mother was there too, having absolutely no problems with the heat.   Then she spends most of her time in it, she’s the tennis coach.  Before we left, she challenged me to do some ins and outs?  Umm, do what now?  So we went over near the tennis courts, where I saw ladders painted on the ground.  I got it now.

Evil, Evil

So she demonstrated.  I thought, “sure no problem”.   Ha!!  I couldn’t even complete one.  So it’s an in then out pattern with each foot, so 1-2 in, 3-4 out, repeat.  I kept turning it into hopscotch!   She does it 5 more times and I fail every time.  I thought I was somewhat coordinated, apparently not :(  It was a good thing no one else was around, because the more I messed up, the more colorful and vocal I became.

Me, making a fool of myself on top. Mom rockin’ it on the bottom.

New goal, complete these damn ladders.  Will attempt it again next weekend, fingers crossed!  Anyone else have problems with these or is it just me?

The Slacker Way

So, yeah the 4th of July planned run didn’t happen, the weatherman lied!  Over 100 again, too hot even for the chair, couldn’t even be a Slacker the right way.

So a little bit about the Slacker way:

My goal is to run 3 times a week, cross train twice and have two rest days.   In the beginning I stuck to the training plan really well.  Then come January, I was offered a promotion in a different town and began commuting every day.   The plan took a hit :(  I managed to stick to the running 3 times a week but the cross training took the hardest hit.   I had been riding a stationary bike twice a week as my cross training.  It was helping my running; I felt that it helped with my breathing which in turn helped my pace.   Then the slacker-ness set.

Over the past few months, my training has looked somewhat like this- Run Monday, Wednesday and one weekend day.  I play in a volleyball league on Tuesdays so I was treating that as cross training (ha!).  As for my runs, I would aim for one speed-work and one long run and the other would just fall in the middle.    Shortest run would be around 3.5 and my long run around 5.5 when not training.  My running has at least stayed on pace and I can see improvement in my times, so woo hoo for that!!!

This week after posting and reading what everyone else was posting, I just felt like more of a Slacker than usual.   I ran on Tuesday and Wednesday plus volleyball on Tuesday but not following through with a run on the 4th just made me sad, hehe.   So Saturday afternoon in the middle of a migraine and the nausea that came with it, I was like what the heck, let’s hit the track.

I love the track, for me it’s faster than a treadmill (boring!) and it’s a good place to go when you are feeling a little crappy.  So much easier it walk back to your car than 3 miles back to your house :).  Plus, when I run the track my mother joins me to exercise as well.  It’s perfect, she does her pace and I do mine.  Also good to have someone there when you are feeling wobbly.  So my goal was to out run my headache.  I figured an easy 45 minute run would help, bring on those endorphins!   Forgot that I have troubles with the Easy part when on the track, oops!  But even though I pushed harder than I should have (not the best idea) I defeated the headache!!!

As a reward for the 4.5 miles, the weather cooperated enough to make the comfy chair comfy again, yeah!!!!


And on Sunday, I followed through and got back on the bike!  8 miles done, heck yeah!!!!   Now, if I can just keep it up:)