Lies and squats

It’s Thursday!!!!!  (By the time I post this it will be)  :)

In keeping with the “get some rest’ theme, when work ran a little late on Monday, I kept my running gear in the bag and just headed home.   Sorry Garmin.     On Tuesday, 4 days off were making this Slacker feel a little lazy and a little puffy  :(    I went to the lake path for 3 easy miles.     This runner lies.  I either tell myself I am going to do an easy 3 and then do more or I tell myself that I am going to run and then don’t.    This night, my easy 3 turned into 4.5 miles followed by a cool down walk.   I did keep the pace relatively easy and took a walking break or 2.    I felt a little sluggish but that’s too be expected after 4 days off.   Plus I am still trying to work out the inhaler.  I am supposed to use it before running but I noticed it takes an hour before I notice anything even slightly different.    I need to remember to use it about a 1/2 hour before I leave work.   It felt good just be running, though. 415

Oddly my left ankle felt a little cranky during the run.  Which is leading me to think I forgot how to squat.  I used to do squats every single day but when I was having left leg issues back in February I took a break.     This past week, I was having an attack of vanity and noticed that my butt isn’t where it used to be (such a girl thing) so I started the daily squats again.  Aaaannnd, my ankle hurts.   Hmmm, think it’s related?  Ha!  So maybe no more squats until after next weeks half marathon.  And I should probably try wearing shoes too.  :)

Today, I had planned on running but a late doctor’s appointment and the almost 90º temp at my house after 5:00 put a kibosh on that one.   Plus I had to get to Target before the pharmacy closed to pick up a prescription.    My appointment today was a follow up to last weeks’.  Apparently I have been a fighting a lingering infection for the last month or 2.  Oops.    So now I am on antibiotics.   Which I will be on for both of my upcoming races.   I am still cleared to run; I just might not be at my best.    Which in one way completely sucks, but it has a glass half full side to it to.  Thanks for taking the pressure off Doc!! And the nurse who took my blood last week was a sadist!  This is my arm a week later-



My race this Saturday was never going to be a PR anyways.   When I ran this race last year, it was advertised as the toughest 5K in the county.  Which I chalked up to hype.  It was supposed to be part road and part trail and I figured I had run both types before, and knew the town as being flat, so how hard could it be?  I even talked my friend, Bix, into running with me.    We stayed together for about 1/4 mile before she told me to just run, that she was going to take it easy.   The first 1/2 mile was flat and on the street, so no surprises.  Hit the trail and still mostly flat, and then… what the frak?  Where the hell did the freakin’ mountain come from!  I now know that we gained 500 feet in about a 1/2 mile.   And the only reason it was even a 1/2 mile is because it was all switchbacks.   My first thought was- Bix is going to kill me, second thought- breathe!  My first 2 miles were in the 12:00 range, mile 3 (downhill and flat) was in the 9:00′s.   Finish time 33:31.  My only goal for this race this year is to be better prepared and maybe finish a minute or so sooner.    And have fun.    :)

Last year- post race.  This picture makes me laugh

Last year- post race. This picture makes me laugh

With the temperature’s steadily rising here, I need to get used to running in the heat again.   How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

How has your week gone so far?  Everyone get their taxes done? 

Anyone else been totally surprised by a race’s course?




February Recap

February ended with a whimper.  I did not get in a run on Thursday like I hoped.  I decided that another rest day was smarter than just trying to add to my monthly mile total.    Plus by some freak chance of nature, the mileage came out perfectly even and I decided that was pretty cool-

The numbers geek in me is smiling :)

The numbers geek in me is smiling :)

Mileage- 70 Miles
Races- Super Fun Run 5k and Heart & Soles 10K  both of which ended up being way harder than planned.

Friday I was prepared for a 12 hour work day but it only ended up being 10ish.   No complaints here.  :)   Everything got done (hopefully) and we were home free.    Our area has been pummeled by rain the last few days.  While I’m not complaining because we desperately need it, driving in it is not so much fun, even less so at night.  Turn on your headlights people!!!

This made me smile

This made me smile

Today’s weather was more of the same but that didn’t stop me from heading to SLO for a little shopping, good food, and a trip to the Running Warehouse.    Lunch was the usual yumminess, and I was able to show restraint when shopping.  For the most part, I did buy two new pairs of running shorts.   :)  You can never have too many right?   Plus it occurred to me that I didn’t own a pair of black shorts, how did I let that happen?  Problem resolved.

The Warehouse was packed.  I had hoped that the rain would keep the crowds down, but I should have know better.  We runners are crazy, right?   I knew I was going to take awhile, so I was ok waiting.  I had come prepared and I had both my Inspire’s and my Wave Rider’s with me.   I explained everything to the guy who helped me.  I am pretty sure he has helped me before and he seems super knowledgeable and friendly.  I then ran on the treadmill in both of my current shoes.  I still over-pronate but only on the right foot.  The shoes didn’t make a giant difference either.    Apparently I do things backwards, my right foot is smaller than my left and also has a higher arch.  But it is my left that hurts.    Truthfully, it feels like my shin splints used to, so I know ramping up my mileage and pace were factors.  I am also come to realize that my left glute is weaker than it should be.  Which is kind of hilarious actually, not only am I a Slacker but I have a lazy ass to prove it.   :)

After the treadmill test it was time to try on shoes.  All the shoes!!  Haha, just 4 pairs.  I tried on the following- Mizuno Wave Inspire 10, Asics Something or other, Brooks Transcend and Brooks Adrenaline 14.     I guess that tells you how the Asics worked out.   :)  The toe box pinched in a way I did not think I would get used to.   Whereas the toe box in the Transcend felt huge, plus the price tag was a little steep.  The Inspire’s felt ok but not great.  The Adrenaline’s felt loose but more cushioned.   Each time I tried on a pair of shoes, I ran up and down the concrete walkway outside the building.  I am sure the people in the cycle store thought I was looney.   I have seen people doing it before but never have.  I felt like a weirdo but it was better than the treadmill.

I mentioned that the right Adrenaline felt very loose.  He tied my shoe in a way I had never seen that made it super snug.  They called it shoe-doo (shoe +voodoo).   I was torn, I wanted to stick with Mizuno out of principle and I had a knee jerk reaction to the Adrenaline’s.    Probably because the very first pair of running shoes I ever owned were Brooks Adrenaline.    In the end, I went with the cushioning and chose the Brooks.  As long as they work out, my shoe rotation will now be the Adrenaline’s and the Wave Rider’s.   So long to the pink Inspire’s that have not been so friendly.

photo 1My mother was with me and I took so long that the new Brooks Cascadia caught her eye.   She’s had the previous two versions.   She tried them on and loved them, so she left with shoes too.  I then treated her to dinner at Woodstock’s.  Today was my cheat day, so yum!

So very amazing

So very amazing

I didn’t make it home in time to run today.  It was already dark and my gym closes early on Saturdays.   I am anxious to finally get back out there tomorrow.  Both because I am getting twitchy and to try out the shoes.   I am hoping for a break in the rain because I would like to test them outside and not have them turn into a giant mud ball.    I need to get back into training!

Who raced today?

Anyone else ever feel like they are cheating on their shoes?

Skillet and Donut Holes

This “trying to be more dedicated than 3x a week plan” is really making me tired.   The plan that I am following has been calling for 6 days a week.  With being sick last week and my inherent Slacker-ness I have been hitting 4.   Which is double what I did in December (oh the holidays) and 1 more than the Slacker Way.    Who knows, maybe 5 is next.  :)

Tonight I decided to try the Garmin on the treadmill one last time, and lo and behold, it worked!!!  I was thinking that if non GPS mode was based on accelerometer technology (seriously who makes up these words?), then a lot of that is based on arm movement right?  When I run on the treadmill, I wear my phone in an armband on my left arm.  For whatever reasons, I’ve noticed that when I wear an armband, I don’t move my left arm as much.   I have tried to correct it but not much luck.   So tonight, I figured I would try the Garmin on the right hand.  It was kind of awkward, I had troubles getting the watch tight, and pushing the buttons was tricky, but it worked!  It matched the treadmill exactly.  I still had Nike+ going on my phone just in case, but tonight they all matched.   I can’t claim to understand why Nike+ works on my left arm and not the Garmin, but hopefully this will correct the issue in the future.

After yesterday’s rest day- chosen by me not the plan-  today called for a 3 mile easy run.   My goal was 6 miles to make up for the run I missed yesterday.  After work, I got started later than I planned so 6 turned into 5.   I slept kind of rough last night so I was glad that today was an easy run.  Also thankful that the treadmill helps control your pace.  :)   I wore the Wave Rider’s again and I am liking them so far.  My shins and ankles were a little sore in the beginning and around mile 4, but no more than anytime I’ve changed shoes.    The shoelaces are freakishly long so I will have to fix that.

Untitled picture

I finished my 5 miles and walked a little more for a cool down. The run felt pretty good.   I made sure to not push either myself or the shoes but it felt like a good workout.  Which was good as a customer had brought us donut holes this afternoon.  Seriously, no restraint with that yummy, glazed goodness.

I can’t wait for the time change, I miss running outside in the evening.  The gym and the treadmill are great, but sometimes distracting.   Tonight there were 2 women on treadmills next to me carrying on a movie trivia game.  Which would have been fine if they weren’t so loud.  My playlist tonight was Skillet, and they are not a quiet band.  I had it pretty loud with both ear buds in and I could hear their conversation perfectly.   Then there were the guys on the ellipticals in jeans and cargo pants.  Isn’t there a dress code?

I stretched some before leaving.  I also made nice with my foam roller tonight.   Tomorrow will be another rest day then it’s a ten miler on the schedule for Saturday.    I’d like to be optimistic and say I will try for a few miles tomorrow but with later hours at work and having to get my tires fixed in the AM again, let’s say rest day.

And she won

And she won

Right now, I’m being stalked by a Comfy chair thief, so it’s off to bed for me!

How is everyone’s week?

Anyone else have any random gym stories?

Oh, the fresh air!!

I made it to work on Friday, woo hoo!  Man, that was tiring.   My first phone call left me in a coughing fit.  Apparently I hadn’t said that many words together in a few days, ha!  :)  By the time work was over, I was done.    I made the drive home and was off to try and sleep more before work this morning.

Yesterday, I received a smile in the office mail.   I haven’t been able to see one of my friends since before Christmas as we haven’t been able to make our schedules work.  :(  Her Christmas present has been in my car for the last 4 weeks.    She sent mine on Friday.  Such an awesome surprise on a tiring day!!  Every runner’s dream, right?

Thanks, A!!!!

Thanks, A!!!!

Or one of them at least .  Now I just have to decide which race to use it on.  :)

Today was my Saturday to work so I was up early heading out the door.   Normally, this time of year the drive would be green and pretty.  Today was just shades of brown.  Seriously where is the rain?!!?!?!   And I know I will complain when it actually does happen but where is the cold?   It was 80 something when I left work and mid seventies when I got home.

After hitting Target and stocking up for the next week, it was time for a run.  I had to have a little conversation with myself about it.   I could use one more rest day right? No.   I was cold, even though if it was warm outside.  Wear layers.  What if I started coughing?  Take water.  It’s gonna be hard.  Take walk breaks.  The floor looks perfect for a nap.  Move it, lazy!!!   Plus, running today was about more than just me- #megsmiles.

I changed into my brightest clothing and went out for a run.  After a week of absolutely zero exercise and 4 days being sick, it was harder than I would have liked but I told myself I could walk anytime the going got tough.  And by that I mean my breathing, if I started huffing and puffing, slow down!!!!   Especially considering I am still slightly congested.   But then when am I not, stupid deviated septum.

A little puppy time

A little puppy time

It felt good to be outside and moving.  My legs were a little stiff but that was to be expected.  I initially planned for 3 but added in an extra loop.   Overall I think I took 4 walking breaks and was running slower than usual, but it was not the run I had been dreading.   Even just putting on my running clothes perked me up.   That’s not to say I wasn’t tired.  As shown by my complete lack of drive to fully complete 4 miles.

photo 5

Hmmm, so close to 4, but I was not doing that driveway again, nope, not happening.    For today, 3.92 was just fine.  I made sure to stretch really well after my run as I hadn’t done much moving lately.   Hopefully I can get in a few miles tomorrow as well, plus I still haven’t tested out my new shoes!  I’m such a Slacker!  I feel like they are taunting me from the box.

Who ran today?

Good luck to all those racing tomorrow! 

Going on a week now

I last ran one week ago today.  It was a pretty good 4.5 miles and I was looking forward to a long run a few days later.   I had a plan, right?

In my previous posts I talked about being sick.  Ugh, but I was optimistic that I would be better soon and able to get back to running.  Tuesday morning I woke up and still felt crappy.  My boss had a morning meeting so I made the trek into work, hoping I could leave when she arrived.  I was hoping that another half day of rest would be enough to kick whatever was wrong.  By late Tuesday evening I knew that was wishful thinking.  :(   I called in sick for Wednesday.  Let me clarify by saying that I don’t call in sick.  I can count on one hand with fingers left over the times I have called in sick in the last 7 years.  Same for the previous job of 10 years.   Now with my previously mentioned stomach issues, I have gone home early or come in a few hours late.  But calling in? Very, very rare.

The plan was to get as much sleep as possible on Wednesday and feel better by Thursday.  I woke up at 8:30 AM, and could not fall back asleep.  WTF?  I made it from the bed to the Comfy chair.  My eyes were so swollen I could barely see (TMI?).  I thought maybe I should call the doctor.  So an appointment was made for 4:00.    I dozed off and on in the chair until then.    I was feeling really rough, so my pops had to drive me to the doctor.   My mother later drove me to get my prescription.   Sad but true, and I am very thankful.  I looked like such a creature I kept my sunglasses on in the waiting room until I was in an exam room.  That’s when I noticed this-

Oh so classy, right?

Oh so classy, right?

Even with beginning the medication, today was another sick day.  :(  More time spent in the chair with a blanket.   Temperatures outside hit a record high for January (90º!) and I was covered up with a blanket.   I did get some reading in though-

photo 2 (5)

After that, it was time for an Arrow marathon with my eyes half shut.  Now my goal is to get some more rest and hopefully make it to work tomorrow.  Then, work on Saturday.  Fingers crossed I will feel up to some really slow miles this weekend.  Which, thankfully is a 3 day weekend.    I have to run off the almost full bag of Lay’s I have consumed in the last 3 days.   It figures that I get sick and crave crap food.

Good luck to everyone running Disneyland this weekend!

Thanks for listening to me whine  :)