January Recap

Yesterday was a glorious rest day.  It was a longer than usual work day, so that plus my tiredness from Monday and Tuesday turned into a rest day.   I won’t lie, it was pretty nice.   I still played nice with my foam roller but other than that no running or running shoes.  I did end up going up and down a ladder a ridiculous number of times at work.  We finally took down the last of the Christmas decorations; the garland strung around the exposed beams in the ceiling.   That turned out to be more of a workout than I had planned.  :)

My plan called for 6 miles yesterday but just like the 8 on Tuesday, I made adjustments.   I swapped yesterday’s run and today’s rest day.   I was still not feeling it this evening so I ran 5 and called it done.  I think that a plan needs to be adaptable to the runner.  I could have forced myself to run the last 3 on Tuesday and the last 1 today but they would have been crappy miles.  I would rather have quality over quantity.   Which is kind of contradictory as I am trying to up my mileage, but I want to do it smartly.

Tonight started out a little stiff but just over a mile in, it finally eased up.   I wanted to keep it easy tonight but my feet must have disagreed- I kept punching the treadmill!  :(  Oops.  I made sure to keep my breathing even and if I felt like I was getting huffy, I would slow down.  I took advantage of those moments to drink water without spilling it all over myself.   :)   NikeC showed up at some point and texted me that I had outrun everyone around me.  When I showed up, the treadmills were mostly full but I found one near the door surrounded by people who were just arriving and jumped on.  2 miles in they were all gone.  Did I smell or something?


I finished out my 5 and walked a cool down.  I then stretched before cleaning my machine.  Yes, I stretch on the treadmill; those bars sure are handy.  :)  I chatted a bit with NikeC before heading out.  She’s running Surf City this weekend, woo hoo!!!  She’s gonna rock it, I know.  I then headed home for a nice warm shower and my roller.  I was also able to catch up on Supernatural while working on this post.  I was only distracted a few times.  :)

Back to upping my miles,  I decided to try doing a monthly recap.  That way I can see and share what I’ve done- what worked and what didn’t.   Tonight was my last run for January, so here goes-


77 miles?!  Sweet, especially considering I took 8 consecutive days off when I was sick.    Looking at those numbers makes me proud but it also shows me why I am tired.  I went from a 30 mile month (granted it was December) to just shy of 80.    I would like to stay around this number of monthly miles but I am rethinking some things, got to work out the kinks.  I think I had a few good ideas while running tonight but any great epiphany had while running should always be slept on first.  Right?

Tomorrow is Friday, woo hoo!!!! How was everyone’s weeks?

How did your resolutions/ goals go for January?

Who are you rooting for on Sunday?

A New Year 10K

I love days off in the middle of week, even if they do confuse me a bit.   This feels more like a Sunday than a Hump-day Wednesday.  Which is not a horrible thing.  It means I only have 2 days of work before the weekend, not 5, woo hoo!   Can’t complain about that! And bonus, tomorrow there should be a crew of 5 at work, well hopefully.  Fingers crossed!

Last night was an extremely chill New Years Eve.  Like so chill that I forgot to watch the clock so the fireworks had to remind me of what time it was. After I jumped about a foot in the air, that is.  Then it was off to bed for me.   The plan was to sleep in but I woke up around 7:30 thinking I had a bladder infection (TMI?).  Not pleasant.  So I read some blogs while trying to doze of for the next 2 hours.  Getting up I still felt a little touch and go but chose to ignore it.  I headed out for lunch and some errands.   I hit up Target to stare at some more food labels.  It was funny how empty town was and it was after 12 by then.   How late did some people sleep?

I was out the door by 2 for an easy run.  I was aiming for around 5-6 miles. My first 3 miles were at a good pace even with my little walking warmup.  A little past 2 miles I hit the top of incline and usually head back down a block over.  This time I went right and continued up another little hill.   As I rounded the downhill on the other side coming on 3 miles, I saw my mom and Zoey down the street.  Or heard them, Zoey was not being a good walker today, haha.  I met up with them at the bottom of another hill.  They were headed up it, I really didn’t want another hill but I joined them.  I won’t lie, I walked that hill and was huffing and puffing all the way up.   This is one way Garmin is not great, I looked at my watch and saw that my pace was now 16+ minutes per mile, yikes!

Haha, can you see where the hills were?

Haha, can you see where the hills were?

Once at the top, I walked another .25 of a mile with them.  I tried to jog with Zoey to the end of the block but it only lasted about 20 yards before she decided to pay tug of war with the leash.  I think though that whenever she is finally trained she will be a fast running partner.  She’s less than 4 months old and she treats 4-5 mile walks like it’s a run around the yard.    I didn’t know an animal could have that much energy!  Downside is she seems to think I am a giant chew toy.   No matter what I say or do, she jumps all over me every time she sees me.  I have puppy teeth marks up and down my arm and holes in some of my clothes. :(  She’s lucky she’s cute.

Hill in the background, Zoey chewing her leash in front :)

Hill in the background, Zoey chewing her leash in front :)

I left them there and ran on.  I added in one last uphill towards the end so I would hit 6 miles.  I finished my run at 6.31 miles.  Perhaps not as speedy as I would liked but pretty dang good for an easy run where I walked too.  So first day of the year, and the first 6 miles towards my 750 goal done!  Now if I can just keep it up.  :)

I love this wall for stretching!

I love this wall for stretching!

I stretched out and then completed my first Nike Training workout.  I always wanted to try this out but my previous iPhone didn’t have enough memory.  When I upgraded to the 32gb in November I was finally able to download it.   I tried my first one today and I was glad no one was around to see.  I am seriously uncoordinated and just special when it comes to thing like that.  Seriously, I forgot how to skip!  Other than that, it felt like I did something and I liked that I could choose my own music.

I think my issue from this morning was a false alarm but I will keep an eye on it.   It couldn’t be a hydration issue because I usually drink too much water on a daily basis.   I though the doctor was crazy when he told me to drink less, but then another seconded that opinion.  Well, damn.  But I ok with nothing being wrong because I want to run this weekend!!!! Hmm, maybe tomorrow?

Hope everyone had an awesome New Years Day!

Monsters and Miles

Tuesday’s gym plan did not happen.  :(  Turns out my group wanted a few corrections on the advertising plan, so I spent the evening reformatting again. And fighting the urge to chuck my computer across the room as it froze every 20 minutes.  But it was finally done.  I was able to walk it down to print shop today to get it bound.    My coworker, who is also in my class went to pick it up after work and they had done it wrong.  She was able to get it corrected fairly quickly, but still.  It was good thing she was one the picking it up because I may have lost it on the print guy.  Not sure if I would have started crying or yelling, though.

Yep! The lovely folks @ I Love to Run

The lovely folks @ I Love to Run

Adding to yesterday’s chaos, I finally paid attention to my tire pressure warning light.   It has been coming on and off for the last few weeks and I had a done a pretty good job of ignoring it.  I did get air put in the left front one three times, but I finally had to admit that I probably had a nail.  As I was driving to work yesterday, the tire light was on and so was the frost warning.  It was 24° and part of my commute is down a narrow, windy, 2 lane road with a wall of hill on one side and a ravine on the other.  My overactive imagination struck yesterday and I was suddenly trying to figure out what I would do if my tire blew out.  Ok, stay calm, slow down and find the soonest place to pull off to the side.  But what if I jerked the wheel?  Right would send me into the hill that already had landslides on a daily basis, what would a car hitting it do?  Left would be like pulling a Thelma & Louise.  See?  Crazy imagination.  So after all that paranoid thought, I got to work and asked what a good repair shop would be.  One was super close, so I took my car over and walked back to work.   There was a nail, they took it out and fixed the hole and my car was good to go.  I walked back over to pick up my car, so some exercise!!  As I picked up my car, I looked at my passenger seat and laughed.  The day I take my car in and it looks like this- oops!!!  It looks like I live in it.

See gym bag? I really had planned on running.

See gym bag? I really had planned on running.

Other than the binding fiasco, today was a pretty good day.  I was dismissed from jury duty without having to appear and I remembered to get a picture of our work tree.   Plus plugging and unplugging all our lights is a pretty good little workout.  We have 13 strands of hung around the building and all the outlets are in the ceiling, so twice a day up and down, up and down.   Once I saw the completed project I was just done.  All energy left me and all I wanted to do was sit and maybe read.    But I had felt like a busted can of biscuits all day so I changed and drove home by way of the gym.

Only a little crooked :)

Only a little crooked :)

I hate the treadmill.  Those felt like the hardest 4 miles of my life.   I was tired and sluggish and to top it off, someone had that show “Monster Inside Me” on one of the tv’s.  Yuck!!!!  I kept trying not to look but it was like a magnet drawing me back.  I am probably going to have nightmares about the creepy larvae things.  Why would someone do that?   NikeC was busting out her own miles a few treadmills away and she couldn’t help being distracted by it as well.

Back to the miles, I walked 1:30 at the beginning of every mile, I was tired.   Then maintained average pace until the .8 mark and cranked it up to 7 for the last .2.  It was kind of funky but I felt like I was doing something.   Could only get my pace to 10:30 overall, though.   I swear I am slower on treadmills than outside.   :(  And I apparently started my Nike+ in the parking lot getting out of my car, so oops :)

Tomorrow I have to turn in the dang advertising plan and prepare for final presentations next week.  I am so ready for this class to be over.  I probably won’t get in any running until the weekend but its also supposed to 70° again, so woo hoo!!!

So tell me, am I the only one whose imagination goes into overdrive at times?

Does anyone like the treadmill? And if so, help!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Spooner’s Cove 5 mile- Race Recap

Thursday and Friday were crazy days at work.  I don’t know why, but I think they made me stupid.  By the end of Thursday, I could barely speak without stuttering.  It was ridiculous, but my co-workers thought it was hilarious.

I packed my running gear of Friday, thinking optimistically that I would try to run on my lunch.  Then I got a call inviting me out after work.  One of my coworkers from my old location was moving and Friday was her last day, and they were going out to dinner to say goodbye.  For some reason being slightly run worn at work was ok but being funky for going out- not so much.   There was no time to get home and change in between work and dinner. So no run for me.   The dinner was fun though, it was sad to see her go.   Quite a few people went for drinks after but I had a race in the morning!  I headed home like a good girl.

This morning was the Spooner’s Cove Trail Run.  They offer a 5 mile, 7 mile, 25K and 50K.   The races are small, only about 160 people overall.   Which is good, because the majority of the race route is single track.

Black was the color in 2013

Black was the color in 2013

This was also my mother’s very first race.   She could have chosen an easy one like the HOB 5K, but she chose a trail race.  She’s crazy like that.  :)  Sign in and shirt pick up was organized and super easy.   No goody bag, but who needs random flyers anyway?  All races started at the same time and on time.    And we were off!

Along the bluff

Along the bluff

First 100 yards was uphill (woo hoo), on a paved road, and then it was trail bound.  The first 2 miles weaved along the bluff and it was the widest part of the trail.   I said that this race would be run at my mom’s pace and that is what we did.  We ran when she wanted and walked when she wanted.   And, like I said before, she walks fast!  As the trail narrowed into single track, it was amusing how frustrated she got when we got stuck behind someone who had slowed down.  We eventually got passed her and we were running again.

We were heading into the real climb part of the trail when I felt something stab me in my shin.  I was momentarily confused, the trail had widened and there weren’t any bushes with branches on the side.  I tried to ignore but it just seemed sharper.  So I looked down at my shin and there was a giant wasp/ yellow jacket on my sock.  I had been stung by a freakin’ bee!    I had to flick it off; luckily it seemed my knee socks took the worst of it.  However it stung for the next couple of hours.   For the next ½ mile, I was trying not to turn into a hypochondriac.  I was just out of breath because of the incline, I was not allergic!

Going up, before it got hard

Going up, before it got hard

Miles 2-4 were pretty much all uphill.   There was no running just walking, hard to feel bad though, most everyone else was walking too.   We tried to pick up the pace on every slight downhill when switching hills but it was harder than we thought.

The area has had very little rain.  The last time I did Valencia Peak, the mountain path was hard packed.   Not so much this time.  The sand was very loose; we were either sinking in it or sliding on it.   That did not help our time.  We finally hit the split, the 7 miles, 25k and 50K runners continue up the mountain another mile, and the 5 milers headed back down.  At this point, we had about a mile to go.

We ran down as fast as we felt we could, at one point being overtaken by the speedy 50K’ers.  They were hauling.  We hit the road and walked for about 30 seconds.  Another 50K’er ran passed and told us were so close.    They had 23 miles to go and they were cheering us on.

We ran down the hill, and across the finish line.  We crossed at 1:06:??.  My phone was in my jacket pocket and by that time it was tied in knot around my jacket.  I couldn’t get it to stop it, so I am unsure of what the exact time was.   My mom is a bad ass and finished her very first race ahead of me.   And it was a hard one.  She just kept pushing.  We got our medals and were stretching by the cove when she asked when the next one was!

Her first medal!!

Her first medal!!


It was a good race and I am proud of our time.  We followed it up with a good lunch from Woodstock’s, a great salad and a slice of pizza.   Now it’s time for bed for me, my legs are kind of sore!

Playing with apps :)

Playing with apps :)


Anyone running Las Vegas this weekend?


Good luck to those bloggers (everyone else too!) running half-marathons, marathons and ultra’s this weekend.  


Running on Empty (almost)

Friday was rough but I made it through most of the day at work.  After leaving work, I decided since those 4 days off hadn’t helped me feel better so why not try a little walk?  I walk/ crawled 3 miles with my mom.  That way if my stupid idea backfired, I’d have help nearby.  See?  Not so stupid.   I know I wasn’t feeling well but man she walks fast!  I had troubles keeping up.   At our race next Saturday, I said I would go her pace.  At this rate, I may have to run just to keep up with her walking pace!

Saturday was work and not so bad.   It was a little busier than usual but that  just made the day go by quicker.  After work, I wandered around a few antique stores before heading to the gym with my mom.   I still wasn’t feeling the greatest so I was just putting along on the treadmill when I glanced over to mom.  This was only her third time at the gym so I was checking how she was doing.  I thought I read the damn thing wrong; she had the incline at level 15!!    I looked at her and said what the hell?!  Her response was that she was training for next weekend’s race.  I was like, its Valencia Peak, not Everest and we’re not even going all the way up!   See what I mean?  She’s going to leave me in the dust!



So with Fridays’ slow miles and then Saturdays, I managed to make my goal for Week 1 of Pile on the Miles.  Granted it was a small goal to begin with but I did it!!!

One of the reasons that I put in a few miles on Friday, maybe when I shouldn’t have, is because I have a race tomorrow!    And could I have signed up for a nice, quick 5K? Nope, instead it is an 8 mile run for Operation Run.  Operation Run is a charity event that that Operation Surf puts on Veterans Day.   I was interested in it last year but didn’t sign up, so I made sure to this year.  After the past week, not sure how it will go, but it’s for an awesome cause.   Check this out-

Directly from the race site

Directly from the race site

Today, I just relaxed (slept in!) and took care of some chores.    I now have a clean car and freshly cleaned bathroom and closet.  Though I maybe used a little too much bleach in the bathroom, I am feeling a little loopy.  :) I also helped my mother with a chair purchase.  She now has a new “comfy chair”.  Can’t wait to hear what the pops will say when he sees it.

My gear is ready for tomorrow and I am in my comfy chair, sadly or awesomely, watching Battleship for the umpteenth time.   I have no idea why I like this movie so much, even I know it’s cheesy.  But at least the soundtrack is helping pump me up for tomorrow!


Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


For anyone lucky enough to run the Disney Wine & Dine, I’m jealous!


Anyone else running a Veteran’s Day race?