Let the taper begin

Happy Monday!!

Saturday I was hoping to do an 8 mile dress rehearsal run.    Last longish run before my race and I was planning to wear everything that I want to wear for the race.    The perfect dress rehearsal would have been to run it in the morning but I had an early tire appointment and was still so tired from the week, that I slept as long as possible.   It wasn’t enough.   I was still dragging when I made it to the tire place.  After 10 minutes of running around, they informed me that the tires I had ordered never arrived and no one bothered to call me.

I have been told by family, friends, coworkers and former employees that I have a “resting bitch face” and sometimes I can make them feel like a bug that I am about to squash.  Yeah, those were their exact words.  :(   I have worked hard on improving my expressions over the years, especially since I work management in customer service.   I feel I’ve done a decent job, but Saturday I was tired and cranky and this was not the first time this tire place had messed up.   I think the bug squashing face came back because I left there with 4 new tires for the price I had been quoted (2nd quote because they lost the 1st one) for the 2 tires I had ordered.

Saturday's work view

Saturday’s work view

I fit in a few errands and lunch with my mom before I had to head out for a work function.    With drive time and the function itself, it filled up my afternoon.  It was good getting to see everyone and put faces to names and voices on the phone.    However put a few hundred people in the foyer of performing arts center and the acoustics make the din just shy of unbearable.   The headache I had for a week came back with a vengeance.   The auditorium itself was much quieter.  :)   It was a good afternoon.    Plus on the way down I was able to swing by the Running Warehouse and pick up a few supplies-

I showed some restraint

I showed some restraint

I made it back home by 5, changed and ran out the door to get in my 8 miles.  I knew I was tired so I was aiming for a steady pace.  My legs felt horrible; it was hotter than I would have liked and I was just so tired.  I lost track of how many walk breaks I took.  I have no pictures of the run because I was afraid if I stopped, I wouldn’t get started again.   A former coworker drove past me and I thought about flagging her down for a ride home.  I should have just done 6 and called it a day but I am not the smartest and pushed to the full 8.   8 miles with an average pace of 10:22.  Which for a long slow run is ok but I was just beat.  I tested the new handheld on my run too.   So not a fan, I wanted to throw it.   I am going to try again just to make sure that’s it wasn’t just user error.  :)

I rewarded myself for completing my run by watching the new Veronica Mars movie.  Cue the inner nerd girl squeal!  Sunday I slept in, yay!!!! I thought about taking the puppy for a walk but I ended up helping my mother move rocks.  She is redoing their landscaping.  Let’s call that cross-training.  Lots of squats and bending and lifting.  Plus chasing errant rocks down the driveway before they went into traffic.    The backs of my legs ache in interesting ways today, haha.

They made the music for tonight's run

They made the music for tonight’s run

Today marks the beginning of taper week.  After work I headed to the lake to get in a few miles.  I was torn between 4 and 6.  I figured I would just start running and see how I felt.   My legs were stiff from yesterday plus breaking in the new boots I picked up over the weekend didn’t help.   I also made this my “uncomfortable” pre-race run.   Brand new shirt and shorter than normal shorts.  I like to try to prepare myself for wardrobe malfunctions on race day.    :)   My shorts were actually from Abercrombie’s new “active” line (haha) and I just figured they would be cute summer shorts but not actually good to run in.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.   They were light weight and airy and they never moved, never rode up.  Wow, I have never had a pair of shorts do that, I may have to try running in them again.

photo 5I started off a little stiff and told myself during mile 2 that I was just doing 4 miles.   Around mile 3.5 I finally started to loosen up, so I kept going.  Mile 4 was a little looser, mile 5 felt pretty good and 6 felt better.    I finished out a full 10K and walked back to the bars that I like to stretch on.   I knew I was looser and quicker towards the end but I didn’t know how much until I looked at my Garmin splits.  Negative split? Sweet!   Or should I call that a good progression run?

3-17-14What makes me laugh about this Garmin data is that I ran the opposite direction on the path tonight.   I usually go clockwise but tonight I decided to go counter-clockwise.  It felt soooo much harder.  I tried telling myself that maybe the elevation was slightly different the other way.  Who am I kidding?  The average elevation gain was 6 feet.  6 FEET!!!!!  Seriously, I must be a big baby.

This should have been up earlier, but the nerd girl in me again was yelling at the tv while watching Teen Wolf.

How was everyone’s Monday?

Who else has “crazy” elevation?

Loving this Light

I mentioned in my previous post that this week is inspection time at work.  I thought I was prepared but what I was not prepared for was for him to show at 8:05 on Monday morning.  Seriously?!!?  I hadn’t had my coffee or my soda; I was in a sudden panic that I hadn’t crossed my I’s or dotted my T’s.  Aargh!!!!   By the time the day was done, I was just stressed and cranky.  I needed to run but I knew it wasn’t going to be awesome; my brain was tired.

I may have been stressed but I was so excited to take advantage of the time change!   I changed after work and headed for the lake path that I haven’t been able to run since the time changed last year.    My commute is a narrow two lane highway going through a canyon which is prone to rock slides.  The road has no shoulders, blind corners and is heavily shaded.  Seriously I think my hips are bigger than the “shoulder”.  The speed limit is 55 but most treat that as a suggested minimum.  Imagine my surprise rounding one of the corners to find a man running with traffic wearing black.   Seriously, dude?!   I get that you want to make the most of the extra daylight, but this is not the road for it!

lakeCollageOnce I arrived at the park, the weather was amazing.   I was aiming for 5 miles.  The path is a little over a mile around so I was hoping that 4 laps would be 5 miles.  That would be perfect, right?  Not so lucky.  Lap 1 came in at 1.18.     Lap 1 included my warm up but I could tell I was sluggish.  I was ok with that because I just wanted to run.    I was also a little sore from Saturday’s long run, wearing new boots all day hadn’t helped either.

Miles 2 and 3 were a little rougher than I would have liked; this trail is flat after all.   I feel like it was just after mile 3 that I settled in.  Mile 4 felt good and 5 was better.   Since I was on the backside of the lake when I hit 5 I kept running until 5.5.  I figured that still gave me a quarter mile to cool down before hitting the exercise equipment that I use to stretch.   I didn’t have any real goals with this run, just to enjoy the weather and the path and run off some stress.  Mission accomplished!

IMG_3383The lake was not as low as I thought it would be.   We still desperately need rain but the ducks and geese had some water.  There were plenty of people taking advantage of the weather as well.   I saw other runners, walkers and plenty of dogs.   Some were running solo, some with friends.    Everyone was friendly too.   I had a conversation going with a guy as we passed each other on laps.  He was out walking and saw me pause to take pictures.  I told him I needed a little break.   :P     I also loved that there were 3 guys who looked like they had just come a jam session with their garage band doing laps.

A little traffic on the way out.

A little traffic on the way out.

Today, I had to remind myself that rest days count as training too.    The weather was awesome again.  The inspection is still going on and I am discovering the meaning of stress sweat (TMI?).   I have been through so many of these before but this one just seems intense.    Leaving work I had to go return the previously mentioned new boots.  They ripped yesterday, classy right?    Then driving home, I passed no less than 9 people out running.   Against traffic on wide roads, yay!  I was so jealous.   But rest is good, plus I had classwork to do.  :(    Besides tomorrow is another inspection day, more stress to run off!!!

Moving along

Moving along

I am thankful that the extra daylight brings the lake back into play.    It is outside and flat, both dirt and paved.   More fun than a treadmill but better for my ankle than all hills.   It also brings me back to be being a 3 town runner.  I don’t know why, but the fact that I can run in 3 towns on a weekly basis just makes me smile.  :)

I am 11 days out from the Wine Country Half and we are officially 46 days away from SLO Marathon.  I am so excited for both but I am getting nervous.    I still have a discount code for the SLO Marathon- anyone want to come run with me? Or faster than me?  :)   Check out the amazing town and people too!  Check out this bling for SLO Marathon-



Who is ready for hump day?

Anyone taken advantage of daylight savings yet?

Am I the only one who has formatting issues?  Thanks WordPress, thanks.

Tired miles and a foam roller

I am so thankful that tomorrow is Wednesday.    Tomorrow will be a longer day at work, so I will be taking a rest day.  Woo hoo!  I love running but I am kind of sore and achy. Sundays long run took a little more out of me than I thought.   I have been very close to my foam roller these past few days.  :)

Yesterday’s run was scheduled to be 5 miles.   I woke up tired, and it took hours to perk up.   Ok, I admit, a second soda did wonders for my perkiness.   My left calf felt extremely tight all day.  I wore my lowest heels hoping it would help.  When work was done for the day, I changed into my gear and headed for the gym.

The gym was super busy when I got there but I found a treadmill and after a small warm-up and some earphone troubles, started running.  Oh the tight calf was not my friend, not by a long shot.    I kept trekking along, after a little over a mile, it loosened up a bit.  I told myself I could stop at 3.   At 3,I felt ok so I pushed on for another mile.   I finished mile 4 and walked a cool down and stretched some before leaving.   I was heading to a cold smoothie, a hot shower and my foam roller.  I just had a little issue to fix first.


On the seriously irritating side, when I was getting out of my car before the gym, I noticed my left, front tire was flat.  What?!!  I was just at the tire place on Friday and they said they fixed it.   Maybe that irritation helped get me to mile 4.   What’s a girl to do when the same tire goes flat twice in 2 weeks?  I won’t lie, I called my pops.    I can change a tire but I have problems with the jack placement.   Plus he has all the fancy tools.  My dad changed it and using a flash light, we found the nail and drew a circle around it for the tire shop.  :)  Then I threw it in the trunk and today was spent driving around on the donut.  Not cool.  I was driving a little slower than usual but still at the speed limit but so many people passed me.  Slow down, people!

After how stiff I was yesterday, I was thinking of taking today off.  I was able to make another tire appointment for 4:30 so I could get my tire fixed and firmly express my irritation that it wasn’t done the first time.  The tire shop is just a 5 minute drive from the gym.   I figured I was already going to be there so why waste the opportunity?  So I changed into my running gear before leaving work.  At the tire shop, they apologized numerous times and promised that it was fixed now.   So I headed to the gym.


The schedule today had called for an 8 mile progression run but that was not going to happen.   My initial plan was for a minimum of 3 miles and see how I felt after that.   3 turned into nice steady 5 miler.  When I was running I thought I was doing a 5 mile progression.  A 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at increasing pace and a 1 mile cool down.   While I was running, I felt like I was doing that, however my splits told me differently.  Oops!   Steady but not faster, oh well, I’ll take it!   Obviously, I’m still a little tired, but it felt like a better run.  Afterwards was another date with my foam roller.   And maybe some pizza.  :)

Sadly, the ear buds I have been using for the last few years died.   They were just the ones that came with my iPhone 4 a few years ago but I liked them the best.  Even over the ridiculously expensive Yurbuds I purchased but rarely ever wear.  My new iPhone came with ear buds but they are different and I haven’t tried them out yet.   Guess I will be now!

photo 2 (12)

On the upshot, I am really loving my daily lunches!   Not as pretty as Pinterest but seriously who has the money and space for all those plastic containers?

We’re almost halfway through the week, how is everyone doing?

Any calf massage ideas?

4 days and a wedding

I really wanted that to say miles not days.   Actually I wish it said something around 8-10 miles but any miles would be great.   But no, moving on to day 4 of icky-ness.  Actually as long it is taking me to type this, it may be day 5.

Yesterday was day 3 of rest, I so wanted to run but the pressure in my head just wouldn’t quit.   I just wanted to cuddle up with a blanket in my Comfy chair.  But I put on the makeup (a bit) and did my hair and dragged myself off to a wedding with my mother.   After she raided my closet that is.

Just don't look at my eyes...

Just don’t look at my eyes…

Made it through the ceremony only having to avoid one coughing fit. I probably shouldn’t have tried to sing along.  The wedding was cute, so were the couple getting married.  :)  Then it was off to the reception and along the way I discovered I had lost my sunglasses in the church.  Ugh!   I went back to look but no luck.   The reception was actually at the lake I like to run so I was able to check out the conditions.  Verdict- the lake is a puddle.    I feel bad for the ducks.  :(

The reception was lovely and awkward because I had no idea who anyone was.  But I didn’t feel up to chit chatting so it all worked out, right?   My mother wasn’t feeling well either so we left shortly after giving the bride and groom our best wishes.   It was then home to crash.



This morning was no better but I was stupidly optimistic so I packed all my gear anyways.  Ha!  I didn’t even make it through all day at work.  I made the drive home, and crashed in the Comfy chair with a blanket.    Yuck.  Nike also told me just how much of a Slacker I was last week.  I missed 3 runs last week.   Ouch.  Being sick sucks and this week isn’t starting out so great.

Ok, that’s enough moping by me, maybe I should get some sleep.   Does dreaming about miles count?

Thanks for listening :)

How was everyone’s Monday?

For those who ran Disney, how’s the recovery going?

The First Monday

The first Monday of 2014 is almost over :)  Which means that really this could have been a Monday of epic proportions… luckily it was just average.  I hope everyone else had a good day. :)

I chose to take yesterday as a rest day like my plan called for.  I actually felt pretty good after Saturday’s 8 miler.  I was only slightly sore, but it was a good kind of sore, you know?  So instead I turned my attention to the usual errands and laundry that needs to be done every week.   I also cleaned in the inside of my car,  good lord did it need it.   Except that I cannot clean windows, seriously they almost look as bad as they were before I started.  :(  I finally put a new running sticker on my back window too, now I might actually be able to find it in a parking lot.

Courtesy of cafepress.com

Courtesy of cafepress.com

Today was a pretty good day at work.  It only became really hectic towards the end.  But all in all much calmer that I had expected from the first Monday.   I wore a dress today that when I wore it a month ago was super comfy and very appropriate.  Today however, it felt a little more scandalous.  Stupid holiday indulging; too bad it all tasted so yummy :)   The dress has a modest V front and back and when I was walking away from my boss, she cracked up laughing.   I spun around thinking there was toilet paper on my boot or something and she just smiled.  Apparently my racerback tank tan lines are fairly obvious and the back of the dress showed a bit.  Oops!  Runner problems :)

Don't forget the tank top tan!

Don’t forget the tank top tan!

I was not looking forward to the gym tonight.  I figured it being Monday and the new year, it would be crazy busy.  Plus it was the first Monday of the month and my gym does pizza night.  I have never understood the logic of that.   So I had to walk past people scarfing down to get to a treadmill and ignore the smell while running.  But other than that, it wasn’t busy, it was more of an average day.  Woo hoo!

I was looking forward to trying out my new Garmin on the treadmill because it was supposed to work.  When I ran on Saturday it had a little trouble finding a satellite, so my Nike + app had at a little faster and a little longer.  Yes, I am still using both, which turned out to be a good thing tonight as the Garmin was not working.  It kept vibrating that I had a pace of 00:00.  I finally turned it off 10 minutes in.  It said I had gone .10 of a mile, ha!  Nike + tracked the run of 3.5 miles in 34:51.

Tonight felt hard.  Maybe I was more tired than I thought, but my legs felt heavy and I was so stinkin’ hot.   I seriously felt like I was dripping in sweat (over share!), ugh.  My training plan called for 5 miles but I only did 3.5.  Nike+ has a new coaching section, so I figured I would give it a shot.  This is what this week looks like, um yeah, that’s a bit much for me, but I want to break 2:00 in my half, we’ll see how it goes!  Otherwise back to 3x a week for the Slacker!



The Comfy chair has been getting a workout these past 2 days as well.  My inner nerd girl has been celebrating the return of Downtown Abbey and Teen Wolf.  Hmmm, those look odd next to each other :)  But both are so good!  One made me misty eyed and the other made me jump multiple times.

So fingers crossed, I get some miles in tomorrow.  And I think I finally figured the Garmin out, so I need to test it again :)

How did everyone’s Monday go?

What’s you TV guilty pleasure?

Good luck to everyone running Disney!!!