Award Season

Last week felt like the longest week, granted that was probably aggravated me trying to knock myself into next week.  :)  Friday was stressful but I knew if I could get through I had a whole weekend ahead of me!   I briefly thought about trying to get a few miles in after work but my head was still a little off and hearing my boss exclaim at how bruised my head was, I decided against it.  SLO pics

Saturday I was up earlier than I would have liked but that was ok because I spent the day shopping in SLO.  The weather was great, there was a storm coming in but it didn’t get windy until we were leaving.  The food was super yummy and I didn’t do too much damage to my bank account.  :)   I managed to get in a few miles when I got back to town, but man they were rough.   It was like my brain forgot how to work my legs.   I managed to bring the pace down by the end but my body was rebelling.  Even though it was harder than I would have liked, I loved that I was out and moving.  Especially when I consider that I am now less than 28 days from my next half marathon- SLO!!!!!

Post run time with the puppy

Post run time with the puppy

Moving on- I call my blog Slacker Runner for a few reasons, one of which is that I am a huge procrastinator.  If I can do it later, I will, usually at the last minute.   I am the exact opposite at work, but in most other aspects of my life, I am a Slacker.   I was recently nominated for some blog awards and I am just now following up.  Sorry!!!  So time to rectify that -

versatileThe Versatile Blogger Award-

Suzan over at Welcome to the Nuthouse sent me this shout out last week.   Thanks!!  She’s awesome and if you haven’t checked out her blog, you should go do so!  And I found out that we both just completed our 6th half marathon last Sunday :)

Now, there are always rules-

1. Thank the person who nominated you for your new award, and be sure to include a link back to their site in your acceptance speech.  DONE!
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself– hmmmmm
3. Pass on the award to 13 other versatile bloggers.—- that’s a big number

7 Random Facts-
1.  My mind just went blank.  it does that sometimes.
2.   I have a freaky memory for numbers and some things.  Sometimes I can’t decide if coworkers and customers are impressed or scared.
3. The list of childhood movies and cartoons that I haven’t seen is pretty large.   Actually some popular movies too.  I get a lot of shocked faces.  Like The Sound of Music and A Christmas Story or any of the Matrix Movies.  Never seen them.
4. I worked at a Taco Bell for 10 years.   Spent most of those years as Assistant Manager before I left.   Oh the stories.
5.  I went stag to my Senior Prom.  My dress was borrowed and in recollection was a little more scandalous than I thought.
6.  I got through the City to Sea half marathon by listening to Hannah Montana songs.  No not Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana.   And I am not ashamed.
7.  I love owls.  I have necklaces and ear rings and artwork and decorative pillows.  My boss even bought me an LED one for station at work.

Now for the nominations-


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Close to 13 right?

Thanks again Suzan!!

So, with my slacker-ness, I make no guarantees that I will message any of you before you read this (if you read this :) ) so consider this your notification and run with it!   If you’ve been nominated before, congrats!   Just take this as further confirmation of your awesomeness.  If these awards just aren’t your thing, well that’s cool too.   You’re still cool.   Oh and another random fact- my lingo is still in the 90′s.  :)

The other one is The Liebster Award by the lovely Jenni on the Run, but that will require some thought and deserves a post of its own.

How was everyone’s weekend?

Now, I’m off to order a new gear bag, any suggestions?








2014 Wine Country Half -Recap

Previously mentioned jitters aside, I knew going in that I was not feeling this race for some reason.   I was tired, I’ve had a crazy few weeks and I just wasn’t looking forward to that last hill.   I knew under 2 was a shot in the dark and was iffy about beating my previous PR of 2:05:57.   I managed to get to sleep at a decent hour last night but I hated my alarm this morning.  :)    I had everything laid out last night so getting ready was pretty easy.    A plus about this race is that it had an 8AM start but I didn’t have to leave my house until after 7:20.  And that was just so I could deal with parking.   I hung out in my car until about 5 minutes to start time.    Which was good because it was cold.

I look tired and I haven't even started running yet

I look tired and I haven’t even started running yet

I checked the weather yesterday and this morning and it said high 40′s to start, high 50′s at the end.  I thought about not wearing my arm sleeves, but I put them on anyways.   Which turned out to be a wise choice because the weather man lied!!!  It never made it to the 50′s and the sun never came out.   I never took my arm sleeves off; usually they feel too hot by mile 3.   My legs were cold to the touch the entire race.   When did I get so wimpy?  People are running in snow and ice and I have issues with the 40′s?  Sad, sad.

Took these the other day when it was sunny

Took these the other day when it was sunny

Miles 1-3 felt pretty good, I tried to keep my pace around 9:00.  I hit the first bigger hill around mile 2.5, it led with a down hill,  so I picked up the pace down it.   Mile 4 brought a slow down, I got stuck behind another runner and couldn’t pass due the line of cars driving by!  There must have been 6 or 7.  It was slower but I was still feeling pretty good.     Miles 5, 6, and 7 were another story.

Partway into mile 5, I noticed a tightness in my lungs.  Seriously again?  I was a little wheezy at City to Sea in October and then February’s Super Fun Run 5K was so cold, I had troubles breathing.    I don’t think I have used an inhaler since high school, I don’t even have one anymore. I hadn’t felt like I was pushing it and I felt like my breathing was under control but I slowed down anyways.    By mile 8 I was feeling a little better.  There was little out and back here that I swear felt longer than last year. winegarmin

In mile 9, my Garmin went wonky.  Every mile leading up to 9 I would pass the race mile marker and then my Garmin would beep about 1/10th of a mile later.  Mile 9 beeped but I never saw the mile marker.   They were on wine barrels so I didn’t think I had missed one.  Quarter of a mile later, I found it.    WTH- my pace was making sense for how I was feeling but nothing was lining up.    I was getting tired and my arms were chafing and it was making me fussy.   I wanted to take a walk break (or 2) but I had a feeling I was walking the hill at the end so I just kept running.    There was a man running with his dog, a big dog, so I used that to distract me.  The dog looked like he was out for a morning stroll, he was just trotting along in front of his owner, not even running.

coming up to the finish line

coming up to the finish line

Mile 12 and I hit the dreaded hill.  I managed to run 1/3 of the way up before saying F* it and walking.   Once at the top, I still needed to walk.  After about a minute of that i told myself I was almost done and to get a move on.   Mile 13 was the slowest over all at 10:44.    The finish line was in sight.  As I got closer, I could see my mom and Zoey at the finish line.   When I ran passed them, I gave her a thumbs down sign to show how I felt.   I crossed the line and received my medal, I then headed over to pick up my wine glass. Finishing time- 2:07:08.  Not a PR or sub-2 but it was a 7 minute course best.

IMG_3486Want to know what happens when you finish a race that you are half happy about, partially disappointed and just tired?  You hug random strangers at the finish line.  And I am not a hugger.   She wasn’t a complete stranger but now I feel like a total creeper.    She was a newer work colleague from another location who I have had a few meetings with in the past few weeks.    How’s that for a welcome to the team- here let me share my sweat with you.  Like I said- creeper status.IMG_3507

While a part of me wishes I had done better, but the course was nothing to be sad about.  I finished it and barring a few issues, I felt strong for at least 1/2 of it.   :)  I beat last years time of 2:14 and according to my Garmin, the overall elevation gain for the race was 1,617 feet.  How accurate are these things?    I celebrated with a tri-tip sandwich, and another trip to the theater to see Divergent again.  This time included movie popcorn, yum!  Oh and the sun finally came out-

relax and recovery

relax and recovery

Now it’s off to bed for me and I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!  I am taking a vacation day, which will hopefully be restful.. Except I have tons of laundry to do and I should work on a paper that is due soon.   And apparently I need to make an appointment to get another inhaler.

How was everyone’s weekend?

Who else raced this weekend?

Thanks Pinterest

The Week that Was

You know that quote?

Thanks Pinterest

Thanks Pinterest


Yeah that’s the one.  This week definitely ran me.  While Tuesday was a planned rest day, it turned decidedly less so shortly after my last post.  Food poisoning, yippy!!!!  I was up most of the night feeling horrid.   I hated the sound of my alarm more than usual on Wednesday morning.   I drug myself out of bed and made myself presentable.  Well, I tried to, I realized on the way to work that I had forgotten mascara.   I have never even run without mascara.   Luckily I had one stashed at work.   I don’t wear a lot to begin with but I felt naked without mascara.   :)

Thankfully, Wednesday was the last day of our inspection.    I put on a smiley face and mustered on.  Not gonna lie, it took 2 Diet cokes (big ones) and a cup of coffee to do it.   I had a hot flash before the exit interview and one after.  It could have been due to the stress or the lingering sickness from the night before.  I really wanted to run after; I had my clothes and everything, but I was completely whipped.   Just the thought of having to change my clothes sounded exhausting.   I left my running gear at work for the next day and just headed home.   Which turned out to be the smart choice because I was sick again.  :(



Thursday I was still super tired, but everything else felt better.  Work was so nice without Mr. inspector looming around.  Plus my replacement Fuelband finally arrived!!!  3 in 13 months but more on that later.  :)    I have a busy Saturday this week, so I was shooting for getting in my long run after work that night.  I figured I could get 8 miles in around the lake before twilight set in.  Work was done, I changed, hit the car and headed for the lake.  Then the phone rang.

My mother had Zoey spayed on Wednesday and she (the puppy) was having a rough go.  My mother was out of town for a tennis match so the pup was with my pops.  He wasn’t dealing so well with an under the weather puppy and kept calling my mom telling her the dog was “freaking out”.     She wanted to know if I could go to the pet store and find one of those cone things for Zoey and then go check on her.  Ok, no more long run.  :(   I figured I could at least get in 3 laps of the lake.

I hurried there and set out running.  Halfway through mile 1, I decided that if I couldn’t run long, then I would run hard.  I mean hard  (hard for me), I was aiming for race pace.    I figured my last 5K race was 27:54, I wanted to hit that.  The weather was good, the park was full of people.  Actually very full, apparently Thursdays are popular.    I kept pushing; I was breaking one of my own rules, I was huffing and puffing on a training run.  But it felt good, really good.   End result – 3.1 miles -26:35.  Hell yeah!!!!

Actually, still not so great

Actually, still not so great

Under 27, I was pumped!!!!!  I walked a cool down and then went to stretch.  My usual stretching bar was occupied so I used the railing around the observation part of the path.  I also attempted a selfie or 2.   I should just give up, they never turn out.  The only reason I am smiling in this one is because I had just realized that behind where I was stretching and taking crappy pictures was a class full of people line dancing.  Oops!  Cue embarrassed laughter.

Railing of shame

Railing of shame

I went to Petco and picked up a cone and some new toys for the pup and then headed that way.    She ran right up to me when I got there.  She had been hanging with my pops in the garage.  He again expressed the opinion that she was going psycho but I don’t think she was that bad.  I wrestled the cone onto her head and we played with her new toys until my mom got home.

Cute little conehead

Cute little conehead

Today was pretty good but I wish I had managed to get a run in. This week has turned into an accidental taper.   It’s leaving me a little stumped about how to proceed next week during actual taper time.  Plus I drank too much soda, ate too much sugar and too many chips getting through it.  Stress bites.    I am getting new tires on my car tomorrow and I have a work thing in the afternoon, so I am trying to figure when to fit in an 8 miler.   Hmmm, can this Slacker pull it off?

How have your week’s been?

Anyone racing this weekend?

Running with a Jiggle

Want to know a good way to find what areas you need to tone?  Fall at work, get bruised and then go for a run.    A similar thing happened a few years ago after I was attacked by a dog while out running walking.  I was left with a giant bruise and puncture marks on my backside.  First time I tried to walk/ run, I could no longer deny that my butt jiggled.  Seriously it hurt.  Damaged my ego a bit too.  :)

Friday was a little crazy at work and I had a late lunch.   I was sitting in the back at the table eating when the phone rang.    Getting up to answer is where the trouble started.   I had one foot propped on the chair across from me and one wrapped under mine.  Somehow I tangled my chair in the chair next to me when getting up, slammed the second chair into the inside of my left leg and face slammed into the door.    I say slammed because my co-workers informed me you can only call it a face plant if you hit the ground.   Good to know.

2-22-14I worked Saturday morning so I didn’t head out for a run until that afternoon.   Saturday’s work has a shiny new building and I was so excited that I got to stand and work the whole shift.  I didn’t sit down once.   I had a little bruise on my leg but it didn’t bother me at all while working.   I headed out for an easy run later that afternoon and was greeted by pain.  So apparently I need to work on toning my legs more.  :)  So much for running doing that for me!    I had planned on my usual 4.2-4.5 route but I ran into my mom and Zoey along the way.  I walked with them for a bit.   While it helped me slow down and take it easy, it added some distance and then I ran a little more to round it up.   Finished the run at 6 miles.

so mind numbing

so mind numbing

Today was the only day I have for awhile to sleep in, so I totally took advantage of that.   It was so nice.    I also managed to make myself get back on the bike.    Soooo boring.  I forced myself to do 4 miles but wasn’t paying attention, so ended up at 4.5.   Or so I think.  Miles on the bike always seem to go so quickly; boring but quick.    I think my bike needs to be serviced but who has time for that?

puppy jogAfter, I got the puppy and went for a puppy jog.  She did so good today!!!  Only barked at 2 cars and laid down twice.  She may never be a solid runner but she’s great for fartlek training!   Super speedy sprints followed by walking breaks.  :)  She made it a full 5k today! She played nice with a little girl and was overly excited when a small terrier wanted to play with her.    She only had one odd moment when we passed a particular house.  Now this house is on my usual running route and while interesting looking with an even odder looking trailer in the front yard, I have never been concerned by it.  Today however, Zoey was spooked.  She actually growled at the house and barked a few times.  She was completely fine as soon as it was out of sight.   Great, thanks Zoey, now I am going to be spooked the next time I run by it.

Puppy time!

Puppy time!

I should actually be working on a paper right now but nah.  Following that I should be getting some sleep, I have a crazy week ahead.   So crazy, I am a little unsure of how I will get my runs in.   I’m trying to look on the bright side and just say that the lower mileage week will help my ankle soreness.   My first 1/2 of the year is exactly 4 weeks from today.  Yikes!!! When did that happen?

How was everyone’s weekend?

Anyone run by any spooky places?

Awkward recovery miles with a puppy

After Saturday’s painful PR, I took it easy on Sunday.  Well kind of.  I figured I could go and take Zoey for a walk.  That way I could test how my calf felt but not be tempted to run.    My parent’s yard is always in a constant state of revision and Sunday called for moving rocks.  So I helped move a few bucketful before taking the puppy out. Strength training!

Matching's not important right?

Matching’s not important right?

After a day of playing in the yard while everyone was there (puppy nirvana), she was not having any part of a walk.   We made it a little over a mile before turning around.  She kept just sitting on the ground and looking at me, like- nope.  The final straw was running into a family.  A couple was out for a walk with a baby in a stroller and their son of around 4.   The little boy stops and hides behind his dad, Zoey stops and hides behind me.  The dad apologizes that the son is afraid of dogs, I apologize and say that Zoey is afraid of kids.  This made us all laugh.  Once the little boy realized Zoey was more freaked out by him, he relaxed.   Zoey and I headed back towards the house, only to be rushed by a crazy dog thing about 3 blocks later.

A little relaxing

A little relaxing

Now, normally I think little dogs are cute, but this, I am not even sure what it was.  It was the size of a small Chihuahua, had a ton of brown fur like a poodle and a head like a monkey.   It came out from under a fence and charged us.  It was so small that Zoey and I just stared at it trying to figure out what it was.  As it got closer, I noticed it only had teeth on the right side of it’s mouth.  Ummm, no thank you.  We jogged away.  A guy 2 houses down was laughing at us, so I get the feeling this dog does this a lot.  The pup and I chilled a little in the grass at the school before heading home.  Total puppy miles- 2.2  Puppy time- 43:18.

Today, I slept in a little before running some errands.   Then I headed out for a short easy run.  The first mile felt weird.  Nothing really hurt but everything felt off.  Not sure if it was due to Saturday’s leg issue or the fact that my new shorts are a little shorter than I originally thought.   :)   I spent the next few miles taking it slow and paying attention to my form.   I made sure to take walking breaks if I felt more than a niggle from my leg.   I didn’t feel really normal until the end, and I picked up the pace just a bit for the last half mile.


I actually have a crazy week at work ahead, so I am thinking of taking a step back week.  Only doing short easier runs this week.  I really want this stupid leg thing to be a non-issue, so if I have to rest I would rather it be now than a month from now right before my half.    So I may need to spend some time on the stationary bike in the near future.  :(

Official race times were posted yesterday and my official time was 55:40.  4 seconds faster than I had, sweet!  Not so sweet was the worst race picture of me that I have seen to date.   Not only did I look larger than usual, I am full on grimacing.  Oh, yay.

I have really loved this 4 day weekend but where did the time go?  I have to go back to work tomorrow? Boo :(

Who else had today off?

How was everyone’s weekend?