Monday’s run was a successful 5 miles.  I was wondering how far I would make it as I left work early to go to a dermatologist appointment.  The first thing that comes to mind when I have to make an appointment is scalpels.  Ouch!  Seriously, people, wear your sunblock and wear hats.    You can never have too much.  Reapply often!!  Or end up like me and have to check in every 6 months.  Ok, off my soap box now.

Monday’s damage was the upper sides of my ribcage.  Ouch, again.  So when changing and heading to the gym, I was a little concerned how the sports bra might rub.  I took it easy and walked 2 minutes of every mile on the treadmill.   I managed to get my average pace to 10:26.   While I was running, I was watching a cheesy Hallmark channel Christmas movie.  I didn’t have sound but it was fairly easy to figure out the plot.   I have to admit, I do love the cheesy Christmas movies that come on every year. I haven’t watched any this year but I’m sure I will at some point.

I really had planned on hitting the gym on Tuesday to get in a few miles, but a better offer came along.  What was better?  I got my hair done for the first time in 2 years!!!!!!  I am cheap so I have been trimming my own hair and bangs for the last few years.   If you have been reading with me for a while, you have probably seen my hair color changing in most of my pics.   I am a natural blonde who went brunette in March.  I have these urges at least once a year. My theory is that it’s just hair, color fades and it will grow back.  I think I have had every natural hair color at some point (even black) and even some unnatural ones, oops.

I saw a picture of me crossing the finish line at my half marathon in March and thought yuck, my hair is freakishly blonde.  So I went dark. Since March, I have been a variety of brunette shades and auburn.  In mid-September I decided it was time to be myself again.  Talk about an uphill battle.  The blonde regrowth was making me look like I had a receding hairline.   I finally threw in the towel and called for help.  So I had a late night appointment to highlight the heck out of my hair to lighten it up.   I also cut it all off.  Got to get my money’s worth right?

October's Half- look at those roots!!!
October’s Half- look at those roots!!!

I cannot take a decent selfie (seriously Oxford?); I look like I was punched in every one.  Since I was going for a drastic change I actually wanted to do a before and after shot.  However, the before selfie looked like I was stoned.  The 4 after that weren’t any better, so I gave up.  Today we took pictures for our Christmas cards at work, which is how I had the picture above.  Not the best image as I had to crop everyone else out-

Only slightly blurry
Not quite there but a heck of a lot closer


Pony tails are next to impossible now, I haven’t quite worked out how to pull it up for running.  I will cross that bridge this weekend!  Until then, no worries!   🙂 I am on track for my mileage for the week, so my next run should be Saturday.  Provided I am not too distracted by Doctor Who, that is.   Did I mention I was a nerd?  But, seriously, I will get my run in 🙂

Today was a late one at work and it started with an early oil change, so this was a planned rest day.  Tomorrow will be another rest day, but not because of school. Shhh, don’t tell the teacher!  I am actually meeting up with my friends for a girl’s night out, woo hoo!!!!   We’ve only been trying to make it happen since my birthday… In July.   🙂


How is everyone’s weeks going?


Any big plans or races this weekend?

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  1. Your hair looks cute!! We plan on hitting the gym in the morning on Saturday, then having a “viewing party” to watch The Doctor. You can do it too! It’s cool they’re all airing at the same time all over the world on all the BBC channels, but kind of inconvenient it’s on in the middle of the afternoon here! LOL


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