Slight Stumbling Block

Happy Hump Day!!!!  Although by the time this is posted, it may be Thursday.  🙂 Which is better right?

Monday I was set to run after work.  My ankle was a bit sore Sunday evening and Monday, so I figured I would head to the gym for the softer but boring treadmill.   I changed before leaving work which involved taking off my derby socks and then went to tidy up a few things.  That little amount of walking around the building made me rethink things.  I was more than sore, I was straight up hurting.    I had an argument with myself about what to do.   I was smart, urgh, and did not run.   I did not run yesterday nor today.  😦  Instead I have spent time like this-

Ice, Ice Baby
Ice, Ice Baby

What you can’t see is the laptop open to a blank page that should be a paper and a Netflix marathon on the tv.    Does that kind of marathon count?   I have spent plenty of time stretching and foam rolling too.

Tomorrow is up in the air.  I am optimistically taking my running clothes with me but I am not expecting much right now.  The smart little voice in my head says I should just take the 5 week days off.  The cranky runner in me is growling at that.   Grrrh.  I have a half marathon in 25 days and have not done a long run since February 9.   I was hoping to get to a 12 mile training run this time around but at this point I will be thrilled with a crawling 10 8 next weekend.  I am supposed to racing a 5K on the 8th too, but I am not sure about that now.

Friday will probably end up to be a very long work day, like 12 hours or more, so I have absolutely no guilt about not running that day.  Yesterday was a later meeting so it was easier not being able to run since I was busy.    This weekend will hopefully have some decent runs (please!) but I also have a date with the Running Warehouse.   My Inspire‘s have not seemed friendly lately and they only have 250 miles on them.  I think it is time to be refitted for shoes.  Especially when I consider that I have only been fitted once and it was before I even ran, I was 40 pounds heavier and had never been on a treadmill before.  I am interested to see if things have changed since then.  Also hoping that it may help my ankle issues.

Not using that word but yeah... Thanks Pinterest
Not using that word but yeah…
Thanks Pinterest

I am anxious to get back up to speed, with last’s week’s easy miles and this weeks zero, I feel like I am falling behind.  I had such hopes for Wine Country and even more for the SLO Marathon.  Plus I feel like I just sound like a complete cranky pants right now, sorry!  I was so bored tonight, I weighed my cat, which also meant I weighed myself, ugh.  She’s 15 pounds by the way, she doesn’t look that big, but maybe she needs a treadmill too.

KimiAs I type this, I can hear it pouring outside, yay- rain!!!!!  Driving home not so much fun but the rain is awesome.  Keep it coming!

Who’s racing this weekend?

How has everyone’s week been going?

Running with a Jiggle

Want to know a good way to find what areas you need to tone?  Fall at work, get bruised and then go for a run.    A similar thing happened a few years ago after I was attacked by a dog while out running walking.  I was left with a giant bruise and puncture marks on my backside.  First time I tried to walk/ run, I could no longer deny that my butt jiggled.  Seriously it hurt.  Damaged my ego a bit too.  🙂

Friday was a little crazy at work and I had a late lunch.   I was sitting in the back at the table eating when the phone rang.    Getting up to answer is where the trouble started.   I had one foot propped on the chair across from me and one wrapped under mine.  Somehow I tangled my chair in the chair next to me when getting up, slammed the second chair into the inside of my left leg and face slammed into the door.    I say slammed because my co-workers informed me you can only call it a face plant if you hit the ground.   Good to know.

2-22-14I worked Saturday morning so I didn’t head out for a run until that afternoon.   Saturday’s work has a shiny new building and I was so excited that I got to stand and work the whole shift.  I didn’t sit down once.   I had a little bruise on my leg but it didn’t bother me at all while working.   I headed out for an easy run later that afternoon and was greeted by pain.  So apparently I need to work on toning my legs more.  🙂  So much for running doing that for me!    I had planned on my usual 4.2-4.5 route but I ran into my mom and Zoey along the way.  I walked with them for a bit.   While it helped me slow down and take it easy, it added some distance and then I ran a little more to round it up.   Finished the run at 6 miles.

so mind numbing
so mind numbing

Today was the only day I have for awhile to sleep in, so I totally took advantage of that.   It was so nice.    I also managed to make myself get back on the bike.    Soooo boring.  I forced myself to do 4 miles but wasn’t paying attention, so ended up at 4.5.   Or so I think.  Miles on the bike always seem to go so quickly; boring but quick.    I think my bike needs to be serviced but who has time for that?

puppy jogAfter, I got the puppy and went for a puppy jog.  She did so good today!!!  Only barked at 2 cars and laid down twice.  She may never be a solid runner but she’s great for fartlek training!   Super speedy sprints followed by walking breaks.  🙂  She made it a full 5k today! She played nice with a little girl and was overly excited when a small terrier wanted to play with her.    She only had one odd moment when we passed a particular house.  Now this house is on my usual running route and while interesting looking with an even odder looking trailer in the front yard, I have never been concerned by it.  Today however, Zoey was spooked.  She actually growled at the house and barked a few times.  She was completely fine as soon as it was out of sight.   Great, thanks Zoey, now I am going to be spooked the next time I run by it.

Puppy time!
Puppy time!

I should actually be working on a paper right now but nah.  Following that I should be getting some sleep, I have a crazy week ahead.   So crazy, I am a little unsure of how I will get my runs in.   I’m trying to look on the bright side and just say that the lower mileage week will help my ankle soreness.   My first 1/2 of the year is exactly 4 weeks from today.  Yikes!!! When did that happen?

How was everyone’s weekend?

Anyone run by any spooky places?

A Twitchy Slacker

The Slacker in me is a little confused right now.   I decided to take it easy this week after the my painful race on Saturday.  Was that really just a few days ago?   Sunday was a puppy walk and Monday was an easy run.  What I didn’t mention before is that after that somewhat stiff 4.5 mile run, I went for another puppy walk.  Total miles for the day 7.5.  Not exactly low key.

So pretty!!!
So pretty!!!

Tuesday I did take a rest day, which I won’t lie was pretty nice.   By Wednesday I was itching to run.  The weather outside looked marvelous and I couldn’t wait for work to be done for the day.    I figured I could do an easy 3.5 miles in the 40ish minutes of daylight remaining.    This time I was prepared with my belt and my Garmin.   Just after starting my run I remembered what I had forgotten.   Wednesday was a high wind advisory day.  Holy crap, it turned a mild 58 into about 38.   My ears were so cold!!!!

same location, new angle
same location, new angle

I felt like I was crawling.  I was a little stiff and not loving that the route from work is pretty much all downhill and then uphill back.  I didn’t make it to the the 1.75 mark before turning around because I realized that would put me halfway down the blind curve-hill so I turned around just before.   Other than the wind, the weather was great and the views were awesome.  I stopped a few times to take pictures.   I stopped my Garmin around the 5k mark and walked the rest of the way back to my car.    Checked my Garmin while stretching- 29:14.   Big oops.


Like I said, a little confused.   I felt slower than that.   I made sure to stretch and foam roll really well last night.  At least as well as I could.  There’s something about the foam roller that makes me feel completely uncoordinated.  🙂   My leg feels mostly ok today.  It doesn’t help that I have had a few meetings this week, so that has meant skirts and heels.  And I haven’t taken my comfy boots to the repair shop yet.  Even with a tall heel they felt like slippers.

Love the smell of eucalyptus
Love the smell of eucalyptus

Today was a rest day and tomorrow will be too.  I admit to feeling lazy and its making me antsy.  I know I need to rest a bit and it is annoying.  Luckily or not, next week will be really busy at work as well, so I am thinking maybe another step back week.  😦  My training should still be on track even with that.  My 2014 mileage goal is on track as well.  I was over what I needed in January and I should be above in February as well.   Now I just have to convince myself it’s not a bad thing to cut back next week.

Thanks for listening to my rambling twitchiness.   I should be working on a paper but I am channeling my inner Slacker and marathoning Netflix instead.   I’m on episode 4, I may have created a problem.  🙂

How have your week’s been?

Can you believe there are only 8 days left in February?!

Awkward recovery miles with a puppy

After Saturday’s painful PR, I took it easy on Sunday.  Well kind of.  I figured I could go and take Zoey for a walk.  That way I could test how my calf felt but not be tempted to run.    My parent’s yard is always in a constant state of revision and Sunday called for moving rocks.  So I helped move a few bucketful before taking the puppy out. Strength training!

Matching's not important right?
Matching’s not important right?

After a day of playing in the yard while everyone was there (puppy nirvana), she was not having any part of a walk.   We made it a little over a mile before turning around.  She kept just sitting on the ground and looking at me, like- nope.  The final straw was running into a family.  A couple was out for a walk with a baby in a stroller and their son of around 4.   The little boy stops and hides behind his dad, Zoey stops and hides behind me.  The dad apologizes that the son is afraid of dogs, I apologize and say that Zoey is afraid of kids.  This made us all laugh.  Once the little boy realized Zoey was more freaked out by him, he relaxed.   Zoey and I headed back towards the house, only to be rushed by a crazy dog thing about 3 blocks later.

A little relaxing
A little relaxing

Now, normally I think little dogs are cute, but this, I am not even sure what it was.  It was the size of a small Chihuahua, had a ton of brown fur like a poodle and a head like a monkey.   It came out from under a fence and charged us.  It was so small that Zoey and I just stared at it trying to figure out what it was.  As it got closer, I noticed it only had teeth on the right side of it’s mouth.  Ummm, no thank you.  We jogged away.  A guy 2 houses down was laughing at us, so I get the feeling this dog does this a lot.  The pup and I chilled a little in the grass at the school before heading home.  Total puppy miles- 2.2  Puppy time- 43:18.

Today, I slept in a little before running some errands.   Then I headed out for a short easy run.  The first mile felt weird.  Nothing really hurt but everything felt off.  Not sure if it was due to Saturday’s leg issue or the fact that my new shorts are a little shorter than I originally thought.   🙂   I spent the next few miles taking it slow and paying attention to my form.   I made sure to take walking breaks if I felt more than a niggle from my leg.   I didn’t feel really normal until the end, and I picked up the pace just a bit for the last half mile.


I actually have a crazy week at work ahead, so I am thinking of taking a step back week.  Only doing short easier runs this week.  I really want this stupid leg thing to be a non-issue, so if I have to rest I would rather it be now than a month from now right before my half.    So I may need to spend some time on the stationary bike in the near future.  😦

Official race times were posted yesterday and my official time was 55:40.  4 seconds faster than I had, sweet!  Not so sweet was the worst race picture of me that I have seen to date.   Not only did I look larger than usual, I am full on grimacing.  Oh, yay.

I have really loved this 4 day weekend but where did the time go?  I have to go back to work tomorrow? Boo 😦

Who else had today off?

How was everyone’s weekend?

Heart & Soles 2014 Race Recap

I was originally planning on running the Buzz 1/2 marathon today but scaled back to a 10K in SLO for a few reasons.  Now, I am completely bummed because I just saw that Run Eat Repeat ran it and I could have tried to track her down, except I am slow, hehe.

Anyways, on to the race.  After my great run on Wednesday, I was super pumped but I also knew I had pushed harder than planned, so I ended up taking Thursday and Friday as rest days.   Friday was also a vacation day for me, so woo hoo!     I made sure to spend some time stretching and working with my foam roller yesterday so this morning I felt pretty good and ready to go.

A little chalk art
A little chalk art

Heart and Soles is a series of races put on by the Cal Poly Triathlon team.  It works as a fundraiser for them and the local food bank.   The race takes place entirely on the college campus.  They offer a 5K, 10K, and 15K and a kids race.   I was a little concerned about hills as the campus is pretty much on the side of a big hill, but there weren’t any big ones thankfully.   I really wanted to do the 15K but thought the 10K was a smarter choice.   😦  This turned out to be a good choice, because I would not have finished a 15K, at least not running.  Maybe crawling.

Pre-race shot
Pre-race shot

The race had 9:00 AM start so I didn’t have to leave until after 7:30.  My race photographer (thanks mom!) and I headed out. Getting there was easy, finding parking was a little trickier, luckily runners tend to move in herds!   Check in was fairly quick, picked up the bib and goody bag and headed back to the car since it was a bit cold.   While not required, a Valentine’s themed costume contest was suggested.   My mother had fun laughing at some of them, including the pace bikers.  The 2 males were dressed in diapers and wings…and that’s it.  Just like Cupid.   One thing about a college race, I felt old.   I won’t deny stalking last years race results to make sure I wasn’t the oldest one.  As it was I was running solo in a couples race.    Luckily it was mostly other solos as well.  🙂

All 3 races started at the same time so the start line was a little congested.  A guy stopped to play with his girlfriends iPod, I went left to avoid them, and 2 people behind me ran into me and I into the first couple.  Oops!   Maybe that was when the problem started or I just hadn’t noticed because I just started running.   A quarter mile into the race, my left lower calf was so damn tight it was painful.  I figured I would run it out around mile 1.  No such luck.   I actually considered turning around at the 5K mark.    But I kept going.  I was so happy to hit the first 10K turnaround.   The course had two out and backs.    I kept running but the pain was turning into my couples partner for the race.  I told myself if the pain ever got above a 4 to take a walk break.   The first came at just shy of 3 miles.    Mile 4 was the roughest, not only did I take a walk break, I stopped completely and tried to stretch it out.    The end of this out and back had a little loop on a dirt path and my leg felt better there.  After that if I could run on dirt by the side of the road I did.   While we were in the Ag section this was possible but once we were back in the center of the school, it was all roads and sidewalk.  😦

I felt like mile 6 had the steepest section of road but my Garmin disagrees.    It was a little past mile 5.5 that my leg finally loosened up.  Seriously? Now?   But there was no way I was sprinting to the finish, I was just trying to maintain.   I hadn’t really been paying attention to my time because I was more focused on breathing through the pain.  All in all, I took 4  walk moments plus that stretch.  I was so thankful to see that finish line.     I was done.  Apparently it showed too, because my mom said I looked gimpy coming up to the line.

Is that a grimace or a smile?
Is that a grimace or a smile?

Once I caught my breath, I let my mother know how close I was to texting her that I was chucking it and walking the damn thing.   Then I checked my Garmin, 55:44.  I’m sorry, what?!!?   I flippin’ PR’d on what may or may not have been my worst feeling race?!  I checked Nike to verify (Yeah I used both), and it agreed.   I was a little shocked.   Once I processed that, I was super stoked, still hurting but excited!!  I was brought a little back down to earth by the first 15K finisher crossing the finish line 4 minutes later.


Other than my stupid leg, it was a good race.  With all three races starting at the same time, I was concerned that it might be easy to be confused by the route.  But they had people at every corner and turn around who made things very clear.   The finish line was clearly marked as well.  All in all, I would run it again, maybe the 15 next year?

I stretched as best as I could before leaving the campus.   After changing and eating a yummy lunch, we did a little shopping around town.   I kept my compression socks on and hoped that the walking would help ease the tightness.  It helped a little but most of the evening has been spent RICE’ing.  Tomorrow will probably be a day off as well, I have to see how it feels in the morning.  I am not sure what set it off, if it was tennis practice yesterday or maybe the fact that I sat cross-legged on the floor for most of last night.   I just want it to go away.


And as per usual, I was unable to leave SLO without purchasing some new running gear, now if only my legs weren’t so pale!

How is everyone’s weekend so far?

Who else raced?