The Week that Was

You know that quote?

Thanks Pinterest
Thanks Pinterest


Yeah that’s the one.  This week definitely ran me.  While Tuesday was a planned rest day, it turned decidedly less so shortly after my last post.  Food poisoning, yippy!!!!  I was up most of the night feeling horrid.   I hated the sound of my alarm more than usual on Wednesday morning.   I drug myself out of bed and made myself presentable.  Well, I tried to, I realized on the way to work that I had forgotten mascara.   I have never even run without mascara.   Luckily I had one stashed at work.   I don’t wear a lot to begin with but I felt naked without mascara.   🙂

Thankfully, Wednesday was the last day of our inspection.    I put on a smiley face and mustered on.  Not gonna lie, it took 2 Diet cokes (big ones) and a cup of coffee to do it.   I had a hot flash before the exit interview and one after.  It could have been due to the stress or the lingering sickness from the night before.  I really wanted to run after; I had my clothes and everything, but I was completely whipped.   Just the thought of having to change my clothes sounded exhausting.   I left my running gear at work for the next day and just headed home.   Which turned out to be the smart choice because I was sick again.  😦


Thursday I was still super tired, but everything else felt better.  Work was so nice without Mr. inspector looming around.  Plus my replacement Fuelband finally arrived!!!  3 in 13 months but more on that later.  🙂    I have a busy Saturday this week, so I was shooting for getting in my long run after work that night.  I figured I could get 8 miles in around the lake before twilight set in.  Work was done, I changed, hit the car and headed for the lake.  Then the phone rang.

My mother had Zoey spayed on Wednesday and she (the puppy) was having a rough go.  My mother was out of town for a tennis match so the pup was with my pops.  He wasn’t dealing so well with an under the weather puppy and kept calling my mom telling her the dog was “freaking out”.     She wanted to know if I could go to the pet store and find one of those cone things for Zoey and then go check on her.  Ok, no more long run.  😦   I figured I could at least get in 3 laps of the lake.

I hurried there and set out running.  Halfway through mile 1, I decided that if I couldn’t run long, then I would run hard.  I mean hard  (hard for me), I was aiming for race pace.    I figured my last 5K race was 27:54, I wanted to hit that.  The weather was good, the park was full of people.  Actually very full, apparently Thursdays are popular.    I kept pushing; I was breaking one of my own rules, I was huffing and puffing on a training run.  But it felt good, really good.   End result – 3.1 miles -26:35.  Hell yeah!!!!

Actually, still not so great
Actually, still not so great

Under 27, I was pumped!!!!!  I walked a cool down and then went to stretch.  My usual stretching bar was occupied so I used the railing around the observation part of the path.  I also attempted a selfie or 2.   I should just give up, they never turn out.  The only reason I am smiling in this one is because I had just realized that behind where I was stretching and taking crappy pictures was a class full of people line dancing.  Oops!  Cue embarrassed laughter.

Railing of shame
Railing of shame

I went to Petco and picked up a cone and some new toys for the pup and then headed that way.    She ran right up to me when I got there.  She had been hanging with my pops in the garage.  He again expressed the opinion that she was going psycho but I don’t think she was that bad.  I wrestled the cone onto her head and we played with her new toys until my mom got home.

Cute little conehead
Cute little conehead

Today was pretty good but I wish I had managed to get a run in. This week has turned into an accidental taper.   It’s leaving me a little stumped about how to proceed next week during actual taper time.  Plus I drank too much soda, ate too much sugar and too many chips getting through it.  Stress bites.    I am getting new tires on my car tomorrow and I have a work thing in the afternoon, so I am trying to figure when to fit in an 8 miler.   Hmmm, can this Slacker pull it off?

How have your week’s been?

Anyone racing this weekend?

9 Comments on “The Week that Was

  1. Hope the pup is ok. Great job on your run! How far around is the lake? The lake everyone runs around here is a 9 mile loop.


    • Thanks! Ok, so lake is a misnomer. It’s a pond but the locals call it a lake. 🙂 A lap is about 1.2 miles around. I wish we had a longer path, there are some in my home town but they interconnect in weird ways and are not in the best parts of town.


  2. Haha I’m all about’s the difference between looking half asleep and wide awake for me 😉 Congratulations on a sub 27! Your dog is too cute, even in the cone! My running week has been off actually, but I’m going to make it up with an 11 mile run today!


    • Very true! And this week I needed all help I could get to stay awake and look it. Thanks! She still hates the cone but hey it’s stylish right?
      Hope you have a great run!


  3. Great job on the super speedy 5k! And Zoey looks fab in her purple cone. Sorry about the food poisoning 😦 but I’m sure you can still pull off the 8 miler.


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