A Sleepy Frog

Happy almost Friday!  And the first full week of the year.  🙂

I don’t know what it is but I have been so tired this week.   I have slept through my first 3 alarms every day.  That’s even with going to bed earlier- since Directv and NBC have been fighting, I haven’t been watching the news or Jimmy Fallon.  Last night I actually clocked the first 7 hours of sleep on a work night since I bought my Fitbit.  Wow.  7sleepOn Tuesday, I headed to the gym after work for a few miles.   I was actually sore after hiking Cerro San Luis but per usual the DOMS didn’t kick in until Tuesday.  But that just helped me not push it.    Finding a consistent easy is kind of hard.     I’ve noticed that it takes almost 2 miles on the treadmill to feel comfortable.   Then when I do, I have the problem of running into the front of the machine because I want to run faster.  I managed 5 miles around a 10:41-10:54 pace.    Once again one of the tvs had North Woods Law on and it made the miles seem less miserable.

When I first arrived at the gym I was surprised to find around 10 treadmills free, I had expected more Resolutioner’s to be there.   The ellipticals were full though.   Part of me feels bad being irritated that they filll up the gyms in January.  I mean at least they are making an attempt right?  But when you see a man talking on the phone while on the elliptical and a woman reading with a book right up to her face while walking so slowly, I feel less guilty.  Then there were the chatty trio who got on the treadmills to my right.   They were so loud!  I could hear every word of their conversation over my headphones and I wasn’t willing to blow out my own eardrums and keep turning it up.    I said this in a comment to FL Runner Boy but I think a gym should be like a library- necessary conversations only.  🙂   But then again, I am the one who hit the emergency stop 2 miles in- oops.  My mind is like, "Let's go to the gym!", but my body is all, "Dude chill, this couch is really comfortable."The plan was for another 4-5 treadmill miles tonight but after changing and starting my drive to the gym I had to admit that i don’t feel so well.  It feels like a head cold which I could have run on but I decided that running back to back longer runs this weekend was more important for training than some treadmill miles tonight.    My 25K is in less than 3 weeks with Surf City right after.  I am trying to think smart here but I feel like a baby.    Plus I also didn’t think anyone at the gym would appreciate my excessive coughing or throat clearing.   Asthma already puts a frog in my throat but now I feel like his friends have moved in to party.  Ugh.  So instead I am bundled up in the comfy chair catching up with you guys!  Oh maybe I should be productive and go update my Goals and Gear page that I haven’t touched in way too long.

How has your week been?

Have you braved the gym?

20 Comments on “A Sleepy Frog

  1. Okay…I hate the chatterbox’s…I loathe the chatterbox’s…when you’re running on a treadmill or outside or wherever…chatter is not tolerated by me. I actually was in a 5k a couple years back with people chatting all around me and I was so angry at them, I almost fell over just so I could trip them…so yeah….chatterbox’s…not necessary!!!


    • There’s a time and a place to chat, I just don’t think the gym is one. However, I have noticed that the best way through the circuit room is with a friend, one on the machine and the other doing the steps in between. No one seems to use those machines in order but it seems to go smoother in pairs. But even then we talk really soft or not at all.

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  2. I’ve been treadmill running as well. I hear you about all the annoying people at the gym. I don’t feel bad about hating them. Especially the people who put the treadmill on like 10% incline and walk. What is that?


    • And then hang on for dear life? There always seem to be one of those there. I’d rather hike a real trail, especially in this area there are so many for levels of fitness.


  3. Zero minutes awake all night – that is truly impressive! I’m having a bad sleep-week, it happens to me pretty much for a week every month. Maybe I should get an app to see how little I actually sleep!


  4. Hope you feel better! I know what you mean about being irritated – I’ve been avoiding the gym because I know the machines will be packed for a couple of weeks with people texting and chatting. For the first time ever spin was completely full this week! But that won’t last, lol.


    • Thanks. If everyone was working hard, that would be one thing but the ones with books and texting, having full conversations on the phone? Really? I mean I wish I could read and run but I have enough trouble just running on the dang treadmill.


  5. My week has been total bonkers Fallon and yes I have braved the gym and the resolution-ers are KILLING me haha lol! 😛 Ohhhhh Jimmy Fallon I love his hastags and thank you notes segments ha! Superlatives is pretty funny too 🙂


  6. I am lucky that I have a treadmill in the basement–it is usually just me down there, so there are no chatterboxes…It is hard to run with a head cold. You get a hall pass on that one!
    I am a terrible sleeper, and I need a lot of it–those 2 problems make a vicious combination!


    • My friend lives in an apartment complex that has a little gym, that would be so nice! So would owning my own but that costs money and more space than I have. I just keep anxiously awaiting the time change! I normally don’t sleep well, I should have seen the signs that I was getting sick!


  7. The other night I went to the gym and I was fully expecting that there wouldn’t be an open treadmill in sight – Resolutioners, plus the fact that it was -3 outside so no one could work outside, I figured I was doomed for sure. But it was surprisingly quiet in there! All the good ‘mills were open! It did get a little crowded toward the end of my workout though, so maybe I just got in at a good time.

    How the heck do you sleep 7 hours with only 2 mins of restlessness?! My fitbit tells me every day that I was restless like 18 times, even when I thought I slept well. You must sleep like a baby!


    • It was picking up as I left which is odd because all other years it was the opposite. Hopefully next week is similar with open treadmills.

      I am not sure how accurate the restless part was. That night I was cleaning the wristband so I slept with the tracker in my sock. So either I was really tired since I was getting sick or the location threw off the readings.


  8. Thankfully, I don’t have to try and get space in the gym as I have a treadmill. The gym I have access to FILLS TO THE GILLS after the holidays since it’s on a college campus and students are getting “ready” for spring break. Hope you are feeling better!


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