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Week 2 Recap- Finding the Long Run

And it’s Sunday Monday.  That was a fast weekend.  As much as I would love another day or 4 off, I am really looking forward to this week.    2 of our 3 new hires start tomorrow today- woo hoo!!!!   The week will be crazy busy but yay!


Rest day.  I thought about running.  Packed my bag just in case but stuck to the plan.   My food choices this past week or so have not been the best and my system has been letting me know.


The plan called for speed work but half way to home town I knew I wasn’t up to it.   I was so tired I decided to move my easy run to Tuesday and do the speed work when  I was feeling more alert.   This easy run kicked my ass.   It was only in the high 80’s so I figured I would be fine plus my usual up and back has shade throughout so I though that would help.   As I was heading out I saw a suspicious situation- think drug pick up like, or at least how I would guess one of those looked- so I knew I was going to take the longer way back which is a little more public.    I though that extra 1/2 mile was going to kill me.   I was huffing and puffing so bad I was actually worried about an asthma attack.  Easy should not do that!   I didn’t look at my splits until later since I was irritated.   Ok, I guess it makes a little more sense now.  Oops!IMG_0877Wednesday-

After the previous day’s accidental progression, I thought about skipping the speed work.  The plan called for a 15 minute warm up then 4 x 2:00 @ HMP with 1:00 recovery in between then cool down.  That didn’t sound too bad so I figured I would try one and go from there.    Since I have such trouble doing math while running, I decided that my goal half marathon pace will be 9:00.  It will give me a tiny cushion to hopefully break 2 hours and the splits will be a little easier to remember while running.    🙂

I'm not the only one who sees the bad math in this right?
I’m not the only one who sees the bad math in this right?

I did my warm up and then changed my watch to current pace so I could pace the intervals.   They felt harder than I would have liked but doable so I kept going.   My watch flashed low battery as I was finishing the 3rd interval so I stopped to save what data I had before continuing on.   I finished my last interval and then did the cool down.     I checked my splits as I was stretching and noticed that my intervals were all pretty consistent… and that either I wasn’t using the current pace feature or it was really wrong.  I can only dream that my half marathon pace will be 8:30 one day.  What the heck?


Planned rest.  Another meeting about a race but this time other people showed up, woo hoo!  And I got happy mail!!!!!  Thanks Pavement Runner!


I was off before 6 so I thought about running a few miles but I didn’t want anything to interfere with getting in a longer run on Saturday morning so I decided to stick to the plan.  Instead I did all my usual Saturday errands and shopping so that there were really #noexcuses on Saturday.


I planned on running by 9 but slept horribly so I gave myself an extra 30 minutes.  I was out the door a little after 9:30 in an effort to avoid the heat.   It wasn’t early enough.   The run started in the high 70’s and ended in the high 80’s.     Doing 4 hill repeats in the middle didn’t help.    I won’t lie, there was way more walking than there should have been.   😦   But 8 miles and my longest run since SLO done.    My #runallday shirt was so comfy to run in, a little too big but that’s my fault.   🙂       Thanks to some freaky weather we’ve been having I still ran at the hottest part of the day.   The temp dropped in the afternoon and it started to rain!  Really?!   Miles 1-7 averaged around 11:30 and mile 8 was 9:46.  Umm, ok then.


Thought about running but some cleaning projects ran away with the day.   On the upside my car is no longer an embarrassment.     🙂   I also worked my Hogwarts swap craft and it’s not coming along like I planned.

Second week of training- complete!   My mileage is finally going up- woo hoo!

What are your plans this week? One thing you’re looking forward to in July?  How is it almost July?!

Ever seen something shady on a run?

Anyone else’s car look like they live in it?  I think I had 6 pairs of shoes in there. 



I don’t recall the exact date but I know that I started running in 2010.  Or at least attempting to then.  My first race was that fall.   Since then I have run 13 half marathons and more than a few 5k’s and 10k’s.   All that aside, more often than not, I still feel like a poser.   Like I am only playing pretend with running.   Instead of dressing up in my mother’s clothes like a little kid, I am putting on short shorts, sports bras and compression socks and just hoping I fit in.   Oh and my ever present Garmin.

I was one of those people who said I would never run, hated it.  Drove past people running and wondered what the hell they were thinking.   Then a friend signed up for Team In Training.  Seeing her go through training for a marathon and let’s be truthful, I didn’t like the way my clothes fit, I thought maybe I would try running.    However I still didn’t start running until I purchased my first iPhone.  I didn’t want to carry a phone and my ipod, I didn’t even think about water,  #priorities.    🙂   Even that little beginning was walking.  For a while I used those crazy rocker Sketchers shoes that were popular for a very short time.  Yeah, that hurt my shins.    Then that same friend pretty much bought my first pair of running shoes.  I actually started running.  But I felt awkward and out of place.  I was torn between wanting to walk when cars drove past so they didn’t see me huffing and puffing and running faster so I looked less like a turtle when they passed.     Then a few customers asked if that was me they had seen running past their house.   Ummm, maybe?   I would ask where they lived so I could make sure to run past their houses every time after that and walk when I was around the corner.   🙂  #poser

Then came races.  Cue the doubts.  Man, these people look fast.  What was I thinking?   Oh, look at all their pretty gear.   I wonder what that does?  Hmmm, those shoes look interesting.    Hell, I ran in cotton shirts and tennis shorts for over a year.  Plus side was big pockets.   Oh and I put on weight.  Grrrrr.    That wasn’t the plan.  Running was hit and miss, I’d run 6 days in a row and then take a month off, then throw in a random race.   Training plan wasn’t even part of my vocabulary.

Then something changed.  Running became less a way to burn some calories and more something I needed to do.    Along the way,  I picked up some speed and set a few PR’s.   Hey, that’s kind of cool.   My clothes changed, my accessories multiplied both by quantity and cost and can now fill a box in the trunk of my car.    But there were times I still felt out of place, like I was waiting to be told I couldn’t hang with the cool kids.    I would stalk online race times for every race I signed up for just to make sure I wasn’t going to be last.

There are still moments, hell entire runs, where I feel like a wannabe.    Days when walking seems to be all I can do, or at least seems more efficient than the slow crawl, hobble thing I was doing other wise.   When I think everyone passing is wondering if they are gonna have to help me to my car.   Then there are the runs that start off hellishly but end on a note that leaves me feeling awesome and ready for more.  There are still race mornings when I show up feeling outclassed and outnumbered but what happens between that starting gun and finish line can be pretty unifying.

My superpower? I change from "pretty girl" to "hot, panting, smelly wad of hair and sweat" in under 30 minutes. Wanna see?

In the last few weeks I have had more #poser moments than #runner.  But those runner moments make it all worth it.  And leave me feeling the deep thoughts.   🙂   Oh and coming in last at a race?  #beentheredonethat and it’s no big deal.  And I love my compression socks.    Time to get my run on.   Well, not right now, it’s dark out.   🙂

Ever feel like a #poser?

When was your last awesome running moment?

Run!, Slacker

Training Win?

You know summer has arrived and it’s hot outside when you are the only person outside. I don’t just mean outside running, last week on a few of my runs I was the only person outside period.   No one in their front yards, no one in backyards and no kids playing.     And with the town/ state on water restriction, no lovely sprinklers to cool off with.   I know hotter temps are coming so I figure I may as well get used to it.    I love the heat but I am not adjusting as well this year.   Maybe I’m getting older? 😬.   Or three years working in a town that averages 30-40 degrees cooler a day is just confusing my system.   Who knows, but I did complete my first week of training last week.IMG_0869


Rest day.   I wanted to run but the plan said rest.   Still I packed my running stuff for after work.    My stomach is usually a little iffy on Mondays (too many carbs on the weekend)  and this day was no different.  Since I needed to pick up a prescription after work and there was no way I could run then make it to the pharmacy, I decided to take the rest day.   Halfway there it dawned on me that I could have changed at work, picked up the prescription then run in home town.  Duh.   I briefly considered changing in the Target bathroom but hell no, I’ve seen porta-a-potties cleaner than that place.


This was supposed to be a 40 minute workout with pace intervals in the middle.  The first kink in the plans was that Community BBQ nights started at the lake park where I like to do my speed work.   Everywhere else is hilly or on busy streets.  I avoid the park during the BBQ nights, no need to run around 100+ people having a party.  I headed towards hometown knowing it was hot.  It was 94 when I parked my car and that was with a pretty good wind.  I reassessed the pace workout to an easy 40 min.  I felt like I was crawling.    I’ve noticed that it’s taking me longer to warm up during these hot runs.    I usually walk for 5 minutes, the last few runs have been 10 minute walks.   Shouldn’t it be the opposite?   Ugh.   3.55 miles in 40 minutes.IMG_0813


Yeah, short- hot panic fest.  But we’ve talked about that already.   2.31 miles in 30 minutes.


I was supposed to have a meeting about a race so it was a planned rest day.    The meeting was at the high school and my mother had tennis practice so we planned to meet for dinner after.   However, the other party did not show up so after walking around the school wondering if I had the wrong meeting place, I waited for her in the front of the school in the shade.    A nice janitor told me I shouldn’t have waited that long.  🙂  I told him I was now waiting for my mother and at least the shade was cooler than sitting in my car.   But yes I was the one sitting out front like a sad puppy.  Oh, high school- I don’t miss you.    I mostly typed last Thursday’s blog post on my phone and took a cranky selfie.  So it was moderately productive.  Then I drowned my irritation in Mexican food.  #sorryatkinsIMG_0835


I got to come in later than my new normal of 7:30 and I briefly considered running with that extra hour of sleep but nah, I hit snooze.    Work was a usual crazy Friday and once off I headed home.   I was tired, it had been a long week but for some reason that “motivational” quote popped into my head. 

 I made it home by 7, changed and was out the door 20 minutes later.  Say what?!  My stomach was cranky, partially due to the previous nights indulgence and the cookies on Friday, and I had been in high-heeled boots all day and I knew it was going to be less than pretty.  But even with all that it was awesome.    It was a good way to end the week and I was glad to see that there wasn’t any residual issues from Wednesday.   3.75 miles – 40 minutes.


Turns out running the previous night was a good thing.  Saturday started with work followed by the usual errands.   I try to do all my shopping on Saturday.  Then the family headed down to SLO for an early Father’s Day Dinner at Olive Garden.   I mean early, we were there by 4.    I may have indulged in too many bread sticks.  Oops, #sorryatkinsagain.    It’s been 3 months since I’ve eaten pasta and I really don’t miss it.    Luckily my usual go-to at Olive Garden is their Garlic Rosemary Chicken.  So yummy.     Dinner was followed up with frozen yogurt for desert.  My poor stomach but it was all so yummy.  🙂  I pushed my long run to Sunday.


The plan called for a 50 minute long run.    Ummm, that’s not long.   I realize it’s only week 1 of 17 and most half marathon plans are 12 weeks but still.     I wanted some structure to my summer runs so I picked 17 weeks.   But, yeah, those 50 minutes kicked my ass.  I actually headed out around 10am since I knew it was going to be hot.  It was already in the 80’s.  I huffed and puffed my way through 5 miles in 56 minutes.   Yes miles 1 and 2 had times where I met up with my mom and the puppy and walked more  but what was with the other 3?    I have to figure out this heat thing or I am never breaking 2.    I did like having the run done earlier though.

So, week one done.  Bring on week 2.   And maybe some speed?  *sorry about the random picture sizes, I am having troubles figuring out Dropbox.  😦

How was your weekend?  And Father’s Day?

How long do you usually train for a half marathon?

What do you consider a long run?


Run!, Slacker

No Need To Panic

I consider myself a fairly calm person in emergency situations.    This has also been tested a few times and been proven mostly true.     Earthquakes, car accidents, electrical panels catching on fire, customers trying to beat up employees, etc, I stay calm.  Even my first car accident when I was young and dumb, I stayed mostly calm.   I calmly came to, assessed the damage ( I hit a wall) and tried to turn the car off and take the keys out of the ignition to cut the power.   Too bad I wasn’t thinking about the fact that the car had to be in park to accomplish all that.   🙂    I was also calm when I saw my passenger lying on the ground.  I knew he had to have gotten there on his own and he had.  He got out and went and laid down.    No, none of us had been drinking.   I stayed fairly calm through all this but lost it when I called my mom- so mostly calm.   That big earthquake that damaged town years ago?  I was working when it rolled through, I told everyone to take cover and I went to turn off the large open gas range.   We then evacuated, still calm.   My point to all this is that I am not one who panics easily.   So imagine my shock when I ran myself into a panic attack  a couple years ago.

I did a good majority of my runs on the high school track that summer.  I would run in the evenings after work.  The football team was usually practicing but they never said I couldn’t be there so I would just run in the outside lane minding my own business.   The track used to be my happy place and favorite place to run.   I headed there one evening for an easy 5 mile run.   The team was there as usual and my mother was as well, she was going walk laps while I ran.  It was hot but no hotter than any other day.   I remember feeling pretty good and keeping a good pace.   2 miles in I started to freak out.   For no reason.  First, I had trouble breathing.  I knew it wasn’t an asthma attack but I could not catch my breath or calm myself down.  Then I started crying, I mean full on sobs, again for no known reason.   I had plenty of water and didn’t feel dehydrated.  In fact my body felt fine other than the emotional freak out.    I had no idea what was going on and it was scary but I could not calm down.  But I’m wasn’t very smart, so I finished my run, thinking it would help calm me down.   I hadn’t discovered the online running community yet so I did the only thing I could think of when I got home.  Google.  I read stories of people having similar experiences but no clues as to why it happened.   I was nervous to run for a while but it never happened again so I put it out of my mind.  Until Wednesday’s run.


Summer has definitely arrived and temps in home town have been in the high 90’s to 100 range.   While I am loving it, I have been taking things a little slower.  Wednesday was day 3 of my training plan and my second run.   The plan called for a 30 minute easy run but I was aiming for 40.   My weather app said that the temp at the lake was 81 so I headed there to run.  It lied.  It was more like 91.   Still, I was fine with that, I had had 90 oz of water at work and had a full bottle for my run.  I used plenty of sunblock and wore my hat, I felt good and ready to go.     I walked my usual little warm up and started to run.  Then stopped 20 yards later.  Walked some more, then tried running again. Only to stop again.  Repeat numerous times over the next mile and a half.   My head was totally in the game but I could not get my body to do what I wanted it to do.   It was like it was refusing to run.   The more I tried to push, the more it pushed back.  At mile 1.5, I felt it again.  My breathing was becoming erratic and it wasn’t from exertion.   Maybe it was because it happened before but this time I recognized that I was about to have a panic attack.   For no reason, again.   I knew I had plenty of water, wasn’t dehydrated and was still sweating so I don’t think the heat had anything to do with it.   It hadn’t been a stressful day and my stomach has been feeling better lately.      Then, trying to force myself to calm down was just making things worse.    Being smarter now (just a little)  I just walked back to the car and stayed in the shade while I got everything under control.  What the hell?!IMG_0822

Once again, I have no idea what caused it.    I didn’t feel like it was too hot, but maybe my run the day before was too hot?  I always clear a minimum of 120 oz of water a day, so it’s not like I was dehydrated.    Yes, work has been stressful but no more than usual.    Sleep is the same as always so it couldn’t have been that.  Grrrrr.   Granted, it’s only happened twice but it’s still freaky.  It doesn’t make sense.      And now I am nervous for my next run.   Grrrr.

Ever have a panic attack?  Running or not?

Favorite place to run?

How much water do you drink on average?

Run!, Slacker


Is Sunday already over?  Boo.   Weekends need to be 3 days long, they really do. EDIT- read this as if I posted Sunday evening- I was having internet issues- and then WordPress erased half of it- grrrr.

I finished the week out with a short 4 mile run on Sunday afternoon.     I think I am finally ready for this lackadaisical approach to training to go away.   Getting ready for City to the Sea starts tomorrow.  I will probably stick to the 3x a week plan until mid July.    By then we should be fully staffed and my hours can get a little shorter.   Fingers crossed.  But going forward I plan to have my runs be something of substance rather than just phoning it in.  Speaking of substance, I had hoped that Sunday’s run would be between 6-8 miles but I held off too long.   I headed out late afternoon when it was close to 90.  Oops.  I also didn’t have enough time as I had Sunday dinner to get to.    Another reason I have been trying to rearrange my long run days.    The run was warm but not too bad.   I walked the first 10 minutes though, it took awhile to get my head and legs into it. 😬. After that I averaged a 10:30 pace which for the temp and it only being my second run in that warmth, I say is pretty good.     Heat and slow pace aside, this run felt good.  I was dripping in sweat by the end but smiling.    It was the first run in a month where I was just happy to be running.   Yay!   And these might have helped too-   I decided to buy another pair of 17’s.   I know they are being phased out but I figured it made more sense than running in shoes that made my feet cranky.   Yes, I still felt the odd little niggles but overall they felt like slippers on my feet. 😃 Truthfully, I didn’t even try them on the store, I just told them my size and paid.   The Warehouse did let me know that they have about 100 in my size so I might be able to get another pair in a few months.   If only I had unlimited funds and a place to store them, I would seriously stock up right now!!   Orange wasn’t my first choice but it grew on me.     I think I was obnoxiously bright when I ran today-  In non running news- Friday was a sad day at work.  My fish died!!   I always greet him in the morning and my greeting turned into a shriek!   I was sad and didn’t know what to do.  😢    Customers asked where he was throughout the day and we had to tell them the sad news.   He had been a little under the weather for awhile but I was hoping he would pull through.

Saturday saw a family tradition when we went to see Jurassic World.   I really liked it, my brother was meh about it.    My mother liked it even though she made fun of parts of it too.   This also meant I decimated a movie popcorn but I was ok with that.  I also realized that I can no longer tolerate candy.   I was on such a sugar high, I felt ill.  Score one for Atkins.  I also had a similar revelation to pizza last week, boo.

I am finally eager to get back to training.   I really would like to break 2:00 in a half this year.  In order to do that, I have to put the work in first.    This also means that I am reconsidering my July race.  I keep going back and forth about what to do.  But that’s for another post.   I may need your help.  🙂  I also misplaced my training so I am trying an app this time.

How was your weekend?

What are you training for?  Do you train during the summer or just run?

Ever had a fish?  How do you take care of them?!