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Week 12 Recap- Crash

Last week I jokingly said that the week felt like a truck had hit me.  Be careful what you say- this week a truck literally did hit me.  But more on that fun morning a little bit later.   So let’s get to it!  I started the week with a fun doctor’s appointment where I got to swallow what looked like plastic toys and get x-rays taken.  I would return later in the week for more x-rays.

Monday- 3.5 miles

Slog fest.  After having a few days with no running I was really looking forward to this run.  I had a seminar on Tuesday evening so I had to push the run up a day.    Monday was the start of a heat wave but it was only in the low 90’s when I got to the lake after work so I thought it would be fine.   I don’t know if it was the heat or if I was still feeling poorly but this run was rough.  I felt like I never even got started.   I wanted 4 miles but the idea of running past my car only to turn around was not appealing.  I called it when I hit my car.

Not a run-rise but a commute-rise?
Not a run-rise but a commute-rise?

Tuesday- Rest

So yeah, that run was apparently too hot.  I felt a heat headache coming on Monday night and tried to head it off by sleeping with an ice pack.  No such luck.  By the time I got off work Tuesday-late- I felt like my head was going to crack open.   I had no idea how I was going to handle a seminar.   Thankfully my mother wasn’t feeling well either.  Since I was getting into the seminar with her when she decided to not go I was thankful.   We went to pizza instead.  Comfort food for the win.  #paleofail

Wednesday- Rest

The week’s speed work was on tap.  However the events of the drive home changed that.   I was just a little too shaky after.  So comfort food again- a yummy quesadilla.  #paleofailagain

Thursday- 6.61 miles -Intervals 😃😄🎆

Predicted temps were 105* so I knew I was headed to the gym.   I knew I was going to have to make some adjustments to the workout due to my stomach but I was hoping to get as close to the plan as possible.  I took my warm up super easy.  Partly because it takes me forever to find my groove on the treadmill and partly because I was trying to ignore the fact that nature was calling.   I have to drink less after 4 pm, seriously.  Finally I just got over myself and used the restrooms before starting the intervals.  Might as well take advantage of the gym right?    speedThe plan called for 3 minute intervals at 10K pace.  I have no idea what my 10K pace should be- my PR is over a year old.  So I figured I’d wing it.   I set the treadmill to 7 which computed out to 8:57 a mile.  Ok not bad, I figured I would see how I did.   The first 3 intervals went well so I stepped the next 3 up to 7.1.  Which according to the treadmill is an 8:37 pace.   My math doesn’t agree with that but oh well.  The 3 intervals were going well but I could tell I was tiring by the 6th one.   So I did one last interval at 7.2.  Boom.  Just kidding, couldn’t help myself.  😃   I only managed a 13 minute cool down as my stomach cramped pretty badly.  But it let me complete the majority of the work out so I’m still calling it a win.   This was pretty awesome run.  I felt strong for the first time in months.  Now if only that feeling could stick around.

Friday- Rest

I had my last set of x-rays that morning so I was taking care of that before work.   Apparently life decided I hadn’t had enough excitement during the week and I was in an accident getting off the freeway.  I stopped at the red light at the end of the off ramp and the truck behind me didn’t.   😂    Seriously?!  I was in disbelief for a moment- did that really just happen?  It did- we pulled off the road and did the exchange of information bit.   He was super apologetic but I was kind of still in disbelief.  The irony of the timing of my previous post going up was not lost on me.   His all metal truck was fine and my car was drivable so we went our separate ways.

I headed to the doctor for my x-rays.  I also called work and let them I was going to be later then planned.  I then took my car to my dad to have him check it out before I headed to work.   I know he couldn’t see everything but as a former mechanic I knew he would know if there were any trouble spots.   My bumper is pushed forward, as well as a hole in it and my trunk is jacked up.  Other things sound odd but I am thinking optimistically.  I then started a claim with my insurance just in case before I finally headed to work.   I’m not sure how much use I was though.     😐

Saturday- 5.5 miles bike

I spent most of the night before sick due to too many comfort food meals (pizza again Friday) and I woke up super sore.   I had really wanted to do my long run that morning but there was no way.   I tried to ride out some of the stiffness on the bike but no luck.  My stomach didn’t appreciate it either so I just decided on a rest day.IMG_1819Sunday- 7.1 miles

I slept like crap again, so I was late getting out the door.  I was still sore but thought I could run it out.  Ha!   Plus while the temp started in the 60’s it jumped drastically by the halfway point.  Like 20 degrees.  Really, I would call this more of a walk.  I averaged a 13:00 minute pace.   I was thisclose to calling my mom to come give me a ride.   Since I say a  long run is anything over 7 it’s not a complete fail but I am not sure if it was helpful.   Slow mile better than no mile right?

Overall, this week had its high points and its low.  Way more drama than I would have liked.  I need a vacation.   The last few weeks have been hit and miss with running.  If I hit a speed work out I miss the long run and vice versa.  I really wanted to hit both this week.  I didn’t say it in my last recap but that was a huge goal for me this week.   I feel liked I missed it again.  Yes, there were extenuating circumstances but I feel like I fall back on that excuse a lot.   I need to get out of my own way, but more on that in another post.  Now I have to figure how to structure this week as I have a 5K on Sunday.    That is freaking me out a bit.

Paleo- C-

That may be aiming high considering how much “comfort food” I ate this week.   My stomach did not appreciate it by week’s end either.    I know what I did wrong though so it’s fixable.   Lunch and breakfast is still on track.

How was your week?

Ever been rear ended?  Should I just stay off the roads?

Anyone racing soon?


Seriously People?!!!

Warning- this will be rant like and non running related.

I left work on Wednesday with the plan of running speed work at be gym.   It was super hot out and I didn’t want to be tempted by the lake path so I took the back roads home.     I passed a couple of cyclists which always make me shake my head- this road is hardly built for 2 lanes of traffic let alone a bike.   Blind corners and hairpin turns abound.    Anyways, when I finally get back to town I turn onto a frontage road that really is just a secondary freeway.   Seriously, the average speed is in the 60’s.

There was a large Yukon in front of me and a few cars behind me.   Up ahead I noticed a man riding his bike with a grocery bag.  This road does have pretty decent bike lanes, I’ve actually considered running it before.   The biker kept drawing my attention; he didn’t look too stable,the bags were throwing off his balance.    Then he went down, sideways, directly in the Yukon’s path.

My brain refused to process what I was seeing.  Somehow, the Yukon slammed on the brakes and swerved left, I slammed on the brakes and went right, bear in mind, we were both driving fairly fast.   The driver of that Yukon had amazing reflexes- he missed the man and oncoming traffic.    He ended up angled partly in the other lane and partly off the road.    How we all avoided a wreck is still amazing to me.

The man, who was really a kid was fine, more angry embarrassed than hurt.   A car coming the opposite way offered him a ride but he turned it down.     He picked up his groceries before getting back on his bike.    It was during all this that my faith in humanity took a little hit.

The Yukon was still blocking part of the opposite lane and you could see that oncoming traffic was stopped about 50 yards up the road waiting while the boy was picking his stuff up.   The SUV behind me started laying on the horn.  Seriously?!  You can see what is going on, get over yourself!   The horn turned out to be not enough for them and they sped out from behind me into the partially blocked lane and floored it past the kid still in the street!   The car behind them followed suit.  Are you freaking kidding me?!   You see multiple vehicles stopped, one in the wrong lane, a kid in the street and you think it’s ok to throw a temper tantrum and squeeze yourself through!?  I was so angry!

Honestly it’s taken me longer to type this than it did to get everything squared away last night.    I could come up with no good reason for the cars to behave the way they did.   Come on people, what if that was you in the street?   Or a family member?  Don’t get me wrong, I think a runner or a cyclist is doubly responsible for watching out on the roads.  It doesn’t matter who’s in the right, against a car, we lose.  That said, people driving don’t need to be asshats- get over yourselves!

Once we were all on our way, there was a stop sign about a mile ahead.  The Yukon and I ended up next to each other, he went right and I was going straight.    We had a brief conversation through open windows.   He was super pale and I wondered if I looked similar.  I told him he had amazing breaking skills.   He thanked me for stopping.  We went our separate ways.

I was so shaky due to the situation and my anger at those 2 cars that I just went home.   I really wish the kid had let someone give him a ride home.  Part of me wishes I could have hollered at those drivers, part of me knows that would have solved nothing.

Thanks for letting me rant, I needed to get that out.   Regular Slacker programming will return next post.

Share your thoughts!!  Please- am I wrong to be pissed? 

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Week 11 Recap- Wait, what?

This was the kind of week that ran over me with a truck, backed up for more, then sped off into the night.   Workout wise, the week actually started off pretty good, it was work life that was kicking me around.   The I got sick and spent a lot of time sleeping.   How come that is never as exciting as it sounds?

Monday- 4.3 miles

I was debating where to run when traffic made the choice for me.     A fire started on the Cuesta grade Sunday and by Monday it had grown exponentially.    It was heavily stressed that people find alternate routes home which sent them my way.    I couldn’t even get on to the off ramp to change highways so I just took the back roads home.   This was repeated for most of the week. 

 I was feeling nostalgic apparently and headed to my former work location and ran from there.   Which is really just my home route backwards but it feels different for some reason.    😀   My calves were super tight for the first few miles of the run.   I ended up stopping every so often to try and stretch them out.   I hit a hill at the halfway point and alternated walking forwards and backwards up it.   I wonder what the home owners thought when they looked out the window.   😋  Things finally felt like they popped into place a mile later.   By then I was almost done.   Soreness aside, my splits were good for an easy run and I felt good after the run too.

Tuesday- Rest

I didn’t get home until 8ish.  I looked at the bike but nah.

Wednesday- 6 miles -intervals

I haven’t done speed work in a few weeks and I was feeling nervous.  Since I couldn’t get to the lake path due to traffic, I headed to the gym.   I figured the treadmill would help me maintain pace better anyways.   Turns out I haven’t been to the gym in 182 days.   😁!!!!!  They have a new system that tells you things like that now.    Ouch.

The plan called for a warm up followed by 10 min @ HMP, 1 min recovery x3 then cool down.   I knew I didn’t have that in me so I went back to a speed workout I skipped 2 weeks ago.   Similar except only 8 min HMP x3.    But yeah, that’s not what happened.  What I did pull off was 6 min @ 9:13 pace, 2 min recovery x4 with warm up and cool down. Time wise, I hit the 24 minutes but my pace should have been 9:08.  Still for my first attempt in 2+ weeks, I am calling it a win.   It was also my longest run in my Pure Flow’s so far.   Other than the general first mile achiness, they felt great.   I always feel like it takes longer for me to find my stride on a treadmill.  Anyone else have that issue?

Thursday- 7 miles stationary bike

I was feeling pretty good after Wednesday’s speed work but planned for a rest day.  I was hoping I could maybe get my long run in on Friday so I wanted to stay off my feet.    I started off the day feeling pretty good but things went south early in the morning.  I started to feel light headed and nauseous and just exhausted.    It only got worse as the day went on.  I was supposed to attend a business mixer but just wasn’t feeling up to mingling.     I was hoping I could sweat it out on the bike.  I also figured if it made me worse, it was easy to quit since I owned the bike.  😃  I didn’t feel worse so that’s a plus right?

Friday- Rest

Or not.  I still felt crappy on Friday.   A coworker was feeling poorly too so we thought we were fighting a bug of some sort.  I was drinking Airborne and Vitamin C but no luck.   I didn’t even make it through the day at work.    It takes a lot for me to leave but I just couldn’t do it.    I went home and crashed, taking a 4 hour nap.  Is it still a nap if it’s dark when you wake up? 

Some nurse- asleep on the job
 Saturday- Rest

I had some errands to do in SLO and those hurt.   I was so tired and just beat.  Running was not happening.   The furniture did finally get rearranged.   Now, there should be no way I can run into the bike in the dark.     I’m sure I’ll find a way though.   😃

  Sunday- 5.5 miles Stationary bike

Grrr.  I had a company picnic for most of the day so I needed to run in the morning.    Yeah, no.   The alarm went off, I checked the temp and saw 90% humidity.  My lungs were having none of that.  When did I become such a baby?   I headed south for the company picnic.    Hours of sun and sand later, and I was again exhausted.  I didn’t even do anything!     Watching the executives hula hoop was amusing though.      It was around 100 when I got home and there was still Sunday dinner.   Plus my gym closes early on the weekend so I figured a little time on the bike was better than nothing at all.

Overall, the week started pretty good and hit some speed bumps at the end.   That said, it could have been worse, I still got in 4 workouts.  Much better than it would have been without the bike.   It seems like lately I have only been able to accomplish a long run or a speed workout during the week.  One but not both, I really need to work on that.

Paleo- B-

I actually did really well until I got sick.   I admit that something I always crave when sick is french fries.    It’s my comfort food, something about the grease and salt make me feel better.   Burger King happened on Thursday and In N Out on Friday.    I do have to say that they didn’t taste as good as I remember.   But that should help fight future cravings right?    I got things back under control by Sunday.    Tri tip and salad at the BBQ, I passed on the bread.  I also really like subbing broccoli in for pasta when Sunday dinner involves pasta.    Plus it’s super easy to steam and clean up so no extra work on my mom’s part since she’s in charge of Sunday dinner.  😉

This week has more testing for my current GI issues but it doesn’t seem very invasive so I am hoping to hit all my workouts.  Fingers crossed!    Plus I am attending an injury prevention seminar so that should be interesting.   Now if people could just stop yelling at me, that would be awesome.

How was your week? 

Does your company do annual BBQ’s or parties?  Year’s ago we did formal ones, I kind of miss them.

Anyone else have some weird summer sickness?

run, Slacker

Thank you

So, Brooks is doing this #thankyourunning campaign on social media.  It’s kind of cool.  Funny thing is that I’ve had parts of this post sitting in my drafts for a while.  Except I was calling something like Lessons from Running.  Deep right?  Anyways, I figured now would be a good time to dust it off and pretty it up.  So here goes-

Thank you running-

I have discovered so many cool and scenic places that I never would have seen without a pair of running shoes on my feet.   And you know where most of them are?  Right in my own backyard.    At most a short drive and I can just take in the view.   Mountains, ocean, dirt and asphalt, all are within reach.    All very run-able.    All awesome.  Thank you running for showing me the view. 

Thank you running-

For reminding me I can do hard things.  I’ve been a procrastinator all my life.   Sometimes I think it’s because I work better under pressure.  Mostly though it’s that I’m just lazy.    My second race ever was a half marathon.  I crossed the finish line in pain and exhausted but damn proud that I committed to a goal I had made on a street corner on a cold morning in January.    As I stood there spectating and seeing the people running Surf City, I told myself that I wanted to do that.  I wasn’t sure if I could but I was going to try.     I crossed of the finish line of Wine Country half in April.  I was in pain, exhausted and damn proud that I had followed through.    Later on one friend commented that they were surprised that I had both completed the race and stuck (sort of) to a training plan.   Thank you running for showing me that I can.

Cotton! I had no idea!

Thank you running-

For letting me be comfortable by myself.     I dislike crowds but hated being by myself.  I always felt so needy and worried that I was going to be left behind.    I’m not even sure who was doing the leaving but it made me anxious.   Running was something I had to start on my own, no one was pushing me out the door, no one was meeting me out there.  Running can involve spending a whole lot of time getting to know yourself and suddenly you realize your own bullshit and that it’s time to move on.  Not saying everything’s awesome now but I have a better acceptance for who I am and I am fine on my own.   I love my friends but thank you running for helping me like myself.

That said, friends are awesome.

Thank you running-

I have become a little less of a germ-a-phobe.  Seriously it was borderline OCD.    My hand washing alone would drive  my mother crazy when she observed it.    I’ve had GI issues for years but a port-a-potty or gas station bathroom?  Oh hell no.   I admit my first trail bathroom scared the hell out of me.    As we all know, when running we have to take what we can get.  Right?  😃   Along those same lines- I never left the house in anything that resembled exercise clothes- I had to be in jeans or a dress.  There was no other option.  Period.  Now?  5 mile run? Why not run errands after?  Just throw a sweater on.  Thank you running for making me get over myself. 

Thank you running-

For giving me some truly odd music taste.    It wasn’t too long after I started running that I discovered I have a hard time running to rock music.  My cadence kept getting thrown off by the bass line.   Enter some truly annoying pop.   Think I’m kidding?  I ran yesterday’s intervals to “Gotta Be Me”- it’s a Disney channel song.    All laughing aside- there is no way you can run slowly to that song.   Which is the point.  I dare you to try it.    So thank you running for making me laugh even if it’s at myself. 

Aww, thanks Pinterest

Thank you running-

For calming me down.  Seriously, I have a short fuse.    I could stay mad and resentful for eons.  Little things would piss me off.    The string of words I could put together would make a trucker blush.   While I think commuting has  also helped; running has gone a long way to calming me down.  It takes a lot to make me mad these days.    Thank you running for making me less “Hulk” like. 

Thank you running-

For you!!!!!  Without running, I never would have started reading blogs, never would have started this blog or “met” all of you.  Seriously you all rock.  I love reading about your adventures- running and non running.   You’re all real and inspirational and amazing.   Thank you running for expanding my circle.

I could probably go on for so many more things but I’ll leave it here.  😄

What do you thank running for?

Run!, Slacker

Week 10 recap- I lost the battle

Oof, where did last week go?  I just had to double check the race website that it really is only 7 weeks to race day.  What?! 

 Monday- 4 Miles- 14:52, 9:57, 9:42, 9:09

Another Monday run, who am I?  Plus it was National Lazy Day, yet I did the opposite.  Confused Slacker.     I was excited to actually run in my new Pure Flow’s so I headed to the River path after work.   Maybe a route that wasn’t 2 miles of up followed by 2 miles of down wasn’t the best idea for new shoes but oh well.   As you can see I started out super slow.  I wanted to make sure everything felt ok before I started running.   Holy splits Batman, I haven’t seen those in a while.    Like I mentioned before, I feel like my left leg finally joined the party.  It felt odd but good too.   I had a few aches later that evening and the next day but again, that is normal for me and new shoes.    My shins and ankles get fussy.  My knee feels good though so it evens out.  🙂 

 Tuesday- Rest- 1 Mile stationary bike

My bike came in!  I drove to SLO on my lunch to pick it up.   🙂   Then the evening was spent struggling to put it together.  Can I call that a work out?  4 letter words were flying out of my mouth each time I needed more than 2 hands or accidentally skipped a page of directions.    Then I slammed my head into the dresser so that didn’t help.  😞   I finally finished it a little after 10 and had to take it for a test spin.   Just to make sure it didn’t fall apart right?   So, a 1 mile ride.

Wednesday- 5.5 miles Stationary bike

The plan was take my half day on Thursday so I was going to run my long run then.   Due to that, I chose to take another rest day from running but I got on the bike!    I took it easy since it’s been forever since I was on a bike and truthfully never a recumbent.  So far I like it.   It’s basic with no frills but that’s all I needed.  I do need to figure out a better layout though.  I slammed my left ankle into the machine in the dark one night. 

 Thursday- 5 miles- 15:02, 10:22, 10:17, 10:17, 13:41

Long run fail.  I was hoping for 8-10, barely managed that 5 mile slog.   It was 95* when I started running and the humidity while not high was not where I would have liked.  My asthma chose to be a dick and I had troubles catching my breath.  I had troubles getting going and then I couldn’t get it together.  I did not eat enough for a long run either.  By mile 4 I knew I was done.  I still had the weekend so I called it at 5.   I felt beat up.  😓 

 Friday- Rest

I planned on riding the bike after work but was so fried I just kind of crashed into the comfy chair.   I did receive some happy mail though!  My Hogwarts swap arrived from my partner and it was freakin’ amazing.  I may have squealed like a little kid.

Saturday- Rest

I worked in the morning and planned on finishing my Hogwarts swap craft that evening.  I was hoping for a short run too.  Haha!  This was the beginning of the end of training this week.   The swap deadline had been Friday but I had a small extension because one of the organizers had emailed me a week previous.  My partner (the person I was crafting for) dropped out at the last minute.  Well, crap.   Now what?  She asked it I wanted to take over for the person my partner was supposed to craft for.    I had to think about it.   They had entirely different tastes, different favorites and different color schemes.  I am not the craftiest so I wasn’t sure I could pull off starting over in time.    I committed though.  I bit off more than I could chew.   😂 

 My plan was for a basic pillow and mug rug (coaster).  Sounds simple?  Did I forget to mention I’ve never sewed anything, ever?   My mom had a machine and I figured I could figure it out.   Ha!   We couldn’t get the machine to work.  I even You tubed videos but no help.   Now in a panic, I texted my former boss to see if she had a machine.  She did.  So I drove there (2 towns over) to borrow it, getting lost in her apartment complex along the way.    Then it didn’t want to work either.  That user’s manual and I became real good friends.   Finally got it to work and created the pillow.  Then it was off to bed, I was exhausted. 

A few friends for the walk
 Sunday- 4 mile walk/run

Did I mention the excessive heat warning this weekend?  Yeah, upwards of 105 both days.   My plan to run early failed when I could not drag myself out of bed.    I figured I would end up doing my long run at the gym on the treadmill.    Ummm, no.  Spent all day fighting with the sewing machine again.     I panicked when I ran out of bobbin thread.  How the hell do you replace that?   With the help of my trusty user manual I figured it out.  Or so I thought.   Every now and then my stitches would turn into a mullet.   The seam looked fine on the surface but the underside looked like a wig for an 80’s hair metal band.  Why?!!!!!  I managed to get out the door for a mile walk/ run but that was it.   And it was mostly walking.   Then it was back to finishing up crafting and crashing in bed.   For a weekend that I spent at home, I never even turned on my tv.

So, yeah not the strongest week of training.   But I can’t dwell on it, so time to move on.

Paleo grade- B

Lunches and breakfasts were still on point and I did not eat out nearly as much.  Score!   I made some veggie swaps for my lunches and my stomach liked those much better.    So I will be taking a break from romaine and cabbage slaw for awhile.     I do still get an intense craving for chips.    I admit I indulge if I think about them for more than 4 hours.   Only 2x last week.  I’ve been indulging with those Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips.   Not paleo, but at least they are kosher, vegan, gluten free and contain no GMO’s.  Baby steps, right?    I’ve held strong to the no soda in the mornings though, so yay for that!

Can you sew?  What was I doing wrong?

How was your weekend?  And weather?

What’s your favorite chip?