San Francisco Marathon Training Week 10

I have a hashtag for this week – #stupidshins

So yeah, another low mileage week in the books.  You know if I was just running I would be pumped at 3 20+ mile weeks in a row, I mean my monthly average was in the 60’s so 3 weeks of 20+ would have been awesome.   But for marathon training?  I’m trying not to freak out over here.  I am trying really hard to #findtheshiny here.  So here we go.

Monday- Rest  After Saturday’s race and Sunday’s migraine enforced rest, I considered running.  I didn’t as I really wanted to switch my Monday running with Wednesday’s rest day.  I think 3 days in a row will be much more manageable than the 4 I had on the schedule in May.   With the day off of work and no running on the plan, I have to say it was kind of nice.   My legs felt pretty good too, so I was optimistic for a good week.

I consoled myself with In n Out

Tuesday- 3.5 miles  I had 3 potential goals for this run- move my Thursday run of an 8 mile tempo up as it was projected to be over 100º.  If I wasn’t feeling up to that, then the planned intervals of 4 x1200, if not that then a good 7-8 miles.  None of that happened.

Right from the get-go, something felt off.  Then it just plain hurt.  I ran 1 lap of the lake and changed my shoes.  That didn’t help.  I ran- walked- hobbled another 2 laps.   I also sat on a rock and stared at the lake a bit.  Tried telling myself that all the pain was in my head but it wasn’t.  Grrr.   Home for some RICE.

Wednesday- Rest  So much for running on Wednesdays.  My shins hurt, my ankle hurt so I rested.   I also started alternating between heels and flats throughout the day at work.

Thursday- 3.5 miles  Oddly, I kind of missed my tempo.  Who knew?  I ran/ walked a slow 3.5 miles.   My shins were not happy but it didn’t feel like pain just severe achiness.   It was also very hot, so that helped keep things nice and easy.

Friday- Rest  Work was super busy though, so I felt a little ragged.  My boss in on vacation for a few weeks so that means Friday’s are an open to close kind of thing for me.

Saturday- 13.1 miles-   The weekend was predicted to be a hot one so I forced myself to get up early.   It wasn’t early enough.  😓  I set out for my long run and planned to take it nice and slow and walk whenever I felt more than twinge from my shins.   Surprisingly, I felt ok so I kept running.  I reassessed how I felt at each point where I could make the run shorter or add a little mileage.   I only felt one odd twinge but it passed quickly.

What I hadn’t planned well for was the heat.  I started at 7:30!  It warmed up faster than I planned.  There were a few sections where I felt like I was running on the surface of the sun- those were mostly walked.   I also realized by mile 6 that I was going to run out of water.  I had a 24 oz handheld but it wasn’t enough.   I just told myself I had to get to mile 9 and I could run into the AM-PM.   Except that was actually mile 10.  Oops.    My head felt like it was swollen and too big for my hat and the humidity had jumped drastically.   From mile 8.5 to 10, I just kept chanting AM-PM, AM-PM – I had about an ounce of water left.  I ran in and bought a Gatorade and a water.   I poured the Gatorade into my water bottle and carried the extra water bottle.  I was a two-fisted drinker for the last few miles.   I will never run long without my debit card again.

I knew I was going to be slow due to my shins so when I finished in 2:30, I was actually pretty stoked.  If it hadn’t been so hot, I would have shaved a couple minutes off and that’s actually pretty spot on my long run pace.

Sunday- Rest  While my legs feel ok, there is one hot spot on my shin that I don’t like.  After a mental argument with myself, I chose to rest.   It’s not what I want to do but isn’t the saying that under trained is better than injured?

He liked the rest idea

Crap, that only adds up to 20 miles.  Why did I think it was more?   Grrr.  But I had a good long run, so that’s shiny right?

Looking to this week, I am going to listen to my legs and go from there.  Speed work is off the schedule for now but I do hope to see the miles go back up.  I am only 8 weeks out now and that is kind of scary.  I really need to find more hills too or San Francisco is going to eat me for breakfast.  😛

How was your week? Anyone race?

Do you run with money?

How’s your weather?


14 thoughts on “San Francisco Marathon Training Week 10

  1. A good long run is definitely a shiny! Especially when you bang it out despite crazy surface-of-the-sun heat! When I think ahead, I run with money and/or a debit card, but sadly I don’t think of that often enough. Then I’ll be running by a gas station or Dunkin Donuts or something and hallucinating about a cold beverage and are unable to get one. I need to learn!! Our weather is all over the place. One day will be a sunny scorcher, then the next will be cool and rainy. I don’t even know what’s going on.


    1. I am so not ready for the heat yet! I rarely ever run with my debit card but I will be carrying it from now on. I would not have made it without that AMPM stop! That Gatorade tasted like the best thing ever. I have to figure out how to carry more water. Or always stop at AMPM, ha!


  2. Yes weather here. But what can we expect in June in Georgia? Hot and humid through 2nd week in September. But that’s ok, better hot than cold is my mantra! Yes always carry money b/c I don’t like to carry drink


  3. Weather is crazy in Ireland as well. I managed to speak in a run before the storm though. The long run is what counts, so a big fat shiny for you 😉 sometimes I don’t forget the credit card on a run, I only stopped once yet though.

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  4. Hey, at least you got that long run in–that’s more important than the shorter runs anyway. It’s getting super hot here too, so I’m gonna have to suck it up and start running in the mornings. Ugh.


    1. That is what I am trying to tell myself even though it contradicts the plan I chose. If I could figure out how to run in the morning, I think I would really consider it now- it was hot! But a 4AM wake up call just doesn’t seem likely. 🙂


  5. I know it sounds crazy, but I have a love hate relationship with speed workouts too. I always dread them and want to skip them, but they go by faster and I feel AWESOME after I finish them usually!!


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