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Run To The Music 7

I haven’t shared a song since January!  Really?  Man, time flies.

Truthfully, I’ve wanted to post this for a few weeks but I was hoping for a real video to attach.  But it looks like a lyric video is all I’m going to get.  Boo.

This is one of my favorite bands and has been ever since their first single back in 2000 with Last Resort.    I am reasonably positive I own everything they’ve released and they are one of the few bands whose entire catalog is always on my phone.    I would love to see them in concert one day but I know they won’t be coming to our local fair- I can’t see them signing the good behavior contract.  😛    If they could be the headliner at Rock n Roll Vegas, my day would be made but I know I am not that lucky.  😛   One can dream right?

The new album seems like it might be a touch pop-ier than I would like but it has made it pretty perfect for running.     So without further ado, here’s my new favorite running song-

Papa Roach- Born for Greatness


What are you listening to?

7 thoughts on “Run To The Music 7”

  1. I have some Papa Roach on my playlist but I don’t have this one, will def check it out! I am running a marathon for charity and have asked everyone who donates to add a song to my playlist, its been great having new music I wouldn’t normally choose.

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      1. It’s been great and when I hear their song suggestions I think of the person that added it…takes the mind off the pain! I ran 20 miles with no music a few weeks ago but I’ll definitely need it on the day!!!


  2. Hmmm, I actually need to update my playlist again since I have like 6 more races to run this year. I’m super guilty of liking pop songs or anything that empowers the crap out of me. Definitely need them on those long runs. 🙂


  3. nice!! you should stop by and add a selection to my motivational music monday series that i try to post every week, though it’s not always on a monday and not necessarily every week, more like most weeks, sometimes 🙂


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