Rambling On 26

As long as I’m doing the things in my 2018 post, it’s cool if it’s not posted until almost February, right?? Asking for a friend. 😂

This week, man. Seems like I can’t do anything right. Running has been ok… other stuff? Not so much.

We’re taking employee pictures this week and can I just say that is so much harder than a running selfie? I’m like suck it in… wait, too much, now my neck looks scary, wth. Smile but not too big… does this look professional? Then a customer asked why we were all wearing black. Apparently we all think alike. 😛

My back and the treadmill are not friends. Nope. Why is daylight savings in March?

Another thing I’m not doing well this week? Sleep. As I type this, it’s past midnight. 4th time this week. Gotta love those can’t sleep nights.

On that note, maybe I should try to sleep and dream of the tri tip lunch that will be Friday’s treat. Good fuel for a long run weekend right?

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. The Gear Guys, and Gear Mom with be hitting a State Park along Lake Michigan for stove and freeze dried food testing!


    1. Does any of that food ever actually taste good?? I’ve always wondered when I see it in the stores.


  2. I’m working Saturday but on Sunday I plan to do some meal prep for the week…and maybe get my ass in gear and start training for my three 5Ks that I signed up for this year! Eep!


    1. I hope work went well and that you had a good Sunday! I miss 5K’s, most of our locals ones were canceled last year. Good luck with training!

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  3. AJ says:

    I hope lunch was good:)


  4. Aww sorry you’re having such a hard time. A friend is moving up north so we bid him adieu this weekend.


    1. Sorry you had to say goodbye to a friend, hoped you made some good memories before he left.

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      1. He’ll be back to visit so it wasn’t too bad. 🙂 He’s Running Ragnar with me. Haha


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