BibRave, Run!

Big Sur Marathon Training-Week 16

And with the end of week 16, there’s only 7 days to go.   And yet, I’m still waiting for the freak out.

If you were reading this blog when I was training for San Francisco then you may remember that I was hot mess for the entire month of July leading to the race.   I was breaking things, tripping, my heart rate was spiking all the time and I was having panic attacks.   So far, that hasn’t happened yet.  I am sure it will happen at one point and time.   I mean I have leg issues, doubts and oh, according to my app, I am supposed to be on my period.  Thanks Mother Nature.  😒 But until then the penny is still in the air.

So let’s get to last week.  I was still giving my leg some space so my mileage is once again super low.   I also came to an interesting theory- which may be me grasping at straws but hey plot twist- last minute shoe change!  Because that seems like a great idea right?

Monday- 1.12 miles/ PT exercises So this was not supposed to be this short but I was having a big wardrobe malfunction.  My pants kept sliding down.  I don’t mean they needed a slight adjustment, I mean they falling down and taking my underwear with them.  😛  After the 5th time in the space of a mile, I gave up.   It may be time to retire those crops.   Except when it came time to do laundry- I washed them instead of tossing them.

Tuesday- PT exercises I had a super early DR appointment so it seemed like a very long day.

Wednesday- 3.11 miles/ PT exercises I was dressed much more appropriately.   This run went pretty well.  Maybe too well as I ran too fast.   Why do I keep doing that??   I mean what business do I have running a 9 minute mile this close to race day?  This isn’t 3 years ago!  That’s now how I roll these days.  But it was kind of fun.

Thursday- PT exercises  I am sure something else happened but I can’t remember what.

Friday- PT Exercises Who am I???? But my leg was feeling better so yay!

Saturday- Nada I had planned on running in the morning as I was volunteering at a silent auction for Habitat for Humanity that evening.  However my mother and I had talked about doing an 8 mile trail on Sunday instead so I passed on the run and got a little more sleep and ran some errands before heading to the SLO Airport for my shift.  Where I proceeded to get lost trying to figure out where to park.   A couple hours into my shift, I knew boots were a very bad idea.  Bad idea.  After 6 hours of that, I was fried.  I let my mother know that the trail was no longer likely.

Sunday- 5.29 miles The trail might have been cooler.  Instead I headed out in the afternoon and it was around 86*.  Yeah, I’m not acclimated yet.  It was a little rough.  Plus, once again I had moments where I was running too fast.  Stupid.  Trust me, the warmth got to me and I slowed way down.  Wanted more miles but I was beat.

9.53 miles for week.  I miscounted!  I really meant to at least be over 10 miles but I screwed up the math.  How do I do that with only 3 runs??  Oops.

7 days people. 7 days.

How was your week?