Catching Up

I’ve become so lacksadasical with my writing that by the time I hit publish I am almost 2 weeks behind on training.

I’m over it. So brief recap of last week- I escaped stitches for a brief moment, ran all 3 of my scheduled runs- though I did shorten one and lazed about a bit. Or a lot. Oh and finally had the swallow test I have been trying to schedule for the last 6 months.

Ok, this week has been rough. Seriously, Monday felt like a week all by itself. I knew I had another procedure on Wednesday so I had the bright idea to try and front load my miles. I am not at that fitness point yet.

Monday’s run wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. I usually skip Monday’s. It’s not what almost every “motivational” or “real” runner says but it what works for me. Mondays are always crazy and tire me out so I usually just head for home. But I wasn’t sure about how I would feel later in the week, so Monday running it was. I was tired and I felt it in my run. Plus I shouldn’t have worn the same shoes as the days before. Oops. But I did my 3.5 miles.

I headed back out Tuesday for another 3.5 miles. I also had new shoes to try out, yay! Except I was still tired and I wore the wrong damn pants. I recently bought a pair of crops from Kohls, thinking I would save some money versus Lulu or Athleta… nope, there is a reason they cost a pretty penny. This was my third time trying them and they just need to be burned. I ended up just walking 2 miles trying to pull my pants up.

Wednesday was another melanoma procedure. I now have a row of lovely stitches on my back torso. I am not sure I can put on a sports bra yet. That is TBD, which makes me a little concerned about my upcoming training.

Oh and that swallowing test? Not great, I apparently have the swallowing level of someone much older in age- in other words, not good. So, now I get to see a speech therapist, do lots of weird exercises and only eat certain things for the next 10 weeks. Who dared 2021 to match 2020?

Ok, enough boo hoo’ing- as of Friday afternoon I am on vacation!!!! I might not be able to do the things I had originally hoped for but I don’t have to set an alarm for almost a whole week! It’s the little things. Oh and did I mention new shoes???

How is your week?

3 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Love the new shoes and it looks like you have a very lovely place for your runs/walks. Hugs for all of your health issues! I was concerned about wearing a bra after my open heart surgery, but it hasn’t been an issue. I know yours is totally different. Enjoy your vacation. Sounds like you need/deserve it.


    1. It is very pretty, at least until it all turns brown which happens all to quickly out here. Thank you, I know there are much bigger health issues out there and I need to handle it better but I’m not.
      And fortunately the sports bra band is about 1/2 an inch above the row of stitches.

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      1. I think you are handling it exactly like you need to handle it. I decided a long time ago that just because someone else has things worse doesn’t mean that what I am going through isn’t bad. People used to tell me that others had it worse in an attempt to make me feel better. My response was, how is knowing that someone feels worse than me, when I’m feeling horrible, supposed to make me feel better. It’s such a contorted way of looking at things. You are allowed to feel what you feel without comparing yourself to others. There….how’s that for an internet mom speech? LOL I hope you are feeling well and your next surgery goes well. When is it?


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