Gear Discounts


Who doesn’t love saving money on gear?  Or buying new gear for that matter?  I know I do!!

Rudy/Godspeed – Use code “GODSPEED” for 30% off everything Rudy Project at Expires 12/31/18. Main focus is to promote ticket sales to for Godspeed film

AfterShokz – Receive a bonus trucker hat and $30 off your AfterShokz Trekz Air purchase at

Brilliant Reflective – Use code “BIBRAVE18” to Buy One, Get One free!

KT Tape – Use code “BIBRAVE30” for 30% off

Luvo – Use code “BIBRAVE” at checkout to Buy 7, get one free!

Mercury Mile– Use code “BibRave10” for $10 off styling fee!

Shady Rays– Use code “BIBRAVE” for 50% off 2+ pairs


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