2018 Races

DateRaceTime Notes
1/28/18Mission 101:48:29 GI issues for 3 miles
3/18/18Wine Country 5K31:12Downgraded from half -sick
3/25/18Tent City Half2:33:31So damn cold
4/29/18Big Sur Marathon5:36:52Gorgeous course, back pain almost made me DNF
6/3/18RnR San Diego2:33:33So damn humid
7/29/18Vintner’s 5 Mile57:44Trail!!!
10/9/18RnR San Jose2:30:00I hate flat.
10/28/18RnR Los Angeles2:34:33Never eat Chipotle before a race.
11/11/18Monterey Bay Half MarathonCanceled!Boo- Fires.
11/22/18Oakland Turkey Trot33:33Virtual
12/9/18Holiday Half2:36:34Maybe running a race sick was a bad idea?

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