Gear The Slacker ❤’s

I am by no means an expert on running or the gear that people use but I just wanted to share the things that I love.    I was clueless when I started running and hadn’t discovered the online running community yet.   I bought so many things on the basis of trial and error.   Over the years, I’ve figured out what seems to work for me.  However I still love to read and learn what other runners use, I would have never found some of the things I love if it hadn’t been for other social media posts.  Also a huge shout out BibRave for letting me try new things!

So without further ado-

What does the Slacker Run With?

Shoes– Can’t run without those!

Brooks Pure Flow, Nike Free Rn Distance, Under Armour Horizon RTTActually, this is a bit of a mess right now.  Check back later.  😝

Under Armour Horizon RTT–   For those times I want to hit the trails.

Bottoms– I never thought I would run in a skirt but I gave it a shot and they rock.  My favorites are both by LululemonPace Rival II and Pleat to Street.   I thought the pleats would drive me batty but then I discovered that there are 5 pockets. 5!   I love Rabbit crops for colder days. And their Leg Lite Longish are pretty sweet shorts.



I am rarely without my Orange Mud Gear Vest Pro or Gear Vest.   Even on short runs when I am not carrying hydration, I have the pack for my inhaler, my pepper spray and phone.  Also usually a spare pair of socks because you never know, right?

I also love the Orange Mud handheld.   It comes with a 21oz bottle but I am horrible about keeping track of it.   I’ve been able to fit most any water bottle in the sleeve though.


Sunglasses–  Knockarounds!   I have really poor eyesight and issues handling too much brightness so shades are a must.  I also tend to destroy sunglasses very quickly.   I love Knockarounds.  Polarized, very affordable and awesome looking too?  Score!


My iPhone.  Never leave home without it.  One it plays my music and most important- I can call for help if needed.  Plus I tend to take too many pictures.  🙂

Road ID– I don’t carry my ID when I run.  I misplace my debit card all the time, my license would probably run away just as quick.   This bracelet has my name, 2 emergency contacts and any medical alerts I might need them to know.    Stylish and smart all at the same time.  😃

Pepper spray–  Always be prepared.  You never know what you may run into.

What are your faves??