Walk for a Purpose

Saturday started a little rougher planned.

I had set an early alarm because I was heading down to SLO to take part in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.   I dragged myself out of my nice, comfy bed before heading out to work town to pick up T before continuing to SLO.     It was that drive that turned rough.  I saw something that I know happens but have never seen happen and never want to again.  Let’s just say it involved a deer and a car.  I learned that I must have a soft heart because I literally cried for the next 10 miles.

Yeah, I had to put an epic filter on it- it deserved it
Yeah, I had to put an epic filter on it- it deserved it

Once picking up T, I had to laugh.  She hadn’t wanted to get up anymore than I had and was wearing a nice comfy maxi skirt and flip-flops.  And she rocked them both for the whole 5K.  Thanks for the smiles T!  We met up with R and L and headed over to the park.4 selfie IMG_6897There was a good size group of people walking at the event.  Some in regular clothes, others in exercise gear.  Checking in and getting our shirts was a breeze.  Then we headed to a table to pick up a promise flower.  The flowers were different colors representing different things.  I was torn between yellow- you know someone who has dementia or Alzheimer’s- and orange- you support the cause to end Alzheimer’s.  Both applied, but in the end I went for orange.    We could write names on the flowers to honor those we knew.  As we crossed the starting line, we handed them to volunteer.   They were going to make a promise garden for when we returned.  IMG_6892

I ran a race in this park years ago so I should have knownn better.  2/3 of it was trail.   I was thankful I had worn running gear.   However I think they should have put this on the website, people might have dressed a little differently.  One older gentleman fell.    It was also freakishly warm with little shade.  However they did have the Grizzly Academy handing out water bottles along the course.    There was also a 3K option if you didn’t want to do the 5K.   Along the course, they had signs of people with Alzheimer’s as a way to honor them.   It was great to see so many families out there.   I also know that a good amount of money was raised as well.  IMG_6864 IMG_6866After completing the walk, we could view the promise garden.  There was also a breakfast booth and various vendors and live music.    Over all it was well put together event.  Just next year, they should warn about the lack of paved course.IMG_6871Following the walk, we headed to the Madonna Inn.  The original intention was for Bloody Mary’s but it turned into breakfast.     A little truth- I drink so rarely you could say I don’t drink.  All I wanted was a Diet Coke.    They ordered the Bloody’s and food and I ordered the french toast.   I did try T’s drink, apparently my face was hilarious.  I should have asked what was in it first.  🙂  But the Diet Coke was awesome.    The food was good too.  IMG_6898 IMG_6895

From there I headed home for the usual errands.  Later in the afternoon I decided that it had been too long since I had taken the puppy for a walk.   So once I wrangled her into her harness, we headed out for an easy 3 miles.   She kept a good pace and never once laid down.  IMG_6909

How was your weekend?

Bloody Mary’s- yay or nay?

Ever participated in a walk for charity?

14 thoughts on “Walk for a Purpose

  1. I like the idea of those flowers. Sounds like a nice walk.

    The deer thing is horrible. I once came upon one that had literally just been hit right before I got there and it kept trying to get up. It was the most awful thing I’ve ever seen and I cried the whole way to work. I totally understand.


    1. It was a good event.

      It was horrible! It was like everything went into slow motion when it came out of the woods. I felt bad for not stopping but the car in front of me stopped and there was no more shoulder to pull over and a grain truck behind me. The highway has little to no shoulders.


  2. I hit a squirrel on my way to work the other day and cried. (I laugh at myself for this, but I still feel sad!) It’s just so unnerving that we can kill something without even meaning to, and the poor animals have no idea how dangerous cars are! It just sucks. What also sucks is falling down!! Hopefully that man was a-ok, but I agree they should let people know about rough terrain!
    Bloody Mary’s – yes please!! It;s been too long, and now I really want one lol
    I love charity walks/ 5ks! They are really great/important/fun!! That is such a good cause you contributed to.


    1. Right? I have had birds fly into my car and I just feel so bad about it. Unfortunately I have seen a lot of animals on the road in the last half of my commute. It’s just sad.
      I felt like so many people were unprepared for a dirt trail, especially one that was cracked in places due to the drought. He looked ok after getting some help.
      After participating in this event, I would like to do more. I am just so horrible at the fundraising part though!


  3. What a nice event! I love the flowers and the pictures they had along the course… such nice touches. At my old job my coworkers used to organize a team for the annual breast cancer walk in town, and I did that 2 or 3 times. I also did the Relay for Life one year… I loved that event, especially the memory candles you put in a bag with someone’s name on it, and they lined the course. It was a cool idea.

    And bloody marys? Nay for me! Tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, celery… yuck. Definitely not my drink of choice 🙂


    1. The flowers were a really nice touch. I participated in one Relay for Life years ago and while it is for an amazing cause, the organization of the event is just ridiculous. It was so poorly done that I have never gone back. 😦

      Exactly! I should have asked first, who puts Tobasco in a drink? This isn’t Roswell! (sorry nerd tv moment) 🙂


  4. Good for you supporting Alzheimer’s research and awareness. My grandmother was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s when she passed away. I did a fundraiser 5k this spring for a local Respite House (end of life care for terminal patients).

    I actually do like Bloody Mary’s, but only one at a time, and I’m kind of particular about how I like them.


    1. My grandmother has been diagnosed with dementia and it’s hard. Overall she’s healthier than she has been in the past but has no idea who we are or what is going on.

      Yeah, T told me that it was poor Bloody Mary to start with. She is begging me to give another one a try. 🙂


  5. I love laid back charity events like this. It’s so awesome to see a community come together for a cause.
    While I drink about as often as you do, I certainly appreciate a good Bloody Mary. Or two. Although that’s a great way for me to seriously put a slow down on my productivity for the rest of the day 🙂


  6. Nice! Sounds like they did a lot of good for a good cause. The food looks good! I have Bloody Mary’s only on rare occasions, but when I do, I like them spicy! And I add Guinness to them too.


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