Rambling On 28

Dude, what day is it?

I should be on my way to a tennis tournament as a chaperone just like last year but rain put a kibosh on that.  I’d planned on taking a vacation day on Thursday to get in my long run since the tennis trip would be Friday and Saturday.   When the tournament was canceled, I gave back the vacation day for Thursday.  It was like any other week but getting up to go work seemed harder than it should be.  😛

That said, I kept Friday as a vacation day.  3 day weekend anyone?

A crazy storm system has moved in so running should be interesting. They were talking 40 to 50 mph winds on the news. Ummm, no thanks.

I couldn’t help myself and bought a new shirt.😍 I mean- it’s perfect for me!

I love it already and it’s not even here yet.😛 We’ll say that impulse purchase helps takes the sting out of the new washer purchase.

Speaking of the washer- I feel short. I can barely reach the clothes on the very bottom of the load. It didn’t look that far down in the store.🤔

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. dgobs says:

    Omg that shirt is amazing! I giggled out loud when I saw it


    1. Right? I had to have it!

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  2. Rae says:

    Oh man that shirt is fantastic! I sang it in my head hahaha. Enjoy your three day weekend!


    1. My new favorite lyrics!

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  3. Dorothea says:

    Love the shirt. And although I’m not terribly short (5’6), I too have trouble getting laundry out of the machine sometimes. A person could fit in there!


    1. I’m 5’6 too and I can barely reach the clothes on the bottom, I have to do the one leg reach/stretch!


      1. Dorothea says:

        ha ha. That’s me, too


  4. Haha. The washer thing made me laugh. I always have to jump and lean into the washer to grab some of my clothes since I’m so short. 😂


    1. I got so used to a front load, I didn’t think it would be so odd to switch to a top load. I was wrong.😂

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      1. Haha. Yeah. Being height deficient is oftentimes a problem. 😛


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