Say What, LA???

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Oh, LA, will we forever have mixed signals?I

Rock N Roll Los Angeles is Sunday and I think this may be the most unprepared and tired I arrived at a start line.    I was hoping to bank on the residual training from San Jose but I think I underestimated what this work trip was going to really be.   I need a days nap.

That being said, I am looking forward to turning off my brain and running out the week while taking in all the sights and sounds that Rock n Roll LA has to offer.   LA has always been a city I’ve driven around not through so I am interested to see what I am missing. I’m guessing a lot. 😛

I know Rock n Roll will have my back with 8 aid stations so I have plenty of reasons to walk.  Not that I needed them because trust me I will be.  I have a feeling this will be more of photo opp race than the opposite.  I didn’t get many in San Jose and I regret that.   I better make sure I have a fully charged phone.

Right now I am just trying to figure out parking.  Do I want to drive in and park in the garages myself or do I want to Uber there and back?  The race starts at 6:15 so thats super early and roads closed even earlier.  Decisions decisions.

Anyone else running Rock N Roll LA?  You can still join me and register at the expo!  I could use a running buddy!

5 thoughts on “Say What, LA???

  1. FALLON OMG how was I supposed to know you’re racing tomorrow? Oh… ha ha. You announced this like weeks in advance.

    Hope you find parking and have a great race! LA is a lot of fun to run through 🙂


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