Paving the Road

Sunday started out according to plan.  I slept in a little, started some laundry and then met my family for a last guilty lunch.  Per usual, it was pizza and salads at a local restaurant.   It was very yummy.  I then headed home to work on organizing and cleaning my closet before heading out for a run.  I had enlisted my mother’s help with the early spring cleaning.  She is an organizational queen, I once posted a picture of her closet on Facebook.  All the the tank tops were hung by color, and it was very noticeable as she had upwards of 140 at the time!  With my inherent Slacker-ness, minor OCD and germophobe issues, I can have hoarding tendencies.   She on the other hand loves either throwing things away or donating them.  I figured between the 2 of us, it would take an hour, hour and a half tops.

I found it again!  Do you see that?!
I found it again! Do you see that?!

I was so naive.  It took an hour to empty the closet.  How is it that items that fit so well before suddenly expand to fill up a room and then some?   It was ridiculous.  I seriously do not need any more running clothes.    It was dark by the time it was finished, with 2 bags of trash and 2 bags to donate.   I was so over it by then, now the test is to see how long it lasts.   The thing about closets; they have doors, so very easy to hide a little mess.  🙂

It was now too late for a run.  I don’t run in the dark, the streets around my house are just not designed for that.  There is one, just one, street that has sidewalks but they are more like hurdles, haha.  My gym also closes early on Sundays.  Then my phone rang, when my phone rings on Sunday afternoons, it’s rarely ever a good thing.   It was someone calling in sick for Monday.  Waaah!  That meant that for Monday, it would be a crew of three, just me and two others.  Yikes!  I had a hard time sleeping last night just trying to figure out the logistics of only three people.

A little energy boost
A little energy boost

So this morning that meant I had to be up earlier and out the door sooner.  I also went for a double dose of caffeine.  I had the feeling I would need it.   I even upped from a small soda to a medium.   Caffeine and sugar!   Work started out well, it stayed steady all day but didn’t really pick up until the afternoon.  I managed to sneak away at 2:45 for a few minutes to eat a quick lunch.   From then on, it just felt like chaos.   I hardly sat down and walked back and forth about a hundred times.  And sadly this is not an exaggeration.    I was exhausted.  We even managed to get help from another location, but it was still rough.

I had optimistically packed my running gear and my shiny new Garmin but I was in no mood to deal with people 😦  And it was too dark to run outside- stupid daylight savings!   Tomorrow is more of the same work wise 😦  But it’s New Years Eve, so we’re wearing jeans!!!  It’s the small things right?

I am also torn between going to a New Years Eve party or trying to hit the gym again.   My gear is still in my car, ready to go.   Hmm, decisions, decisions.


So is the road to hell paved with good intentions or good excuses?

Who got in a last or second to last run of 2013? You rockstar!


8 thoughts on “Paving the Road

  1. Yuck – work sounds terrible! Glad it’s over for you at least. We get to wear jeans today too, woot woot! Although we have to work a full regular day until 6pm because it’s month end. Boooo.

    Some friends are coming down tonight, but I sincerely doubt we’re gonna make it until midnight considering my wife and I get up at 4:30am every day and we all have to work full days today. We’re such party animals! LOL


    1. That’s actually her, mine doesn’t look that cool, partly because I own way fewer tank tops :). I wish mine was that size!
      I am leaning towards a final treadmill run of the year tonight, hope your 4 miles goes well!


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