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The San Francisco Marathon Recap

I can’t believe this post is here.   How did the 6 months since I registered fly by so fast?

I was also seriously doubting that I would be able to write this post.  I was losing my mind the 2 weeks leading up to race day.   I even had a back up plan all picked out.  I was going to have some valid (to me) reason to quit at the halfway point and then say I was going to run a local marathon in October.  And then come up with some reason by then why I couldn’t.  This was still in my mind even on expo day.

Race day dawned all too quickly.  I stayed in bed until the last moment.   I got up, got dressed, panicked a bit and we were out the door.  Disclaimer moment- the way I fueled for this race was specific to me and my weird stomach- I in no way recommend it.  I did not eat anything prior to the race.  My Camelback was filled with  orange Gatorade and I had Honey Stinger chews in the front pockets.

Ashley was awesome enough to drop me off as close to the start as possible before she parked and Uber’ed to the Second half starting line.   I felt like I needed a bathroom but couldn’t find the port-a-potties.  I stood in the line for the one pier bathroom I saw but decided screw it about 5 minutes before they closed the gates to my starting wave.   So I lost my throw away layer, took a place near the 2:30 half marathon pacer and took a deep breath.  Wave 7 started right on time at 6:22 and we were off.

Miles 1-5 Hello, speedy.  10:40, 10:48, 11:08, 10:48, 10:54

I started at what felt like a comfortable pace and just tried to enjoy the sights of running along the Embarcadero in SF.  Ocean views, boats and the prettiest McDonald’s I’d ever seen.  I saw Coit Tower in the distance.   I came up behind the 4:55 pacer and tucked myself in behind them.  I heard the guy say that he was planning on running everything but the hills- those he would walk.  Perfect!  That had been my strategy anyway.  Hit the first water station-  I walked through and drank some water.   Mile 3 included the first hill but it was a baby one so I almost ran it but forced myself to walk.   Yeah, remember how that pacer said he would walk the hills?  His walk was my running pace.  We ran into the Presidio and I caught up with the pace group again.   We were looping around towards the bridge and all I could see was the fog around the bridge.   My mother was tracking me via the app and she sent me a text telling me to watch my pace.  No problem as up next was another hill…and it was bigger.  I took 2 Honey Stinger chews at mile 5. My Garmin was also about .25 miles off the mile markers.

Miles 6-10 Hello bridge.  13:00, 11:11, 11:20, 12:07, 11:34

Totally lost the pace group on this climb.  I kept them in my sights until the bridge and then they were gone.   I had been looking forward to running the bridge and enjoying the sights but Karl had other plans.  I thought I was prepared for fog but yeah no.  This was more like rain.  The mist was making me wet and the bridge was drenched in water.   There were metal plates that were slick and I almost face planted twice.   I slowed down as my shoes filled with water.  Grrr.  Once across the bridge we looped Vista Point before heading back to the bridge.  The aid station as Vista Point was having some issues- they had run out of premixed Nuun and were low on filled water cups.  I still managed to snag one but I was glad I had my Camelbak and was sipping on Gatorade every mile or so.   Then I was heading back over the bridge and I was done with the fog and the water- I wanted off the bridge.   Coming off the bridge led to another hill but it was a little drier and less foggy so I was loving it.   I took another 2 chews at mile 10.

Miles 11-15 Kind of a blur.  10:46, 12:55, 12:45, 11:42, 12:43

Downhill holla!  It was too short.   I was bouncing back and forth with the 5:10 pace group.  What the hell?  I was on track for a 2:30 half and they were ahead of the 2:30 pace group.  They eventually left me in the dust so I have no idea when they finished.     I started to slow down but can’t pinpoint why, I was still walking the hills and there were a lot but  I was running a decent pace on the rest. We ran through city streets until we turned into Golden Gate Park.  The second half runners were merging with us and the first half runners were heading towards their finish line.  I didn’t even think about following them.   I hit the halfway point at 2:33:13.  Ok, a little slower than I hoped for but still good.  I had been told the second half was less hilly so I was hoping for a negative split.  Oh, naive Slacker.   Miles 14 and 15 were a longish out and back and it was a bit mind numbing.   Mile marker 15 was also in the wrong spot.  My watch said 14.5 miles and I knew it was ahead anyways.  Grrr.  2 more chews around 15.

Miles 16-18 Uh oh miles.  13:03, 13:29, 13:54

We were deep in the park looping paths and I passed an aid station around 15.5   They were also having troubles keeping up with the demand.  I felt ok so I grabbed a cup of water and kept going.  Just before the mile 16 marker, things changed.  My stomach cramped in a very bad way.    I knew there was a bathroom 1/2 mile behind me but the thought of adding distance to already long race was too much.  So I walked more than I would have like and ran when I could.  I knew the next bathrooms had to be around 2 miles farther.  I am sure that at any other time, I would have enjoyed looking at the park around me but I just wanted the hell out of the place.  I felt like we were looping around forever.  I could even hear the First Half finish line but had no idea where it was coming from.   Let me out!  We were finally out of the loops and running past the First Half finish, I just kept looking for the bathrooms.  Aid station!!!  I ran towards the port-a-potties but it didn’t have toilet paper.  Nor the second or the third.  WTF?!   Success at the fourth.   And nothing happened!!  Stupid stomach.  Since I wasn’t breaking any speed goals I made sure to use the hand washing station before running on.  I have to say the cold water felt amazing.   Considering the pitstop in mile 18, I have no idea how it came in at only 13:54.  Ashley started texting me encouragement at this point along with my mom so I had those to look forward to.

mile 16.5 ish
Miles 19-21 Park, still?! 12:33, 12:18, 11:38

I’m still in the park?!  Yes, it was pretty but I felt like it was taking forever.    As we were finally coming out of the park there was a group of ummm, homeless men to the right.   They were cheering on the runners as we ran by.  One shouted out the he had heard that cannabis helped increase stamina.  Ummm, thanks?  I admit it made me laugh though and I dug myself out of my park coma as we headed towards Haight-Ashbury.    I glanced at my watch around mile 20 and knew I was slower than my 20 mile training run but it is what it is.  These hills were no joke.   I ate 2 more chews at mile 20 and water at every aid station.

Miles 22-24 Headphone time.  12:55, 12:28, 12:55

The beginning of the city streets were pretty and interesting to look at but I needed a kick in the pants so I turned on my music around mile 21.  Yes, I ran 21 miles with nothing but sounds of my breathing and the sounds on the course.    I only had one earbud in so I could still check out my surroundings.  I passed a Taco Bell/ KFC combo and the smell of fried chicken made me nauseous.  I passed cool looking houses and homeless tents camped on the sidewalks.  I passed the scariest Burger King I’ve seen in my life.  I ran passed a man in jeans, heeled boots and a black lace bra singing to the runners.  I won’t lie, I was getting tired and my hips were hurting but I kept trucking.   I did have to slow down for a cable car to go through the course.  The last few miles were very industrial.

Miles 25-26 Damn is the bridge ever getting closer? 12:30, 5:57, 12:05

Yeah, I did something funky to my Garmin there and by this point in the race, my watch was reading 1/2 mile longer than the course.  AT&T Stadium and the Bay Bridge were looming but they seemed like mirages in the distance, never getting closer.    The crowds picked up as we got closer- it was a game day so there were people heading into the stadium.   We ran around the stadium and back onto the Embarcadero.   I wish I could say I was running this last bit but it was more like run 100 yards, walk 100 yards.  Text messages were coming in constantly from friends and family in the last 1/2 mile but I just ignored them.   Turns out my mom was posting my time updates to Facebook while I was running.

26.2 Holy crap.  5:22:27

Crowds were cheering, under the bridge and to the finish line.  I actually did it.   I crossed the finish line and stopped my watch.

Then I just stood there, I had no idea what to do next and there wasn’t much direction.  I was finally handed a bottle of water and pointed towards the medals which were farther away than I was used to.   From there, I found a picture line but still little to no direction from the volunteers.   I marched in place while in line and responded to my mom’s texts and then Ashley’s.  Then I was out of the picture line and headed towards food tables where volunteers handed me a banana and bar of sort but no bag to carry them.  I didn’t have the manual dexterity to carry all that plus my pack which I had taken off at some point and I was starting to get emotional.    I ended up standing in the road just past that and started crying.  What was wrong with me?!  Ashley called me and I headed towards where she said she was but I was feeling very lost.   I found her and her sister and calmed down a bit.   They asked me how I was feeling and what I needed.  I said that physically I was feeling ok but I didn’t really feel like food.  I was really craving a Diet Coke.  Ashley’s sister went and found me a soda while Ashley and I headed to the challenge tent to pick up my California Dreamin’ medal.

I am not sure how I went from being a hot mess for 2 weeks to never even doubting that I could finish come race day.   The fog made me wheeze during the bridge miles, the hills kicked my ass but I just kept running.  I saw the turn off for the first half finish but it never seemed like an option.   I was slower than I would have liked but I just kept moving forward.  I walked more than I would have like but I just kept moving.  I somehow managed to thank volunteers on the back half of the course, I talked to another “marathon virgin” on the course and spoke to one of the bad ass ultra runners.   I am not a talker during races.  At the finish a guy thanked me for pushing him.  Umm, what?  Turns out he focused on my socks for the last bit and followed me.

It’s been 2 days and I still haven’t processed a lot from the race or training.  There will probably be another post coming.  And a whole lot of thank yous to people.

You guys, I ran a marathon!!!!



2016 Rock’n Around the Pier Half Recap

I love beach races and I hate them at the same time.  I have learned that I personally will never set a PR on sand.   Partly due to the sand and partly due to how the humidity jacks with my lungs.  Either way, I seem to be a glutton for punishment as I keep signing up for them.   Plus this race tends to fall around my birthday so it’s become sort of an unofficial tradition.

This was my third year running some form of this race this year, second time running the half.  I didn’t have many goals going in other than complete the first part of my last big run and maybe finish quicker than 2014’s hot mess.

Yeah, neither of those were achieved.  In fact, I managed to turn in my slowest half ever!  That said, this recap will be a little different than my usual ones.

The morning started off interesting as I made it all the way down my driveway before realizing that I had forgotten my Garmin.  Seriously?  I actually debated going on without it but in the end I went back to get it.   I had hoped to run a little warm up prior to the race but my stomach was feeling iffy so I headed straight to the bathroom lines after parking.   Major props to clean, well stocked real bathrooms.  Once that was taken care of, I walked around the Rock parking lot and tried to shake loose.  Then I headed for the starting chute.  For the first time,  I was actually in the chute when the race started.  I can’t say that for the other years.  😛

It was clear at the start and I was hopeful it would stay that way.   The first 2 miles actually felt pretty good.   9:59, 10:31.   My legs were cooperating and the sand wasn’t too bad.   I was naively hopeful that things were going to stay that way.

Around mile 2.5, we hit the rocks at North Point.  They were no joke.  We bottle necked and slowed to crawl as we all tried to figure out the best way to cross them without breaking our faces.  Once that was done, it was back to the beach to run on.   Around mile 2 we had started to run into the marine layer.   And it was dense.  But I ignored it.  Until I couldn’t.  11:18, 11:18, 11:31.

I could not breathe.  My lungs were so tight.   I was slowing down with every mile.  I seriously considered quitting at the pier.  When all the 10k’ers were heading to their finish line and I had to turn around and head the other way.   I almost quit.  Almost.  But my car was at the rock, my parents were coming to the finish and San Francisco has fog right?  Besides the pier was clear so I was hoping the marine layer was burning off.   Mile 6-12:29

I was wrong.  Half a mile later, we were back in it.  And it seemed worse.  I was struggling big time.   I tried running  .75 miles, walking .25.  Couldn’t do it.  Next was running .5 miles and walking .25.  Another fail.  Ok, how about .4 mile run, .1 mile walk.  More fail.  Ok, walking was fine.  Walking was moving forward right?   12:55, 12:44, 12:41

Breathing was so damn hard.   My throat was on fire, my lungs and chest hurt.  I was beginning to wonder if you could OD on an inhaler.  But there was no where to go but forward.  There was only one way off the beach.

The rock patch the second time through was sketchier- by now I was mostly by myself and there was no one to follow.  Plus I was tired.   But I made it and knew I had less than 3 miles to go.  The fog was so dense, I was beginning to worry I was going to miss the turn off to head up the beach for the loop around the park.    Someone came up behind me and passed me so I just followed them.  Between the rocks and sinking in the dune sand, I had slowed to a crawl but I just kept moving.  14:33, 15:59, 14:16

where’s the rock? only about .75 to go

I was able to pick up a bit of speed on the pavement around the park but not much of anything.   I suppose I could have quit at that aid station but the finish was less than 1.5 away.  So back to the beach to finish out my crawl.   I was a mile from the rock but I could not even see it through the marine layer.  It was getting patchier so I was keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine.  Half a mile from the finish and my wish was granted.  Way too late but oh well.  13:13


The advantage of crawling?  I was able to spot my parents and wave to the camera as I jogged in.  😛

Finish 2:46:15   New personal worst!!!

So yeah, that was fun.  I actually finished with a smile on my face though.  It is what is.  Was it the race I wanted?  No.    But I listened to my body and slowed way down.   Had there been anywhere to go, I may have quit but in reality there weren’t any shortcuts after the pier so I just kept going.  I do wonder now if the race is prepared for emergencies though, I only saw what looked like a course monitor once.   And it could have just been a cyclist in a yellow vest- who knows?

I do however know that I cannot run 26 miles like that.  So now I am hoping for a clear day in San Francisco.   Fingers crossed!!!!

I still really love this race.  I will be back next year… but maybe just the 10k.  😛


March Madness- Recap

Just like that March is gone.  Instead of lamenting about fast it flew by, let’s talk about what happened.  

66.8 Miles

March ended up being a race free month.   I sat out Wine Country Half for the first time in 5 (6?) years and never replaced it with anything.   I think this is the longest race free stretch that I have had in years.  Part of me likes it and the other part fears I’ve forgotten all race etiquette.    😛

After February’s realization that my long run consistency over the years was all a big lie, I was hoping for a better March.   In some ways it was.   I had 3 good long runs and one major flame out.  I missed one long run and a few easy runs due a stupid cold/ flu thing that knocked me out but other than that I stuck to my 3x a week schedule.   I do wish my overall mileage was higher but you get back what you put in right?


Looking to April, it’s time to step things up.  SLO is one month out and San Fransisco is 4 months out.    That means increased mileage and the return of speed work.   If I stick to my plan, running will increase to 4x a week.  Cross training really needs to be more consistent too.  It’s just so hard for me to follow through.    Again, that is something I need to work on.

Let’s end on a funny story

I headed out for a run with NikeC tonight.   We explored a neighborhood I had never run in before so that was cool.  On the way back to the car, a moth was flying towards us.  I batted at it as it neared my face but it didn’t help. I felt like it was stuck between the frame of my sunglasses and my face.   I tried swatting it away while running but it didn’t help.  I ended up coming to a full stop and ripping my glasses off my face.  I don’t know if it flew away then or if it was even ever really there but I noticed NikeC trying not to laugh while I swatted my face.  I know I probably looked funny but it was more than that.   Between coming to a stop and ripping off my glasses, I had paused my Garmin.   I didn’t even realize I had done it.  Apparently pausing the watch was more important than getting the moth off my face.  Priorities right?



How was your March?  Are you ready for April?

Do you pause your Garmin when you stop? 


2015 Bands on the Run 10K- Recap

Saturday I ran the third annual Bands on the Run 10k.   This race did nothing to disabuse me of the notion that 10K’s are hard.   Maybe reinforced it; that said it was a fun race.IMG_0462I managed to run away from work for a few minutes on Friday afternoon for packet pickup.    For a small local race, they are very organized.  I was impressed last year and this year was more of the same.   Last year, I though it was really cool that the volunteer shirts all said “I’m with the band” instead of just the usual “volunteer”.  So this year I was very excited to see that the race shirts said “I ran with the band” on the back.   I also like that for a smaller race, only in their 3rd year, they design their own bibs.  There’s nothing wrong with the Road ID ones, I just like the extra touch that the personalized bibs gives.  The race is a fundraiser for the high school music department.   Start and finish are the high school track and a band performs through out race morning.   They also have a bag drop table which for a small race is virtually unheard of.

Pre-race shiver
Pre-race shiver

IMG_0491The weather here has been very odd for May and with the race being predominantly on the beach, I knew it was likely to be cold, windy and more humid than I would like.    I wore pants, a tank and a long sleeve layer for the race and I was still cold.   My 25K in January was run in shorts and a tank and it hit 80.  Get it together, California!    Race start for the 10K and half marathon was 9:00 with the 5K starting at 9:15.    Some of the local races like to have a warm up/ fitness routine before them.  This was like a full on Zumba class.    I don’t think I could pull off those moves on a normal day let alone right before a race!!  I just observed.  🙂   Following the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem, we headed to the start line.    Having been so far back in the pack at my last 2 races, I made sure to move up to the front this time.    I had placed 2nd in my Age Group in 2014 but the crowd looked bigger this year and I felt out of shape so I was just aiming for a steady race.   After some confusion about the starting horn, we were off!

This slogan made me laugh
This slogan made me laugh
Very hard to see Zumba warm up
Very hard to see Zumba warm up

The course is very scenic for this race.  It starts on the high school track before heading through the parking lot to a paved walking path before turning in the Cypress Tunnel.  The tunnel is a dirt trail that comes out a street before turning right and heading across the dunes and down to the shoreline.  That’s all in the first 1.2 miles.  From there to mile 3.1 you run along the water then turn around to go back the way you came.  It’s one of the few out and back races I like.     A half mile in, I felt like I was huffing and puffing already and that wasn’t a good sign.   I had used my inhaler 3 times over the course of the morning, so I thought that would help.  Then I checked my pace- 8:15.  Oh yeah, that explains it.   Oops!   I knew I was hitting a dune sand patch – in the tunnel- and would slow down so I just kept running.   Then we hit 20-30 yards of sand and we all slowed.  The upside though is that this is where the drum line was and it’s kind of awesome running past a drum line.   🙂

I lied to myself after last years’ race.  I really believed there was only about 20 yards of soft, dune sand total through out the race.  Yeah, no.   There was 20-30 yards in the tunnel and then a freakin’ football field worth to get to the water line.  I tried to run it, but knew walking was more efficient.    Now that my pace had been reigned in, I was breathing much better too.  🙂      From there I just kept a steady pace to the turn around and back.   There were hula dancers at the right before the water line and 2 guitar players along the beach providing the on course entertainment.   Once turning around, I notice that the clouds, the beach, the rock and the stacks at the old plant looked kind of awesome but I wouldn’t let myself stop to take a picture.   Particularly when I had to pause to tie my shoe that had come undone.   I was beginning think I had a good shot at breaking an hour and didn’t want to miss it.   I had forgotten how hard beach running is but I thought I would be close.  IMG_0514 IMG_0473

I finally made it back to the hula dancers and had that dang football field of sand to deal with again.  I tried running it once more but my calves and quads were feeling the burn.   So walking again.  A woman came running up next to me and mentioned that I was zig-zagging.  Oops, but I was just trying to get through it.  We paced each other for the remainder of the dunes discussing how much we hate sand.    Once through that, I felt exhausted and all I wanted to do was walk but I could hear the drums so I pushed on.   Past the drum line again, through the tunnel one more time and back into the parking lot towards the track.  I knew I might just miss an hour.   Once hitting the track, I tried to push it but I felt like I had nothing left.   Rounding the last corner, I could see the clock and knew I just had to hang on.   Finish- 59:37IMG_0499This was one of those cross the finish line gasping kind of races.   Some of the pictures my mother took are hilarious, I look beat, like I am going to fall over.    I stretched a bit and then began the process of getting the 5+ pounds of sand out of my shoes.    I was very happy that I finished under an hour.  It was about the only real goal I had for this race.    I also realized just how tough this course is, maybe I hadn’t phoned it in last year after all.    I felt like I was passed by more than a few people on the way out and only managed to pass a few on the way back so I figured an age group place was unlikely.  I wanted to check my finishing time though, so once we figured out where the board was this year, we headed over.   Times hadn’t been updated yet so we waited a short moment while a volunteer hung new pages.   At which point I laughed out loud.   I’d finished 1st in my age group. How?  Sweet!   IMG_0500IMG_0503Last year, my only complaint about the race was the lack of communication about how the awards were going to happen.   Even when they did start, things were announced in an order I still don’t understand.  This year, there was little fan fare- you just walked over to the awards table, gave them your name and they handed you your ribbon.  So much smoother than last year.   And since I was cold, the ease of it was awesome.

Overall, I am still impressed with this race.  It is very organized and the volunteers are great.  The course is tough but pretty and I look forward to running it next year.  When it is sunny and hopefully a little warmer.   🙂

Do you like smaller races?  Or larger ones?

Ever run a race with a drum line?

HOB Fun Run Recap

91/94 would be a pretty good test grade, right?  It’s less awesome however when it is your race standing.  But let’s backup.

I worked the packet pickup- late registration table for the race on Saturday.  It went really smooth, mostly pickups for the 10k.  It seemed like most of the 5k runners were going to pick up on race day.  It also looked like there were more runners this year.   It’s kind of cool watching things go up from the other side.  And seriously how cute is this?

Diaper Dash Time
Diaper Dash Time

Race day dawned gray and early.   Gray–clouds and fog–bringing humidity.   Ugh.  I honestly can’t think of the last time this race didn’t happen in perfect sunshine.  I used my inhaler and told myself not to think about it.    I was the only one of my group running the 10k so it was just me and my nerves at the starting line.    Knowing so many people at this race always stresses me out, and that was before I saw the Aggie’s show up.

The Aggies are a run club based in northern California and they have some serious talent.    They show up en masse, all in black and just run.   They usually do multiple loops of the course outside of the races.  They have zero body fat and hardly ever look winded.  This course is flat and fast and used to be a USATF certified race.   There used to be 2 10k’s and 5k’s, one for the Open/Masters runners and one for the rest of us.   Even without the certification and extra races, the HOB fun run stills does one rare thing for small races- cash.  Prize money is rewarded to the top finishers.  Spoiler alert- Aggie’s won both races.  Seriously fast and intimidating.IMG_6477

Then it was go time and we were off!  My only goal for the 10K was to run a solid race.  I wanted to maintain a 10:00 pace.  I set my Garmin for intervals- 6:30 run and :30 walk.   I felt pretty good in mile 1 so I was hopeful for the next 5.     Mile 2 I was hit with the worst side stitch ever.  I don’t get side stitches, I think I have had maybe 3 in 5 years of running.  Those 3 were all up under my right ribcage, this one was low on my right side.  It hurt so damn bad I briefly wondered if that was what an appendix bursting felt like.  I am used to stomach pain but this hurt.  What gives?

The pain finally eased as I hit mile 3.  Before I could breathe a sigh of relief, I noticed that breathing was getting harder.   Oh come on!   Out came the inhaler again and the rest of the race was walking interspersed with bits of running.   I was lapped by the lead runners (Aggies!!) on my first lap.  Ouch.  I kind of wanted to hitch on a ride on the police motorcycle leading them.  As I kept trucking I decided that my new realistic goal was to just not be last, I thought I might be able to pull that off.  91 out of 94- not last!  Time- 1:08:03.

doesn't everyone do this?
doesn’t everyone do this?

I crossed the finish line as a pale, shaky mess.  My inhaler helps loosen my chest but my heart was racing and I could not stop shaking.   I drank some gatorade and grabbed my bib for the 5k.   This pissed off my mother.   She wanted me to quit but I know that standing still and sitting make the shakiness worse.   The more I think about it, the more anxious I get and that just makes it worse.  Walking helps so I figured I would walk it out in the 5k.    R hadn’t been feeling well so I figured we could walk it together.  I had trouble getting the new bib on but managed just before the whistle.

C and I
C and I

I’m not completely crazy, a little over a mile in I felt a little better.  We just kept walking.    From mile 2.5 on, other racers are coming back on the other side of the road.  R and I got to wave to C and her husband as they ran by, they broke 30!   Right behind them was T and her husband.  She roped him into running it at the last-minute and it was their first race.  They rocked it, finishing under 30 too!   I was able to take action shots of them running.  🙂  It was R’s first race as well and I felt bad for slowing her down but it was fun walking it together.   Then we crossed the finish line and we were done!    Time- 42:37.

R and I
R and I

Other than the requisite lingering tightness in my chest, I felt better.  The walking did help.  We hung and chatted a bit and took a bunch of pictures.  T and R really had fun so hopefully I can get them to run more races with me in the future.  Insert evil genius laugh.  🙂  I was also looking for my mother; turns out she was so mad at me that she walked home.    Oops.

Diaper Dash Time

The kids half mile race was up after the 5K.  As time was getting closer to start, more kids were coming to the start/ finish area. The DJ changed to Gangham Style and 90% of the kids started busting a move.  It both hilarious and adorable at the same time.  Some of those kids had moves!   I actually headed out before the race began, I felt better but I knew I needed rest.  No pancake breakfast for me!

Neither race went how I had hoped but I had a fun morning.  Friends really can turn around a rough morning.  Especially when we are all wearing the same shirt.  🙂  I was also able to catch up with another SLO ambassador who ran the race as well.   This is still one of my favorite races.     Next year I will conquer the Fun Run… and have fun.  🙂  But T?  No tutus.

I’ll leave with my new medal model- Kimi-IMG_6534