February Recap- Realizations

Well, that didn’t go according to plan.


Miles– 59.8 run
29 Miles Stationary bike

RacesSurf City 13.1- 2:28:24

Originally I was planning to ramp up training for SLO post Surf City.  Speed work was  going to make its first appearance this year and I was going to force myself to be a grown up and go run on the treadmill.   But, my lungs had other plans.  With 5 rest days leading up to Surf City and the 6 days following it, I missed out on a lot of running time.   And bike time, somehow I kind of forgot about the bike.   I see it on a daily basis but I only rode it 3 times.  Umm, oops?

So back to those pesky lungs.  I closed out February with a follow up at my doctor.  My chest x-ray came back clear.  So the current theory is to blame El Nino.   No, seriously.   The El Nino  weather systems have wreaked havoc on those with seasonal allergies.  So we haven’t yet seen the buckets of rain that were promised but hay fever and other assorted issues are in overdrive for everyone.   So, I have a shiny new rescue inhaler and still have to use a heavy duty, daily inhaler twice a day.   My thyroid is also messed up, so I have a new medication there as well.  Seriously, I am beginning to think I need one of those AM/PM pill containers just to keep it all straight.  Stupid stomach, whiny lungs and a lazy thyroid?  Grrr.

I also had some realizations in February.   I don’t remember exactly when I started running but my first race was in September of 2010.  So 5+ years of running and 16 half marathons later and I only just now realized that I suck at long runs.   For once I am not referring to the pace or the number of walk breaks, I mean doing the runs themselves.   If you had asked me I would have sworn up and down that I did a few 10 milers each training cycle and some 11 milers.  Ha!!  Remember in January when I ran what I said was my slowest 10 miler ever?  Something about that statistic on Smash Run made me do some research.     It claimed that it was my slowest 10 miler coming in at #13.  13?  That didn’t seem right.   So after Sunday’s more successful 10 miler I looked into my stats on the Garmin.  Then Nike+.

Holy crap, in 5 years of running I’ve only run 15 10 milers?  2 11 milers and 2 12 mile runs.  And I call myself a runner?  A few years ago I know I used to split my long runs up but I really doubt they would make those numbers look any better.   Well, that was a wake up call.  I didn’t think I was that bad of a Slacker.  #facepalm  Do people still do that?


Fave pic of February

So, I am chalking February up as a learning experience.   Or the clearing of the fog of denial I was living in.   Moving into March I would like to work on making the run a consistent occurrence.  Which is necessary as I have a 16 mile run on the training plan for the beginning of April.  I conveniently ignored that box on the plan during last years SLO race prep.   March also brings the start of daylight savings.  Which means the lake path is back in play and speed work may actually happen on a somewhat consistent basis. We’ll see how the lungs hold up.  Fingers crossed!

How was your February?  Any plans for March?

Am I just a huge Slacker?

Ever faced a sad running realization? 



22 Comments on “February Recap- Realizations

  1. First of all, I didn’t know you were on Smashrun! I just added you 🙂 Secondly, not having done tons of double digit runs doesn’t make you a “bad” runner or a slacker. Lots of runners never get to that distance, so don’t beat yourself up over. Just let February go and look at March with optimism.

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    • I’ve been using it for a while but have all the features down. I can never figure out how to add people but I think I added you! I think it was just the shock of finding I hadn’t run as many long runs as I thought was the rough part. Time to see what I can do now that the blinders are off though. 🙂


  2. My stationary bike is so old it doesn’t tell me mileage… but I am on it 5x a week for 30 minutes, mostly for cross training, but it helps me keep my step count up, too, so #DoubleWin. Hate that the answer on the lungs was allergy related 😦 I kinda wanted something more substantial… but alas, it’s still something you can work with!
    And, I want to get one more 5k race under my belt, but I’m thinking of starting to look for a 10k training plan… or at least something more structured than my current organic approach of running what I feel like. LOL! We’ll see. That’s a big step for someone who still can’t run a mile with out a walk break – or two! 😀
    Great month, February is just weird, but you succeeded despite it all!


    • Mine didn’t cost a lot so I do wonder how accurate the mileage is. I usually just aim for 30-45 minutes. My step count is horrible on days I don’t run. 😦
      That’s exactly how I felt!! I felt like allergies was kind of a scapegoat answer. But I guess I will see what happens with another month on the new inhaler.
      Woo hoo!! Another race sounds awesome!! Sometimes I think I run better without a plan but I am really trying to stick to 85% of the one I have right now. I also take walk breaks during every mile. 🙂

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      • You just made my day letting me know you still take a walk break! I work hard not to compare myself to those of y’all who are more advanced, and I recognize I have to honor my body, but it still feels good to know I’m not abnormal!!! Thank You!!


  3. You are doing great!! Not a slacker at all…I love your sunny California pics. We all have our ups and downs with running all that matters is that you keep it moving. Seriously…keep it up!!


  4. Of course you are a runner! Distance and time don’t make or break a runner – you run, therefore you are a runner. With a boatload of half marathons under your belt, no less! February was interesting for me – I ran fewer miles, but focused on really good runs (minimal junk miles). And I realized that I am running faster than ever before. So bring on the cross-training for March!


    • My January and February saw lower overall mileage but the long runs have been more consistent than ever before. 5 actual double digit runs so I am trying to look at that as a win. You’ve been running some awesome paces lately!! Nice!


  5. I had a mixed February… part awesome, part crappy. I’m hoping March is better, especially as I’ve got a fun 5K with my running club planned for next weekend! And you’re totally not a bad runner… I’ve done 2 double-digit runs ever. A runner friend of mine refuses to do any double-digit runs and he’s totally a legit runner. Like Rae said, don’t beat yourself up, and fingers crossed March goes better!


    • I hear you on the mixed bag, I know it’s part of the running game, just sometimes the pendulum swing gets a little old. 🙂 Your 5k sounds fun! Your runner friend sounds like a smart guy!! Thank you! I hope you have a great March too!

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  6. Come on. You know better than to fall into the trap of believing that you need X number of miles to be a “real” runner. If you were really a slacker, you would have just given up on it a long time ago, but you keep getting out there and doing the best you can on each given day and that is something to be proud of too. Even when things don’t live up to expectations, you get out there and try. I think you are just feeling a little disappointed that training hasn’t been going the way you planned, and that’s totally understandable. My advice – and take this for what it’s worth – maybe a little bit of a break from racing for a while might help. Whenever we have races on the calendar we feel pressure to be trained and in shape for them, and I’ve seen a lot of people (myself included) grow to resent running that way. Maybe, when you’ve completed the last race you’re currently registered for, it would be worth clearing your calendar of races for a few months and just running for the love of it. No pressure, no schedule, just having fun and falling in love with the sport again. It definitely helped me. Good luck, and here’s hoping you have a better March!


    • It’s not necessarily the miles or lack there of that is getting me down, it’s how long I was living in denial. Actually checking the numbers was a big wake up call. Now it’s time to see what I do with the information- stay the same or change the game. I am currently only registered for 2 more races this year, one in May and the other in October. One of my favorite half’s is next weekend but I haven’t registered and I am on the fence about it. It’s the first half I ever ran so it makes me feel nostalgic. The open race schedule is kind of nice right now. 🙂


  7. I feel like this about my eating right now. Next month WILL be better! But…. by the way…. you are definitely a runner 🙂


  8. Two thoughts:
    – Agree with others … you ARE a runner, NOT a slacker!
    – I HATE the thought that you need to run a certain mileage or distance in order to be a ‘real’ runner.

    … of course, I spent years (ok, decades) thinking I was not a ‘real’ runner, so I am very strong in my support of people not doing it to themselves!

    Sad realization? 4 years ago when I re-started my running and felt I was making progress, then my brother visited with a GPS and I learned that I was running shorter and slower than I thought! Ugh! On the upside? It was a real boot in the butt! 🙂


    • Thank you!

      I think it was the reality check that was the biggest kick in the face. I don’t know how I spent so many years in denial. I have 3 different tracking apps, you’d think I would have figured it out a long time ago.

      My first few runs years ago with my Garmin were interesting! I always thought I picked up the pace on downhills and the watch showed that I actually slowed down! Oops. Guess that’s the real reason downhills felt easier. Ha!


  9. Fallon – I agree with everyone else here. If I had to deal with stomach, lung and thyroid issues I’m not sure I’d get off my couch – so take some pride in that. Also, do you keep a training journal? If you are interested in keeping track of stuff you could always do that – personally I find that writing something down keeps me on track.


    • Thank you. Sometimes I just feel like I am using everything as an excuse so it’s hard to find the upside but I am trying. I have the hardest time with training logs. I buy them with good intentions and fill them out for 2 weeks and then forget about them. I bought the Believe journal this year in hopes that it would inspire me to more consistent but no luck yet.


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