Friday Shiny

Happy Friday!!!!!

So I kind of liked last week’s Guilty post.  Then I was thinking about my “motto” for 2015 and 2016- Find your shiny.  So while this week bordered on crazy and I could complain about any number of numerous items, how about I flip the coin and find the shiny.


I never really saw these before I started running.  Or before I started commuting but that’s beside the point.   I’ve been running in work town lately and have had the opportunity to see some pretty spectacular sunsets.    Like come to a halt and stare sunsets.  I wish the camera on my phone did them justice.  In person, they are just awesome.  I usually stare a little too long and end up finishing my run in the dark but it’s worth it.


The Oatmeal via iFunny

So, last post I shared my serious lack of long runs over the years.  I’m still kind of shocked by how well I lied to myself for so many years.    Anyways.  Looking for the shiny- This year I’ve run 3 10 milers, an 11 and a 12.  That’s actually pretty awesome!  Which leads me to dragons.    This image popped up in my feed the other day and the first thing that popped into my mind was long runs.   #runnerbrain  If running is a fairy tale then long runs are my dragons.  Time to get slaying.   Ok, maybe that was cheesy. πŸ˜ƒ  


You guys!!!-

Seriously.   Thank you for all the positive thoughts on my last post.  And Twitter.   The online running community is huge but small at the same time.  It kind of rocks.  You all rock. 

See what I did there?πŸ˜›

That’s all for now, but maybe I will do this again sometime.


What was your shiny this week?

Any fun plans this weekend?

Who’s running?!

16 thoughts on “Friday Shiny

  1. Love the dragon, love all your shiny, and had a great view of the moon just above the almost rising sun this morning but refused to stop and take a picture because it was a challenge run for me this morning (and I ran every hill today for the first time thank you very much!) and I knew if I stopped I wouldn’t make the next hill! LOL. But, beyond that, I totally have a new appreciation my the sunrises I get to see!

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    1. Awesome!!! Congrats on running all of your hills!! I love the way the moon looks sometimes but my pictures never do it justice. Looks more like spotlight instead. πŸ™‚ I love the idea of running with the sunrise but I love my bed more-ha!!

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  2. I love the dragon quote, and I especially love The Oatmeal’s rendering of it. My shiny this week is that Ben’s Nordic Ski team commitment is pretty much over after yesterday, so our insane schedules will be slightly less crazy for the rest of the school year. Yay!


  3. I love the dragon analogy! It’s so clever and true! And I love how you did the paradigm shift and made it positive. You rock! I’m so glad I’m getting to know you more!,


  4. Love it! Especially the dragon quote. We’ve been having amazing sunsets this week – so much so that they are distracting me on my drive home. Today I got to run on a trail in shorts and a t-shirt and it doesn’t get much better than that.


    1. Luckily, my commute takes me away from the sunset or I would be equally distracted! Yay for running in shorts! I am so looking forward to Spring…and the end of Daylight savings. More miles after work!


  5. Your sunset photos are seriously amazing. And I’m the same – I stop and stare when we get a good one, but my phone camera never does them justice. I love the dragon thing… and cheesy isn’t necessarily a bad thing πŸ˜‰


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