March Madness- Recap

Just like that March is gone.  Instead of lamenting about fast it flew by, let’s talk about what happened.  

66.8 Miles

March ended up being a race free month.   I sat out Wine Country Half for the first time in 5 (6?) years and never replaced it with anything.   I think this is the longest race free stretch that I have had in years.  Part of me likes it and the other part fears I’ve forgotten all race etiquette.    😛

After February’s realization that my long run consistency over the years was all a big lie, I was hoping for a better March.   In some ways it was.   I had 3 good long runs and one major flame out.  I missed one long run and a few easy runs due a stupid cold/ flu thing that knocked me out but other than that I stuck to my 3x a week schedule.   I do wish my overall mileage was higher but you get back what you put in right?


Looking to April, it’s time to step things up.  SLO is one month out and San Fransisco is 4 months out.    That means increased mileage and the return of speed work.   If I stick to my plan, running will increase to 4x a week.  Cross training really needs to be more consistent too.  It’s just so hard for me to follow through.    Again, that is something I need to work on.

Let’s end on a funny story

I headed out for a run with NikeC tonight.   We explored a neighborhood I had never run in before so that was cool.  On the way back to the car, a moth was flying towards us.  I batted at it as it neared my face but it didn’t help. I felt like it was stuck between the frame of my sunglasses and my face.   I tried swatting it away while running but it didn’t help.  I ended up coming to a full stop and ripping my glasses off my face.  I don’t know if it flew away then or if it was even ever really there but I noticed NikeC trying not to laugh while I swatted my face.  I know I probably looked funny but it was more than that.   Between coming to a stop and ripping off my glasses, I had paused my Garmin.   I didn’t even realize I had done it.  Apparently pausing the watch was more important than getting the moth off my face.  Priorities right?



How was your March?  Are you ready for April?

Do you pause your Garmin when you stop? 


11 thoughts on “March Madness- Recap

  1. Those are some great miles considering the March you had! Good job!! I’m going to increase my training with you – just so you know someone else is suffering, too! If you are up to 4x a week, I’ll run that much too… and we are still at one long run a week, right? LOL.

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    1. Thank you!! I am hoping to start upping it next week. We’ll see, fingers crossed! I can only handle one long run a week!!! I am trying not to look at June and July when my mid week runs hit 8 and 9- yikes!!! I’m not ready!!!

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  2. Funny on stopping the Garmin! One time as I was squeezing back into the gate bars to get into my neighborhood, I raised my head too soon. The impact must have knocked me out b/c next thing I know, I’m sitting straddling a cross bar in the gate…..but at some point after impact before straddling, I managed to turn off the watch!!


  3. I always pause my Garmin if I have to stop, because I want the pace data and splits to be accurate. I run mostly on city streets, so if I never stopped my Garmin when I stop at traffic lights, I would pretty much never have an idea of what my real run pace is.

    Good luck with upping your mileage in April and beyond! Remember, just take it one day and one mile at a time. Focus on getting through one workout at a time, and before you know it, you’ll have completed all your planned miles for the week! You can do it!


    1. I stop it at traffic lights too. There is one light where I have to wait all the time, it’s like a 5 minute break!
      I am trying to only look a few weeks ahead at a time. That way I only have a vague idea what is coming but it’s enough to figure out long runs with my work schedule. Thank you!


  4. OMG moths freak me out! I stop my watch if I’m at traffic lights mostly because my old Garmin would never see this as non-moving time and it annoyed me to try and guess my actual pace. April is always better than March, right? Good luck with ramping up the mileage.


    1. I hate their wings!! My watch has the auto pause feature but I don’t like how it works. I feel like it never starts or stops right. March is kind of weird- not winter but not really spring either. Have a great April!


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