Mid Week Musings 7

Thursday can be mid-week right?

I thought about posting my food post but nah, I’m not in the mood to be cranky.   So let’s clear the tracks (brain fog) instead.

Remember when I said I liked to browse websites and put things in my shopping cart but never buy?   Yeah, marathon training has made it even worse.  I want all the shiny new things!  It’s like I’m starting over!   I feel like a stalker considering how often I’ve been on the same websites.  How long can you stare at a water bottle?

Handheld Hydration Pack, Black, Running Water Bottle

Wind sucks.  Go away El Nino, you’re drunk.  Getting used to running in humidity is one thing.  Cold wind turns me into a baby though.  Monday and Tuesday were crazy windy and cold.   Branches and trees came down, boats were evacuated off the water.   Yeah, I didn’t run.  #sorrynotsorry

I ate 2 big cookies today.   Low carb fail.   It was in the name of research though.  Ok, one was.  We’ve been testing different bakeries for cookie Friday’s and how else do you know if they are good?    I’m going with dang good since I ate a second one.

Where is time going?  It’s almost April for crying out loud.  How is the year a quarter over?

I have a long run of epic proportions that I am trying not to freak out about this weekend.   And I am trying shorts on a short again tomorrow.  Aaaack!  Not sure which is more stressful.

I have a 5K in a week.  I kind of feel like I forgot how to race.  It’s been so long.  Especially for a 5K.  Yikes!

I ran intervals tonight.  Again, it’s been so long!!!!

I had so much more to say but I seem to have forgotten most of it.  Oops.  That’s where my brain has been living lately.

How has your week been?

What’s on your wish list?

Research calories don’t count, right?








11 thoughts on “Mid Week Musings 7

  1. I like this research calorie theory! Too true on the shopping, the orange mud gear looks great, my cart is full but never made the checkout – maybe due to the shared bank account, wonder if they’ll accept cash in an envelope


    1. Right? Testing bakeries is dangerous! I really want to try the Orange Mud gear but there is no where local that I can even touch one. Dropping that much money and not knowing is just kind of scary! I can’t bring myself to click checkout!

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  2. Research calories don’t count. I am always filling my cart with items and not checking out (but, on the plus side, most sites when you do this, they’ll send you a “hey we see you didn’t complete your purchase, here is coupon to use”! Lastly, I need to get in another 5k soon… I wanted to race two before half way through the year! Then I saw that FB story about the guy who hit 600 lbs and is running a 5k every month (or more) and really felt like a slacker!!


    1. I’ve never had a site send me a coupon!!! I feel cheated! I must be doing something wrong! I know what story you are talking about- he’s awesome isn’t he?! I haven’t run a race since the beginning of February, I feel like I forgot how! Have you found your next race yet?


  3. I put stuff in online shopping carts all the time, so you’re not alone in that. I see you’re staring at an Orange Mud handheld–those look pretty nice! I just hate carrying anything in my hands while running. I do love my hydration packs from them, though. So handy!


    1. I can’t decide what to do. I usually grab whatever water bottle is handy for my long runs. Lately that’s been the Smart Water 25oz ones. I can’t decide if I want to carry something or try a pack. They are so expensive!! I love the looks of the Hydraquiver Vest Pack but wish I could test it out even if it’s just picking it up and seeing how it feels.


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