Week 13 Training Recap

Upcoming Races– Firehouse 5K
SLO Marathon 13.1

Focus– I forgot to pick one- oops

Week 12 was pretty good so of course this week started off rocky.  One of these days the pendulum won’t swing back and forth so quickly.   The whole week was wonky actually.  It started odd, swung into worse and then swung back again.

Monday- Rest  I had planned on riding the bike but as I was leaving work I started getting texts from my brother.  He wanted to know where my dad was.  Odd but ok, so I called my dad.  No answer.  Hmm.  I called my mom, no answer.    That’s odd.  Now my mind goes to worst case scenarios and starts thinking that something happened.    Turns out my brother’s truck had broken down in the Subway parking lot.  As for my parents not answering- well, they have lives.   πŸ˜› But eventually, I picked up my mom and we ended up eating Subway for dinner while waiting for AAA to tow my brother’s truck.  

Tuesday- 3.5  miles– With my brother’s truck out of commission, he needed a ride to work.    His current job has him working in SLO.  Not in the town I work or the town we live in.  Well that makes the commuting a little tricky.    It’s sad how much getting up 30 minutes earlier kicked my butt.  I had running gear packed but wasn’t optimistic about getting in a run.  It ended up working out, I only had to take my brother halfway and he found another ride home.

I headed to the lake path to get in a few laps.  Ouch, Ouch, ouch.    My calves and shins were soooo tight.    I hoped they would loosen up after the first lap but no such luck.    I stopped multiple times to stretch during lap 2 but it didn’t help.   Lap 3 probably shouldn’t have happened but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being a big baby.   It still hurt, so I called it at 3.5 miles.

Wednesday- Rest-Another earlier than normal morning and time I did take my brother all the way to SLO.    That led me on a roundabout way to work but bonus- I found a new road to run on!!   You know you’re a runner when you drive new roads and notice how run-able the shoulders are.  I mapped it and I can run from my work location to another one and it’s around 14.5 miles.  Woo hoo!   Just have to figure out how to get back. πŸ˜›

Thursday- 7.5 miles–  As I mentioned in Friday’s post, this run sucked.   Pain, tightness, clothing issues, asthma issues, body insecurities; you name it, I had it and the run blew.  I was hoping to pull off 12 but called it at 7.5.    My brother took the family to pizza to thank us for the week.  πŸ• Then I came home and vented about the run on the blog.   I also had the beginnings of a headache so I went to bed early with an ice pack on my head. 

I emoji’d myself- normal right?

Friday- Rest–  Like all Fridays. πŸ˜€My headache had turned into a migraine.   I tried drinking tons of water, caffeine, food, sugar, etc to help it but nothing worked.   I even took 2 Excedrin Tension Headache pills.   That was probably a mistake.  I tend to have odd reactions to OTC medicines.  Yeah, my pupils decided they wanted to be different sizes.  I ended up going home an hour early.

Saturday- Rest– I worked in the morning and it was chaos.  That seems to be the new theme for the Saturdays I work.  Can it stop?  Part of me wanted to run in the afternoon but I was considering another long run attempt on Sunday.  I don’t usually follow the 10% rule but since 2 weeks ago saw 4.5 miles and last week 17, I decided to be smart.

Sunday -10 miles run, 3 mile walk–  Holy crap people!!!!   After the crappiness of this week’s runs I was not optimistic for this attempt.    When my alarm went off and I saw 88% humidity for the weather, I hit snooze.   I thought about blowing it off entirely, but an hour later I was heading out the door.   I had zero goals for this run, I turned my watch face to the clock and then ignored it.   My mother, brother and I were doing lunch so she was picking me up at the end.  Erring on the side of caution, I told her to give me 2 hours. 

longest run in the new shoes

I didn’t worry about keeping my pace slow, I didn’t worry about being fast.  I ran what felt comfortable and walked when I needed to.   Per usual, I picked up my pace running across the bridge, it was the only time I really felt fatigued.   I kept running and was soon off road on the river path.  Which turned into a running hopping dance.   The path was full of stink bugs!  Half a mile of watching my feet and hopping over them when needed- that added some excitement to the morning.     Then it was up the hill for the river route and back down.   The humidity never broke and it was still around 78% at the end of my run.   I felt like a sticky, nasty mess but my lungs held up pretty well.     I finished down on the river trail again and stretched out.

Then I saw my watch- 10 miles at 10:27 average pace?  Where the hell did that come from?   I didn’t think I had seen that pace for a long run since last year’s training for SLO.    Hours later and I am still not sure how I pulled that off.  And I had time to stretch and walk it out before I met my mother.

When I uploaded my figures into Smash Run later, I realized just rare this run was.  I thought it had been the fastest in a year, umm, it was my fastest 10 miler since January 2014.  What?!?!  I’m still not sure how it happened but I will take it!

My mile splits make me laugh- typical me, all over the place.  But I felt good so I’m just going to call it a win.

This week was all over the place- work, life and running included.  I feel like I need another day to recover. Boo.   Oh well, moving on.     My hope this week is to stay consistent and pull off a new to me distance this weekend.  Fingers crossed!!!!

Low-carb–  umm, yeah, I had Subway 4 times this week.   It just kept happening!   It was easy and not horrible for you.  Ugh, well, Monday is a new week right?

How was your week?

Have any Easter plans?



16 thoughts on “Week 13 Training Recap

  1. Wow crazy week, but I’d say you finished it off with a bang! My week was pretty good too although I only started running on Saturday, it felt like a huge accomplishment. I’ve also been doing these body weight exercises like 150 burpees and such and my body is thankful that today is a rest day. Keep up the good work looking forward to reading more of your blog. https://runningtomilan.wordpress.com/


  2. I’m so glad Sunday’s beautiful long run made up for Thursday. There’s something to be said about really going by feel and not worrying about pace. I hope you have more runs like this one – just hide your watch more often πŸ™‚


    1. It was a much better way to end the week. πŸ™‚ I really dislike worrying about pace but it’s one of the best ways to measure improvement, grr. But I do think the watch needs to go on the back burner for now. πŸ™‚


  3. Good job!! I got in a good 3.7 miles on Saturday, and did all my errands, but by 3 pm, I was dozing on the couch off and on for the rest of the day – the migraine I had been fighting off was dragging me down! So I rested, big time. Sunday became an active rest day and this morning did a nice 5k as a smooth pace – it actually felt so good I think I’m ready to start increasing my daily run to match my long runs!


    1. Ugh, sorry to hear you had a migraine too! They suck! Yay for your 3.7 run! I really need to up my daily runs too, this marathon thing is closer than I think! What was I thinking?! I love taking a nap after a good run, I think I may look forward to it a little too much!

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  4. Nice run!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t hold a consistent pace (outside anyway) for the life of me!! lol I need to work on that part…


  5. Well done with that long run, lady!! Kickin’ all kinds of buns πŸ˜€ Maybe there is something to ignoring the GPS watch and just running for you? I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for your race this weekend!


    1. Thank you!!! I will have to try a few more runs without watching my watch. Hmmm, that sounds funny. It’s not a race- just my first attempt at a training run longer than 12 miles…aaaack!!!! I don’t know if I can do it!


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