Midweek Musings

Oh, heavenly hump day.  Is it the weekend yet?

Weekends–  I am so looking forward to this one.  I realized this is my last weekend with nothing but running planned until June.  I either work or have a race every other weekend until then.   Clearly, I am crazy and not thinking straight.  FullSizeRender (7)Rest– I should have been a Slacker.   Last year, I took a few days off after Firehouse 5K.  This year I tried to run it out with some easy shake out runs.  I should have been lazy.   Like I briefly mentioned in my last post, Sunday’s run turned into a crawl.   I jogged- walked- hobbled 4.3 miles with an average pace of 13:40.   My calves, shins and arches hurt.   Oof.  Downhills were brutal.   My right leg is feeling better but my left is still throwing a temper tantrum like a spoiled two-year old.   But it’s the leg that always gets pissy so I am not alarmed… yet.  tiredlakeDid I rest on Monday? No, because I am not smart, see above.   My schedule was supposed to get heavier toward the end of the week, so I was planning to run Monday and Tuesday evening.    I went to the lake thinking a flatter surface would be good.  3.5 miles at a 10:30 pace.   Things got a little looser by the end but I was super achy all Tuesday.  So I rested Tuesday evening.  And tonight.  Not sure what is going to happen tomorrow.  Plus I may have a meeting.

Shoes–  I was beginning to love my new shoes until Sunday.  I am hoping it was just my overly sore legs that made me hate my shoes.   My arches hurt and my shoes felt huge.   I highly doubt I lost a shoe size in the last week.  On top of that, I can feel the insert in my right shoe.  I can feel where the liner meets the side of the shoe on the inside of right foot.  What gives?  IMG_0084TiredI love half marathons, I really do but SLO next week will mark 4 in 4 months.  Ok, one was a 25K but you get the point.   I think I am taking a break from them for a bit after SLO.    But I have 3 10K’s planned in the following 6 weeks, so I don’t know if that is any better.  🙂   Again with the crazy.   Oh and I found another 25K nearby in August.   So, crazy elevation gain, potential 100 degree temperature, oh and possible rattlesnakes.   See, more crazy.

One last push–  Online registration for SLO closes tomorrow.  So if you happen to be in the are next weekend, come run it!!!  I have a code- FALAMB- that will save you $10.00 on registration.    We could run together!  Hmmm, does that sound creepy?

Who else is ready for the weekend?  Was that just a silly question?

Ever sign up for/ run too many races without realizing it? 

What’s your next race?

21 Comments on “Midweek Musings

  1. Can totally relate! Doing first of four half marathons over the next 6 weeks… throw in a few 10k’s and end if with a marathon before trail running season starts and that’s why people say were nuts, but we are not were freaken awesome!!!!


    • 4 in 6 weeks!! Then a marathon! Ouch! Best of luck with those!! I wish we had a trail season out here, but then we are about hit triple digits every day so that could be rough.


      • To quote GOT, winter is coming, I long distance then when its nice and wet, trail season! Super amped! Happy runnings!

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  2. Today is my “Friday” so I am VERY excited for the weekend. I have tomorrow and Monday off for ALLLLL the shenanigans in Boston this weekend. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be freakin’ exhausting and I’m gonna love every second of it.

    PS. You’re a nutter. Ease up there, chick. You’re losing Slacker status.


    • Woo hoo for a longer weekend!! But yeah, you’re gonna be tired after this weekend!! But such awesome potential for good memories. 🙂

      Yeah, I didn’t exactly plan it. I am contemplating the 10k’s some more. I think the first is going to be more of a very brisk run/walk with my mom.


  3. I think I ran too many races last year…I did 12! That was a lot for me. This year I’m thinking it will be more like 5-8 races (5k – Full).


  4. Man, I hate it when I buy new shoes and I think I love them then I realize I don’t. Maybe it’s circumstantial for you at the moment. I have signed up for too many races and then I just don’t know what to do with myself! A couple of times, I’ve skipped one simply because my body couldn’t do it.


    • I am hoping that the weirdness is just because I was so sore. Right now, I am hesitant to wear until after the race just in case. In one way it’s a plus that I register late because I haven’t actually paid for any yet. Just made plans and gotten the time off work. I am going to think on the 2 in May a bit more.


  5. I am running three half marathons and one full marathon between April and the end of June. Right now I’ve only run one of the half marathons, so I’m not feeling sick of them yet, but I’m sure I will – my next two half marathons are two weeks apart from each other and I’ve never run two races that close together before, so it will be interesting. I think what’s helping me is that I don’t have pressure or expectations going into all of them, and I can find something else to be excited about (one of them I get to run through Lambeau Field and have a root beer float, the other one was my first half last year so it will have a lot of memories AND the course goes by my alma mater).


    • Ok, that’s intense! I’ve done races that close together but they were never goal races or hard efforts. A root beer float sounds yummy and I am all for the nostalgia of running your first half course again. But they all sound fun!


  6. I definitely raced too much last year… and the year before. Hellooooo, burnout!! I love racing, but I want to keep loving it. So this year, I’m moving my focus from the marathon/ultra scene to the speedster 5ks. We’ll see how that goes…


    • I raced a lot last year and told myself I was going to back off this year. Oops! I didn’t realize how many I was doing until recently. Marathons and ultras are intense!! I can barely handle training for a half!


  7. I go a little crazy with the race sign-up too because there are just so many to do! It’s really hard to rein yourself in sometimes. Having an injury this past winter caused me to slow down on the race sign-ups, so the funny thing is that I’m running all these races now that I signed up for last year!
    My next race is a half marathon on the same day you’re running SLO – 10 days away!!! Good luck 🙂


    • We don’t have a whole lot of races around here. Most of what I run, I’ve done before. I think if we had more options I would end up signing up for so many more.
      9 days now!!! Good luck, you’re gonna have a great race!


  8. Boo dodgy shoes! And temper-tantrum-throwing legs. Not cool! 😦 I hope things start behaving ASAP!
    All this talk of SLO makes me want to sign up… but it’s just a tad too far away for me! 😉 Actually I’ll be in the area this summer, but that doesn’t work for running SLO. Maybe some day!
    My next race is a 10-miler next weekend and I am not prepared at all. At. All. The longest run I’ve done since my half marathon last October is 5 miles. And I don’t have the proper amount of time to gradually increase my mileage. Hmph. Fingers crossed I don’t injure myself!!


    • My timehop reminded me that I took 4 days in a row off after last year’s race. I probably should have rested the next day and maybe I would have felt better sooner.
      Yeah, that is a little far for a race!
      Well, most marathon training plans only go up to 20 miles, so 5 isn’t far off of 10 right? Just take it easy and have fun at the race, sometimes those are best ones!


  9. Hmmm I don’t think a slacker would sign up for that race schedule! After my marathon in one month (eek!) I am not signed up for ANYTHING! which is a little weird. My legs were also rebelling after my weekend run but I am on vacation in 6 hours so I don’t care.


  10. I have a 5 miler May 2, a 5k May 9, and a 5k May 14, which is 3 races in 2 weeks. Oof. I hope you had a chance to rest up this weekend!


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