Pre-race Musings

Otherwise known as City to the Sea goals.  😃

It seems like this is the ultimate race weekend.  Chicago, Long Beach, Brooklyn, Hartford, Steamtown, Tyler Rose- and those are just the ones I know of from reading your blogs.    I am sure there are numerous more.  Congratulations to everyone who ran today and good luck to everyone racing tomorrow!

Then there’s City to the Sea.   I’ve run this race twice before, both times were a PR.  A pretty big PR each time- around 10 minutes each time.   My current half marathon PR was set at City to the Sea in 2013- 2:05:53.  No pressure, right?

PR smiles..and trying to hide my shaking legs
PR smiles..and trying to hide my shaking legs-2013

Being real though, I am not in PR shape.  And then there’s the course.  I aim to positive split this course.   Intentionally.

That was my plan 2 years ago and it worked.  However this year also brings a change in course.  The race starts in SLO and ends in Pismo- 2 towns over.  The former course had you running down the main drag, under the freeway, up a frontage road then over the freeway, up a frontage road then under the freeway again before heading up another main drag.   And roads weren’t closed.   This year the course deviates after mile 5.   The previous hill towards the end grew in size.

At the start 2012
At the start 2012
I didn’t run this race last year due some health issues so I am looking forward to this year.    That said, I am going in with minimal goals.  They are as follows-
Goal A– No pressure, have fun running what was one of my favorites races.    Enjoy the new scenery.   Part of the course covers the Bob Jones trail.  I’m told it’s a lovely paved trail with great scenery in a nearby beach town but I’ve never run it.  Now I get to with a couple thousand runner friends.     😃
Goal B- Sub 2:10   This should be doable.  Maybe not comfortable but doable.  That said, you never know how race day will go.  I think my biggest obstacle with this is new medication I started a week ago that turns me into a walking zombie.   If that happens, then I will just be the fastest walking zombie ever.    Why is there not a zombie emoji?!!?! 
Goal C- Sub 2:05- New PR   Highly unlikely but stranger things have happened.    I think every starting line brings visions of a PR.    Which is fine.  I set myself a goal breaking 2:00 someday and every run and every race will bring me closer to that.   Even if it takes a little longer.  😏

Did I mention that SLO hit 105* on Friday?  Go home weather, you’re drunk.  I am suddenly looking forward to the 7AM start time.  Well sort of.    I am a slacker after all.
Who raced/ races this weekend?
Ever meet a social media friend in real life?
Do you have fall weather?  Seriously jealous right now.

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  1. I can’t believe how hot it still is there. You’re a real trooper, Fallon! I hope you had a good race. I think we all have visions of possible PRs when we line up at the start haha. It’s not always reasonable based on training but hey, magic happens right?! Can’t wait to hear about it! My race wasn’t perfect but it was still really really good 🙂


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