A Little Cheer

I’ve spent a lot of time in cars this past week or so.  Also some time in hospitals.  It gave me way too much time to think about life and things, as well as pass more than a few accidents and just observe life.

So my wish for you is that you all enjoy the next few days with your families.  Have fun making memories, eating yummy food and just slowing down.

Merry Christmas!!!


5 thoughts on “A Little Cheer

  1. Merry Christmas! And watch out for those mountain lions 😀

    But it is true – a friend from a site I used to write for went with his family to visit his mother, who fell that evening and ended up in the hospital, and the fall was really just the trigger for all the other things that were already wrong she;d been putting off, and everything is in turmoil now … you really never know. SO take the time to appreciate what you have and who you have 🙂


    1. You never know, we put things off all the time, thinking that we will have the time. But it just doesn’t work that way. We all need work on enjoying all of life just a little bit more.
      Grr, mountain lions- why can’t they hibernate for the winter? Though I shouldn’t complain- last year a wolf got loose from a sanctuary nearby. That was fun!


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