Rambling On 4

Happy Friday!

This is not the post I had planned or started earlier this week…oops.  I have a post half done about fuel but that can go up next week.  I feel like I blinked and suddenly it was Friday.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love Fridays but where did the week go?  On Thursday I thought it was Tuesday.  How does that work?

We had 2 days of sun!!!! Insane wind came along with that but who cares the sun came out!!!   I wanted to be like a cat and just find a warm (indoor) spot to lay in the sun.

My pace has been frustrating me lately.  Ok for 3 years.  I used to be so much faster.  I just can’t seem to break the wall I’ve built in my head.  Or my lungs.  And then on random Thursday runs, things like this happen-

What the hell.  I didn’t feel like I was running that hard.

Speaking of random Thursday runs, I wasn’t supposed to run, I was supposed to have lab work done.  Except part of that of lab work was a glucose test.  And it turns out it was the glucose test you need to fast for…despite my doctor and the nurses at his office telling me that I didn’t.  They also wrote that on the lab slip.  Aargh!!!!!  I took time off work for this!

I had another sunset run this week though, so shiny. 😉

Was your week speedy?

What are you doing this weekend?

Share something random!



6 thoughts on “Rambling On 4

  1. prepare to be overloaded with pics from Mr. T – we have another cheer competition this weekend!
    so far I’ve hit 20 miles this week, aiming for 2 more tomorrow, but my pace has been slower, too. I had those few runs that were Holy Crap paces like I used to run, but now, I’m okay focusing on distance over speed. I want to run further and not (necessarily) faster!


    1. Yay, wish them luck! My pace is in the tank and it’s making me cranky but as long as we have crazy rain and humidity there is only so hard I can push my lungs, I damn near had an asthma attack on a street corner the other night. Fun. So, I’ve pushed the speed work back, boo.


  2. Something random … Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting is measured at 29″ x 36″ x 1/4″ and was painted in 1889 and is worth approximately 100 million dollars.


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