Rambling On 37

I need a nap.  On a beach.  In a hammock.  Have I said that before?

Happy Friday!

I have a trail race tomorrow.  Oops.  I am hoping it is more fire road and less trail but we shall see. I know there’s a 350 foot climb at end of mile 2.    What goes up must come down right?  What else is it hiding?  And I just read that we get to run through a barn so woo hoo!

Something about the fair always brings a heatwave to town.  So let’s double the town population ( at minimum), make traffic nuts and weather 110.  Yes.   Don’t get me wrong, the fair does a good job and I’ve learned over the years that our small town has a damn impressive fair but by the end of 12 days I am over it.   It doesn’t help that the fairgrounds are more in the middle of town than you would think.  But my funnel cake made it worth it.

My boss is gone for the next few weeks so it’s back to not being able to leave the building for a while.  In a way that’s a good thing- can’t be tempted to run down to Burger King for a quick meal on my lunch anymore.  Besides, I rarely left during lunch anyways.

Oh and remember how I complained about my lack of reading?? I’ve since read 2 books!😀

What are you doing this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Rambling On 37

  1. I don’t mind the fair, it’s all the extra people that drive me crazy!
    I hope your race goes well tomorrow:)


  2. I used to go the fair every year when I lived in Cali. Ahhhhhh, the memories.

    Running through a barn sounds interesting. It’s at least another thing to mark off on a list of accomplishments.


    1. I think I am probably spoiled growing up with it literally in town, I think it lost some of the excitement over the years. Or maybe that happened when I managed the Taco Bell across the street from it, haha. I still love the food, though.

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