Rambling On 72

It’s been a while since I rambled… I feel a rambling coming on.

I am running and I started a training plan! Huzzah! Will I stick to it or will I respond like I usually do to a training plan? Follow it for 2 weeks and then shove it to the bottom of my purse? Well, I can’t do that part as I haven’t printed this one- see I do learn- but still. I need the structure though… I may have a real life race at the end of May!

I am finally stitch free! For like only the next 6 days, but little victories right? And I am trying to think positively. And maybe squeeze in more miles in the next few days as I am not sure I will still be able to wear a sports bra after the next procedure.

I am very much a left side sleeper. Not being able to sleep on my left side the last 2 weeks has messed me up. Hopefully with the stitches out, I can start easing back that way, Fingers crossed!! Anyone else set in their sleep patterns? Or is it just me?

I’ve been comfort binge watching Warehouse 13 since I got the news. It was working pretty well but I finished it! Now what to watch when I need to slightly tune out but still be involved as well? That isn’t sad.

I visited what used to be my happy place when I commuted every day. I do miss this lake more than I thought I would. My running was also on a more regular pattern when I drove an hour each way for work Oops.

The shoe saga continues. I have a new pair of trail shoes coming on Friday and I just ordered a new pair of road running shoes too. I may have a problem. Give me all the shoes!

Thought I had more but I am sleepy. Share something random!

6 thoughts on “Rambling On 72

  1. I like to have a plan too. I don’t do as well on my own. Love the picture of the lake. That would be my happy place too!

    Random thought: Shoot. I’m always full of random thoughts, but being put on the spot to come up with something, I got nothing. LOL


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