Rambling On 73

I haven’t rambled in a while…. let’s do this.

I keep writing this post in my head but once I sit down at the laptop, it all just disappears. Poof! Am I getting old or just super stressed??

Speaking of getting old… I have a birthday coming up and it’s a big one. Can’t say I am exactly pleased about it…I keep joking I am dress all in black with black balloons everywhere. Maybe. Maybe I’ll just go and get a little lost. Who knows?

This week I met my new boss and had numerous medical exams planned. I don’t I have ever spent so much time trying to determine what to wear. Probably more so for the medical appointments. Maybe could have used a heads up on how personal an ultrasound for a blood clot in your leg gets. Haha! I mean you remember basic anatomy but you still forget too, right? Or was it just me?

I started this post in June. It’s now July. Oops. Also, how is it July????

Concerts are coming back and somehow one of my favorite bands is coming to town to the outdoor amphitheater. What are the odds? Rise Against coming to wine territory? Who knew??

I am registered for 3 more half marathons this year. I have got to get my butt in gear. Why am I still feeling so lazy??? I seriously need early morning running partners. Harder to hit snooze if it would mean bailing on someone else. Plus 2 people is safer when there might be creatures out there in the morning. Eek.

I did get out for a slow, easy hike testing the leg. No complaints about the view.

Also someone needs to take my debit card away from me when I’m feeling moody. Especially since Altra and Lululemon know exactly what emails to send me.😂

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3 thoughts on “Rambling On 73

  1. What did the ultrasound show? I always have a hard time deciding what to wear for medical appointments. Can it have metal? Is it easy to take on and off if I need to get undressed?

    Beautiful view on your hike.

    Happy Birthday, early.

    Random thought: Why can I grow really hard to grow houseplant, like Ficus, but kill a cactus in days?

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    1. That’s exactly how I felt trying to get dressed those days! Ultrasound was clear!

      Oh, same here, I cannot keep any succulent alive, which is a bummer since I would like one on my desk at work. Instead I have a fake one.

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      1. Glad the ultrasound was clear! I did find out when I got my chest x-ray for my surgery pre-op that, if I wore one of my over the head sports bras with no metal, I didn’t have to take it off. That was sweet.

        What is it about succulents? Do we water them too much? Or not enough because we don’t think they need it. I don’t know. I just know they die if left in my care for long. LOL


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