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Pack It Up

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Sometimes I wonder if my car smells.Β  Stay with me here.πŸ˜›Β Β  I commute to work, which on a good day – zero traffic, all green lights, tailwind, not a cop in sight, don’t ask me how fast I am driving- could take me 35 minutes but in reality is closer to an hour on bad days.Β  I try to keep it clean but my car usually ends up looking a little lived in.Β  Throw in the fact that I run after work 2-3 times a week and carry everything in my car and well, it’s not pretty.

First thing I do post sweaty run is take off the sweaty top layer.Β  It gets tossed wherever it lands. Β Β  I wish I could say I always took it inside to the laundry when I got home but well… πŸ˜’Β  Then there are the socks.Β  Not running socks, that would be gross.Β  Knee socks.Β  On cold mornings, I often wear a pair of knee socks on the drive to work then take them off and toss them on the floor of the passenger side to put on my heels.Β Β  They were only worn for an hour but still, there would be times there were 3 pairs on the floors.

Ok, now that I’ve scared you all, where am I going with this?

I was able to try the Eagle Creak Pack-It Sport Active Set.Β Β  Game changer, people, seriously.Β  My car has been clean for weeks!!!Β  No messy clothes lying around!Β Β  Plus it’s cute and despite how it sounds above I am a sucker for organizational products of all kinds.

So what is it?Β  It’s a 2 piece set- a Wet Dry Fitness Locker and a Shoe Locker.Β Β Β  Let’s talk about the Fitness Locker or my new favorite thing.

From the website-

  • Separate clean clothes from sweaty workout wear: put your clean and dry gear in the front, and dirty and damp clothing in the back
  • The internal baffled divider allows you to pack more or less in the front and back depending on what you’re bringing
  • TPU-coated fabric for even more water-resistance and odor protection
  • Top grab handle so you can conveniently hang it inside a locker
  • This organizer has a top load opening giving you easy access to clothing and gear
  • Machine washable
  • Ultra-light, water-resistant fabric
  • Agionβ„’ Antimicrobial treatment helps contain odor and prevent microbial growth on the Sportβ„’ organizer

I can fit an entire running outfit in the back pocket, pants, socks, shirts, long sleeves, Buff, watch, everything.Β Β Β  Once I change, my work clothes then fit in the back pocket.Β  Post run, the sweaty gear comes off and goes right into the front zipper pouch.Β Β Β  The back clothes have never smelled sweaty even with the close proximity even after more than an hour.Β  Hmmm, I just realized I’m doing it backwards.Β  Oh well, works for me!

I can’t wait to travel to races with this.Β  I usually change post race and need to stash my sweaty clothes somewhere and I won’t put them in my my overnight bag.Β Β Β Β  Now the only downside and it isn’t really a downside- some of my work clothes don’t fit in the pouch- some of my skirts and dresses are too poufy.Β Β  They never fit in my gym bag either so nothing’s really changed there. πŸ˜›

The Shoe Locker–Β  pretty standard, it carries your shoes and keeps the smell and dirt inside the locker and away from your stuff.Β Β  Sounds simple, right?Β  But I think we’ve established I’m odd right?Β  I found a way it serves me better.Β  It holds all my water bottles!

I swear I’m not crazy.Β  My car has cup holders, yes, they are often too small or all filled already and I am left with water bottles rolling all around the passenger side.Β  It was even worse when I was carrying the entire Beachbody container too, now I have little containers.Β Β  One day I shoved all the bottles in the Shoe Locker and it was awesome!Β  I may never put shoes in it again!

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