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The Slacker in the Sisterhood ~

It’s Monday!! And the first one back from vacation.   Note to self, never go back on a Monday.  Overall it wasn’t bad, one person called in sick but we made it work.  After work, we all hung out and ate pizza and decorated for Christmas.  We hung so many lights, going up and down the ladder felt like a workout.  There are garlands wrapped around the beams and lovely silver bells hanging down as well.   Snowflakes and lights fill the windows.  There is a little more to finish up tomorrow and then the tree comes on Friday!!  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Well as long as you don’t go outside, it was a lovely 70+ degrees today with a bright shining sun.

Today was also my mother’s birthday so I then rushed home with flowers for her.  She wanted a cake…oops. Tomorrow the plan is to take her and my pops to dinner for their birthdays (his is Wednesday).

There is a decided lack of running in my schedule right now but I have chosen no to stress about it.  I am calling it a rest period.   I am going on day 5, let’s see how long til I get twitchy.   After the last race, I was tired, so I figured a little rest won’t hurt.   But it will only be a little one!!!!!  I promise, help hold me accountable people!!

sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award.jpg w=500

In brighter news, I was recently nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  Say that 5 times fast.   The nomination came from the wonderful TIA and the awesome Tartan Jogger.  Thanks Ladies!  I won’t lie, sometimes these awards confuse me.  They are amazing to get, don’t get me wrong, they sometimes bring back memories of signing yearbooks and never knowing what to write.  “Have a bitchin’ summer” anyone?

So the rules are as follows (I think)- Thank the blogger who nominated you, answer some questions, nominate 10-12 other bloggers and notify them on their blogs.  Easy enough right?  So Q&A time-

Favorite color– Alternates between purple and grey, depends on my mood.

Favorite animal- Cats-  they are self-sufficient enough for my admittedly Slacker self, and slightly anti-social like me, ha!

Favorite non-alcoholic drink– Diet Coke, seriously I’m addicted.

Facebook or Twitter– I’m still working out Twitter (17 followers, woo hoo 😦 ), so Facebook.

Favorite pattern–  Ummm, help?  Chevron?

Favorite number– 394, anyone know why?

Favorite Flower– Rose, is it narcissistic if that’s also my middle name?

What is your passion–  Still looking for it, but when I do, I will shout it from the rooftops.

So next- my nominees in no particular order-

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Attempted Runner

Bayrunner Jamie

Princess and the Jog

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Lucy on the Lookout

Hmmm, just noticed a lack of female bloggers I follow.  I need to find more!!!!   Any suggestions?  I would have nominated TIA and Tartan Jogger, but someone beat me to it!  🙂

Ok, I totally admit that I am a Slacker, and I am going to do my best to notify everyone on their blogs, (yearbooks again) however, if I do not in the next 24 hours, and any of my nominees read this before I do, please don’t wait for me, enjoy your shout out!!!!!  Also if you have previously been nominated just use this as confirmation that you rock.

Hope everyone had a good Monday!

Any Reindeer or Jingle Runs in the future?

Sunday Slacker-Day

This morning started early for me (at least for a Sunday), I met my boss at Wal-Mart to finish up some Christmas preparations.   Does it freak anyone else out how close it is getting to December 25?  After lunch and running some errands, I was home and feeling very Slacker-like.

I knew I needed to get in some miles for the Pile on the Miles Challenge, but I wasn’t feeling it.  I was sitting on the floor (surprisingly comfy) and getting ready to scrapbook the last 2 races.  That could potentially take a while, so I could substitute that for running right?  I was also checking Twitter, and I saw this tweet-

If this guy is flying from San Antonio to Las Vegas to run 2 marathons today, I can get off my ass and get in a few miles.   So I changed and set out for a quick 3 miles.  My calves were are really stiff and my stomach was not the happiest so they were not fast miles.    I felt a little better at the first turn around point and added another mile.    The up hills felt ok and the down hills were uncomfortable.   Anyone remember before they started running and they naively thought down hills would be the best part? Ha!   I made back the house at 4.4 miles.  They were slow, they were stiff but they were better than sitting on my backside.

As I stumble down, haha!
As I stumble down, haha!

After stretching and showering and trying to massage the stubborn knot out of my left calf, I did retreat to the Comfy Chair to put my feet up.   I also checked out the Spooner’s Cove race website.  Official times and photos are up from yesterday, 1:06:50.   As I mentioned before, it was my mom’s first race.  And what does she manage to do on her first race?  She places 1st in her age group!  Guess we should have stuck around a little longer after finishing, oops.   Most people try for years to age group place and she does it right out of the gate!

Look at her go!
Look at her go!

 Both photos- coastaltrailruns.com

Back to the Pile on the Miles challenge, I am on track for the month but was a little behind on last weeks goal.   My goal is to hit the gym tomorrow and Tuesday after work.  Fingers crossed, I follow through.  🙂  I have a late meeting on Wednesday, so that can be a rest day.

Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend!  The posts are coming in, you all did amazing!!!