Hi! My name is Falyn and this is SlackerRunner!  Over the past few years, I discovered that I love to run.  Hated it when I was a kid but love it now.  However there was a small problem.  Know what else I love?  Sitting in my big, comfy chair, and Netflix, oh and pizza.  Conflict ahead!!

I ran for almost three years with little to no improvement.  I checked out all the sites; big names and little ones.  I bought books and tried various training plans, nothing worked:(   I was ready to chuck everything out the window.  About 99% of the sites I researched pushed for running at least 5 days a week, some everyday…um, what?!  It didn’t help that their slowest training plans at the time were still faster than me:( Talk about kicking you when you are already down.

I tried theirs, I failed, and so what’s a girl to do?  I cannibalized everything I had read and learned, took bits and parts and inserted my own inherent slacker-ness and tada!   Results!  In less than 8 months, I had shaved 24 minutes off of my half marathon time and lost 35 pounds, woo hoo!

So if you are interested in hearing more about how I did it, or looking for place to talk about running with a little less pressure, come on back!  There will be tips, random thoughts and probably some hilarity, but right now I need a break!

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