Ahh, the joy of a good run :)

Sadly, my Saturday began with work.   My commute though different than usual was still pretty.  However today, it was so freakin’ foggy which made the fact that the hill drops off just past the road side even creepier.  I couldn’t see the drop off 😦  You couldn’t see oncoming traffic until it was already at you which made the cyclists that randomly appeared out of the mist extra fun.    I know that everyone is supposed to share the road, especially considering I run roads, but why would a biker ride in that kind of fog?  Without any of those lovely flashing red lights?  Really?  It’s like running at night wearing all black.

Yeah for Shade!
Yeah for Shade!

I came home to a late lunch, yummy pizza, and some errands before heading out for a run.   The weather was in the mid-eighties, and I took water and remembered my gum!  The plan was to do a couple easy miles, maybe a hill or two, test out my new belt and some new tunes.

I maintained a similar pace to Thursday but since I walked parts of it I was ok with today’s pace.   Plus the music was great so it made the miles fly.  It felt hotter than it was but that’s ok.   Had some glitchy moments where the music just stopped, and I had to go even slower while trying to figure out why it died.  Not cool 😦  Of course, I usually accidentally paused the Nike+ app and had troubles getting it going again.   But even with those issues, I completed 5.5 miles.   Since I ran from home, I was able to get in a nice stretch on our wall.  All in all, a good effort.

Pretty sure I heard something over there, eek!
Pretty sure I heard something over there, eek!
The Wall :)
The Wall 🙂

Now I have a new issue of Runner’s World to finish 🙂

Hope everyone had a good Saturday!!!

One thought on “Ahh, the joy of a good run :)

  1. I always accidentally pause the Nike+ App when I run holding my phone. They upgraded it to have a screen lock to prevent that, but I haven’t tried it yet. Instead I got the arm band thing that holds my phone. It’s nice because I can still see my Nike app screen, and still use the phone if I really needed to (I try pretty hard to ignore my phone while running lol) but it keeps my hands from constantly hitting pause. Only downside is, I can’t easily snap pics while I’m running along.

    And YAY for new tunes! 🙂


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