Kettle Bell Ouch

I just didn’t feel like riding 8 miles on the bike on Monday but the nagging part of me said I should do some form of cross training.   Or something.    So I decided to work in a bit of strength training with a kettle bell work out.   It was short but intense and I felt like I had done something productive.   At least until Tuesday morning.

Oh crap, it hurt to move.  My thighs were in pain, hehe.  I spent the day trying not walk like a duck and wearing heals was not helping.   Needless to say, Tuesday night’s run was a little rough.   I completed my 3.5 miles but my legs were so stiff and sore.  I think I hurt less after my last half marathon.   How sad is that?  Each lap around the park just seemed slower and slower.  In reality there was only a 13 second gap between mile 1 pace and mile 3, but let’s be honest, they started out slow.  Wednesday was a much needed Slacker day.

Which brought me to Thursday, my long day.     After work, I planned to run there before heading out to class.  My legs still hurt; seriously?!   I left work, running the same route as last week, however this time I didn’t get lost.   I figured I would base my distance on my pace.  If I was still dragging and feeling lame, I would turn around at the service road, the 1.75 mile mark.  If I was feeling ok, I would push on to the 2 mile mark then turn around.

The way back
The way back
Ahhh, the rock
Ahhh, the rock

The day was bright and sunny, so opposite of last week’s heavy fog, same temperature thankfully.   I enjoyed the scenery along the way; it was pretty in the sunlight.   I felt good, so I pushed on to the natural history museum before turning around.  I knew I was going to slow down a bit on the way back as it was mostly uphill, but I pushed on.  Last week I took 2 brief walk breaks and this week I just powered through.

Got to my car and was pretty pumped, figured I at least beat last weeks’ time.   So I checked my Nike+; and nope.  I was slower by 28 seconds.    Ugh.

I feel like I am in a running funk.  I just feel frustrated with the workouts I have completed the last week or so.    Maybe if I didn’t have 2 big races coming up, I wouldn’t care.  But I do and right now I feel like I am getting slower not quicker.  I realize that any run is better than no run but I had finally started to see progress these last 6 months.    I still have a 6 miler that I need to do this weekend, maybe I should just do that as an easy run?

On the upside, we got out of class early, which means I made it home before 10 last night.  And I got to see this view on the way to work this morning:

What a morning :)
What a morning 🙂