Ugh, just ugh…

So the planned easy 6 for Saturday turned into 4 miles of hell.   I put it off until late Saturday afternoon and I really did not want to go.  But there was this little voice in my head nagging me into going.  So I put on my shoes and headed out the door.

Mile 1 was slow and cranky; mile 2 was a little better.  By mile 3, I was in trouble. Ever have a moment when your stomach just completely wigs out on you?  Yeah, that happened.   The last ½ of mile 3 and all 4 turned in a walk.  I really needed to run but that was so not gonna happen. Ugh.

Today, I was just over it and decided not to run at all.  So I went shopping instead.   A little retail therapy never hurt’s right?  Other than maybe your pocketbook. 🙂

I would like a new running belt so I decided to check out the options.  I hit Dick’s, Sports Authority and The Running Warehouse… no luck.  I currently have a Fuel belt, but it drives me bonkers.  It bounces up and down while I run, no matter what I do.  I have tried to wear with the bottles on the front, or with the bottles on the back, usually I end up wearing it with them on my side.  I swear if I had any sewing skills and it wouldn’t hinder my movement, I would sew a leg strap to it, Tomb Raider style.

I have run my last 2 long runs and just carried a water bottle.   I am debating if I just want to do that for my half marathon, but not sure.   I need to figure it out though, I have less than 5 weeks to go.  Eek!!


On the upshot, I did pick up some Nuun to try and I replaced the headband I lost around mile 11 of last half marathon.

New Toys!
New Toys!

I also found the best part of the season already for sale-

Yum!! Sugar and Carbs :)
Yum!! Sugar and Carbs 🙂


Yeah for race fuel!!!!! And yes, I really use candy corn for my half marathons.


Hope everyone had a good weekend!!!!!


Any belt ideas? Let me know 🙂

8 thoughts on “Ugh, just ugh…

  1. This is exactly why I haven’t invested in a fuel belt yet. Although my half is coming up soon as well and my training is pushing me to run further now. So I need to figure out some way to bring water for on the run. Good luck!

    Oh and about your run from hell Saturday I think that happens to everyone occasionally. Just don’t let it get to you! Happy training!


  2. I carry my water bottle and cell phone in my right hand! I’ve also been known to stuff my race fuel in a zip-lock baggie and rubber band it around my water bottle on long runs. Terrible I know, if you find a great belt let me know!


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