The naked wrist

After a day relaxing on Sunday, I was ready to run on Monday.  I had planned on meeting M at the lake for a few laps.  I was looking forward to taking it a little easy; my stomach was still a little wobbly from Saturday.

She was running late so I ran a lap before she got there.  She arrived, got Baby G situated in her stroller and we were off.  Seriously that baby is adorable!  We kept a decent pace around the lake, her mostly pushing the stroller, sometimes I did.    I have to say, why don’t jogging strollers have handles like an elliptical?   It would make things feel so much more natural.

And mile 3, carrying Baby G :)  All in all 3.5 miles
And mile 3, carrying Baby G 🙂 All in all 3.5 miles

Next lap around, baby G was kind of fussy, so we slowed and M carried her while I pushed the empty stroller.  After about half a mile, we traded off again, she took the stroller and I took G the rest of the way.  That baby has the best hearing, she heard things coming about behind us before I did.  Again, so cute!  Does carrying a 17 lb. baby for a half mile count as strength training?  I joked that she now weighs as much as my cat… yeah he’s a beast.

Heli ( the Beast) in front, Kimi in the back
Heli ( the Beast) in front, Kimi in the back

So today I planned on a rest day or a bike day, it was still in flux this morning, I was very undecided.  Driving south on the freeway, I realized I felt naked… I had forgotten my fuel band!!!  I have worn it every day since Christmas, how the hell did I forget to put it on?  I almost turned around but that would have made me late.  Ugh!

Naked wrist vs normal wrist :)
Naked wrist vs normal wrist 🙂

So I finally get home after work and my fuel band says a sad little 0.   If I rest I won’t meet my goal and if I ride the bike, I won’t meet my goal either.  So nothing else to do, I changed real fast, threw on my shoes and was down the driveway for a run.  I figured 2.5 miles would make me meet my goal for the day.  It would be short and quick but still good.  Turns out I don’t know where the halfway point is for 2.5 miles from my house, oops, so I hit 3 at the bottom of my driveway.  Oh well, 3 is better anyways, right?  On the walk up my freaky driveway hill, I checked my fuel band… I was still 900 under my goal.  WTH?!  So I guess I don’t sit on my but as much as I thought I did at work.  I usually hit my goal around the time I get off work.   So I did some fake jump roping to get more points.    I am sure I looked ridiculous, but I made my goal.   And on the upside, I had dang good pace for an unplanned run, yippiee!


Tomorrow I have work and the first day of work school.  So my day will be split between 2 towns before returning back to my home town to get a run in.  And then…Vacation!!!! Only 2 days but hey, that makes a 4 day weekend 🙂 Woo hoo!!


Anyone else ever forget something that made them feel naked?


Hope everyone is having a great week!

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