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The naked wrist

After a day relaxing on Sunday, I was ready to run on Monday.  I had planned on meeting M at the lake for a few laps.  I was looking forward to taking it a little easy; my stomach was still a little wobbly from Saturday.

She was running late so I ran a lap before she got there.  She arrived, got Baby G situated in her stroller and we were off.  Seriously that baby is adorable!  We kept a decent pace around the lake, her mostly pushing the stroller, sometimes I did.    I have to say, why don’t jogging strollers have handles like an elliptical?   It would make things feel so much more natural.

And mile 3, carrying Baby G :)  All in all 3.5 miles
And mile 3, carrying Baby G 🙂 All in all 3.5 miles

Next lap around, baby G was kind of fussy, so we slowed and M carried her while I pushed the empty stroller.  After about half a mile, we traded off again, she took the stroller and I took G the rest of the way.  That baby has the best hearing, she heard things coming about behind us before I did.  Again, so cute!  Does carrying a 17 lb. baby for a half mile count as strength training?  I joked that she now weighs as much as my cat… yeah he’s a beast.

Heli ( the Beast) in front, Kimi in the back
Heli ( the Beast) in front, Kimi in the back

So today I planned on a rest day or a bike day, it was still in flux this morning, I was very undecided.  Driving south on the freeway, I realized I felt naked… I had forgotten my fuel band!!!  I have worn it every day since Christmas, how the hell did I forget to put it on?  I almost turned around but that would have made me late.  Ugh!

Naked wrist vs normal wrist :)
Naked wrist vs normal wrist 🙂

So I finally get home after work and my fuel band says a sad little 0.   If I rest I won’t meet my goal and if I ride the bike, I won’t meet my goal either.  So nothing else to do, I changed real fast, threw on my shoes and was down the driveway for a run.  I figured 2.5 miles would make me meet my goal for the day.  It would be short and quick but still good.  Turns out I don’t know where the halfway point is for 2.5 miles from my house, oops, so I hit 3 at the bottom of my driveway.  Oh well, 3 is better anyways, right?  On the walk up my freaky driveway hill, I checked my fuel band… I was still 900 under my goal.  WTH?!  So I guess I don’t sit on my but as much as I thought I did at work.  I usually hit my goal around the time I get off work.   So I did some fake jump roping to get more points.    I am sure I looked ridiculous, but I made my goal.   And on the upside, I had dang good pace for an unplanned run, yippiee!


Tomorrow I have work and the first day of work school.  So my day will be split between 2 towns before returning back to my home town to get a run in.  And then…Vacation!!!! Only 2 days but hey, that makes a 4 day weekend 🙂 Woo hoo!!


Anyone else ever forget something that made them feel naked?


Hope everyone is having a great week!

Slow but rewarding

It’s only Thursday but this week has felt like a month.   Back to work on Monday with a little run.  Volleyball playoffs were on Tuesday.  Class final due on Wednesday (seriously I must have been insane to take a course in the summer), work today with a run after.  And through it all, my ankle has been making its presence known.  I am now also 25 days in that squat challenge.

Playoffs on Tuesday were, umm yeah.   Well, we made the playoffs, maybe we should leave it there.  Haha, we came in fourth.    The better part of the night was $1 tacos and $2 beers with the team afterwards 🙂

Today was just an “ugh” day. Nothing wrong, just in a funk.   Ever had one of those?  Left work for my run and was dragging.  Met my friend at the park and was happy to see the jogging stroller.  Yeah!  A reason to go slow!   Plus her baby is so stinkin’ cute, its impossible to stay cranky.

I am kind of an all or nothing kind of person.   I am either running or I am a total slacker.  I spent so much time trying to get faster and working on my speed that I have troubles going out easy when something hurts, so the stroller was awesome.   2 slower laps with them and 1 faster after. Today may have been slow but it was still 3.5 miles.  And jogging strollers are harder to push (better workout, hehe) when the tires are low on air.   The thing is brand new; do they all lose air like that?  Finished my 220 squats and am done, woo hoo!

Tomorrow may be Friday but for now, I am in my comfy chair with a fan on, and an ice pack on my ankle.  I have a snack of chips and salsa, oh and a nice cold, homemade margarita.  With real fruit!