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Stand up!

After 6 days with no running last week, I was both itching for a run and nervous.   It’s like I was thinking I would have forgotten how to run or something.   After working at the Avocado Festival Saturday, I knew I had to be up early if I wanted to run before working the last shift at the festival on Sunday.    Now with the exception of race mornings, I am not an early riser.  At all.  I love sleeping.  But I forced myself out of bed and was running by 8:30.  Not even that early, right?   I was tired and my head is still a little rough so I had two route options- 3.8 or 4.2.  3.8 won and I felt like my legs took miles to warm up.  That I could have handled, it was my damn lungs that were annoying.  We rarely ever have humidity here so I didn’t bother to check it.  Fail!  The humidity was 70% that morning, some freak cloud system had rolled in overnight.  The clouds left but the humidity lingered.  Ugh.  But 3.8 miles done.  I checked the weather again at 3 and the weather was 102º with 9% humidity.  I would have rather run in that.9-14

I spent 5 hours working at the Avocado Margarita Festival on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.   The weather was awesome in work town and the festival was packed.  However I spent those hours in an old building.  It needed a fan and the giant generator was right outside.  It ran the entire time- so not helpful for my head.    Even though after a couple of hours, I started to tune it out.    It was still a good weekend and it was an amazing fundraiser and it sounded like everyone had a good time.   🙂


I worked in a restaurant for years and it was 95% standing and walking.  When I started with my current organization I still primarily worked standing up.  I was used to it so it was no big deal.  When I was promoted and transferred locations almost 2 years ago, I went to a regular desk height counter and sat in a chair about 75% of the time.   It was kind of the luck of the draw that that was the way the new building was set up.   Surprisingly or thankfully, I only put on 6 8 pounds over that time.   I kind of felt like I was in a hole after a while and said that it was harder for me to keep an eye on everything- I’m such a lurker.   I would crack jokes that I either needed a stand up desk or a trampoline chair that I could bounce off.   I found out Saturday that one customer compared me to Wilson from Home Improvement because the most he says he ever saw was from the eyes up.  Then again he also thought I was a teenager when I saw him at the festival.   Ha!   A coworker used to say I looked like a Meerkat sticking my head up all the time from my computer.

Anyways, back in February I figured it could never hurt to ask, so I asked my boss if there was ever a chance.   It took awhile and had to go through a bunch of levels but as of yesterday, I have a counter height desk!!!  Woo hoo!  I did a little dance when I saw it after construction and I may or may not have hugged the counter.   I also have more drawers now.   🙂   Now I just have to work on keeping it looking neater than the “organized chaos” that it was before.   I swear I knew what was in every pile, but now they are visible piles.

I am working my way back up to standing all day, so my legs are a little sore.   Between that and volleyball yesterday, I am crazy stiff.  My calves are tight and my abs are sore.    I feel like I ran more than usual playing last night and I was serving a little harder than usual.   I suppose it’s good news that I use my abs for my posture rather than my back right?    I know I am going to be a little achy this week adjusting but I am still so excited about it.  Such a nerd, I know.

We’re almost halfway!! How is your week going?

What about you?  Do you sit or stand for work?

Any fun events coming up in your neck of the woods?

Random Ramblings

Tuesday was ummm, interesting.   I knew work was going to be busy like it always is after a 3 day weekend.  This proved true but it was actually a good day.   My boss and I are planning a big December for the rest of the team, so we made the first of many shopping trips.  We hit the local dollar store to pick up some things.   I know it’s the dollar store but they really need to work on their customer service!   As we were leaving and trying not to get run over by a woman and her cart, this guy stops us and asks how do I not have a ring on my finger.  He then kept walking.  Awkward!!!!!   I looked at my boss, she looked at me and we busted up laughing and ran the other direction.   Both in our 30’s and we could not stop laughing.   I never get hit on, probably due to the perpetual “bitch face” my mother says I have.   🙂

Tuesday was also the last volleyball games of the season and also this year.  I will miss the girls but I am ready for a break.  After the playoff games, we finished an impressive last. Woo hoo!!!  We actually played really well last night but for whatever reasons, we can never close.  Volleyball nights always end up being fun, but it gets frustrating losing all the time.   I will miss the socialization aspect but maybe now I can get in a run on Tuesdays. 🙂

Can I just say, Daylight savings sucks.   I didn’t even notice the extra hour of sleep.  But then I set my clocks back the night before.  I do it the spring too, which helps because I never really feel like I lose an hour either.   The darkness bites big time.  I have not been able to run after work.  I need to get to the gym but am having trouble following through after work.  Plus with volleyball and school, its hard fitting it in.  Thursdays used to be awesome because I could run in between work and school.  However my gym is almost 35 miles from school.   There are other gyms in the towns where work and school are but not one from my chain.  I just keep telling myself that I only have 4 actual weeks of class left with 2 off in between.

No, its getting out of bed! Photo-Pinterest.
No, its getting out of bed!

I want need to become a morning runner.  But it is so hard.   My bed is so very comfy and warm.  The cat is purring.   See, hard?  I pulled it off 2 years ago for about a month and a half before bailing out.   That was also before I started to commute.  I have set my alarm for 4:45 and 5 AM for the last 2 weeks.  I have hit snooze every time.  That whole theory about having your clothes laid out and ready to go?  Doesn’t work for me.  Where’s a drill sergeant when you need one?

Hasn't changed :( Photo-Pinterest
Hasn’t changed 😦

Tonight I met a couple of people from class to work on a group project.  Even at this age, group projects make me grit my teeth.  I would have rather been running.  Tomorrow I have class, and I have no idea what I am going to do to kill time before it.  Probably homework.   Maybe my next post will include some actual running!


Hopefully, everyone is having a good week!


Any tips for running in the morning?  Cold mornings?

Creepy Running

I did make it to the track like planned on Sunday.  Headed out around 10:00 hoping to avoid the heat.  My legs felt tired before I even started so I set Mr. Nike for a timed run of 45 minutes.  Figured that sounded like a good amount of time for the day and I would just do as many laps as I could at a steady pace.     By the end of my 45 minutes I had done a little over 4.5 miles.    I maintained pace and by mile 3, my legs felt a little better.   So I walked a short cool down and stretched out.  I have no idea what the football players use this thing for, but I love stretching with it-

What the heck is this?
What the heck is this?

After my run, I headed home for a lazy day of eating way too much.   Seriously, I ran a half marathon not Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim.  But I still gave myself license to eat way too much last week.  The amount of times I ate pizza was just ridiculous.  Amazingly tasty but ridiculous.    Plus for work, we are having a candy crush October.  I have most of the treats for the crew in my drawer and have been snacking on them way too much.   Bad!!! They are not for me!!!  Plus my skin has decided to tell me that it is not happy with the unending string of junk food either.   Ugh.

Yep, that's true
Yep, that’s true

Yesterday I was pumped to get in a run after work at the lake.  I figured with the looming time change, this would be one of my last chances.  Getting out of work was a little delayed due a waiting for a big announcement that was supposed to come down the pipeline.  There’s always a moment when your stomach sinks hearing that but no need, it’s all good.  We’re expanding!! That was a good thing to hear!  But it did put me a little behind schedule.   I changed and started the drive towards the lake path.   The sun was behind the hill a little more than I planned when I got there but I still set out for a good run.

What was not cool was the creepy guy walking two dogs that was totally weirding me out.  Granted it could have been the border collie he was walking that was giving me the willies.   I love all dogs but not border collies, sketchy devils.    But the way he kept looking back and staring, not cool.  It may have even been someone behind that he was staring at but, ew.   I passed him quickly and tried to settle into a decent pace.   My legs did not like me so much last night.  I felt like I was mincing my steps.  I kept looking down at my form and it felt ok, but my legs were off.    I just felt funky.  Clocked mile 1 at 10:25, ok then.  The sun was even lower but I pushed on for another lap.    My legs still felt funny. 😦

Coming through the park section of the path again, I swear I saw creepy guy sitting on a bench staring at the path.  But without the dogs… ummm what?!   I wasn’t sure if I was more skeeved out by him or the fact that there may be a border collie on the loose.  They’re the reason I carry pepper spray.  Yeah I was done.  I finished the lap coming in at just under 2.5 miles.  I stretched really quick and jumped in my car to leave.  Best way to get a negative split?  Run from something creepy.


The bottom of my left foot felt funny today.  Not painful, just kind of odd.    I had no problems at volleyball though, so who knows.  We won!!!!!  Well, 1 of the 2 matches, but woo hoo!  Both matches went to 3 games and now I feel a little bruised but it was fun.  Could have done without the second team of the night deciding to intentionally aim everything at me but I said bring it 🙂  Not sure what I did to them but oh well, women can be so bitchy. (myself included).  They were pretty vocal about it too.  Maybe the fact that we took the first game spooked them, there are the first place team right now.

Now I am relaxing in the Comfy Chair, watching The Biggest Loser and eating potato chips.  Wait, what?  Oops.   Why does this show make me want to snack? 😦

Anyone else have any sketchy encounters while running?

Slow but rewarding

It’s only Thursday but this week has felt like a month.   Back to work on Monday with a little run.  Volleyball playoffs were on Tuesday.  Class final due on Wednesday (seriously I must have been insane to take a course in the summer), work today with a run after.  And through it all, my ankle has been making its presence known.  I am now also 25 days in that squat challenge.

Playoffs on Tuesday were, umm yeah.   Well, we made the playoffs, maybe we should leave it there.  Haha, we came in fourth.    The better part of the night was $1 tacos and $2 beers with the team afterwards 🙂

Today was just an “ugh” day. Nothing wrong, just in a funk.   Ever had one of those?  Left work for my run and was dragging.  Met my friend at the park and was happy to see the jogging stroller.  Yeah!  A reason to go slow!   Plus her baby is so stinkin’ cute, its impossible to stay cranky.

I am kind of an all or nothing kind of person.   I am either running or I am a total slacker.  I spent so much time trying to get faster and working on my speed that I have troubles going out easy when something hurts, so the stroller was awesome.   2 slower laps with them and 1 faster after. Today may have been slow but it was still 3.5 miles.  And jogging strollers are harder to push (better workout, hehe) when the tires are low on air.   The thing is brand new; do they all lose air like that?  Finished my 220 squats and am done, woo hoo!

Tomorrow may be Friday but for now, I am in my comfy chair with a fan on, and an ice pack on my ankle.  I have a snack of chips and salsa, oh and a nice cold, homemade margarita.  With real fruit!

Frustration leads to…

After the great race on Saturday morning and the festivities later that night, I made Sunday a very lazy, slacker day.  Got to say, it was very nice. 🙂   Official chip time was also announced- 57:17, hell yeah!!!!

My left ankle was fighting back on Monday so I decided to take another rest day.  I figured that since I had a split volleyball schedule, I could hopefully get in at least 25 minutes of running between matches.  It wouldn’t be a lot but I figured it would be an easy jaunt that would test my ankle.

In Public, no less

I have to say that I love the camaraderie of the running community. 🙂 The majority of runners I meet are good people and they are just as excited as you are when you do well at a race.  I wish I could say that holds true in a women’s volleyball league.    By the end of the first match I was so frustrated I was going to scream.  So I lost the knee pads, changed my shoes and ran it out.  Oh and I was wearing these socks-

Perhaps running when frustrated or angry is not best idea, at least not when the goal is to take it easy.  I set the timer on the Nike+ app for 25 minutes and was off.    My ankle protested for about half a mile and then it was quiet, woo hoo!  Brought in my first mile under 9 minutes, oops.  That’s not easy.  Slowed down a little and kept going.

Faster than planned:)
Faster than planned:)

Turns out I didn’t know the area as well I thought, got a little turned around but worked it out.   Towards the end of my run, I saw a crowd a people a block ahead but thought they were just bbq’ers.  Nope! It was a drug bust or probation, didn’t get close enough to read the vests.  Turned around when I figured out there were about 10 cops and 3 police cars milling about.    So, yeah, that’s a new one.  I ended up doing shy of 3 miles in 25 minutes.  So maybe running cranky is a good thing.  Who knows but I’ll take it!!!  And I played the next volleyball match in much better mood:)

The good thing about my training plan is the flexibility, so this week, I am adjusting my two week day runs to Tuesday and Thursday.  Starting today, I am on vacation until next week, so yea for morning runs!!!  Today I did a little shopping in a nearby town and came back with some new running gear.  Always exciting!

I also ate my post-race reward meal this afternoon.  After most every race, I go to the same restaurant and get a burger.  However after Saturday’s race, scheduling made that impossible so I postponed until today.  Oh so yummy 🙂


So what about everyone else?  Any post-race traditions?