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Mid Week Musings 11

I know it’s Thursday but it’s the halfway point of a short week that’s midweek right?

The fans are gone!   The silence is glorious, it really is.    Now we don’t have hot water as they start the repairs but small victories right?  😛

I drove home on auto pilot.  Which I am sure happens to all of us at some point but I drove the scenic route home.   A portion of which is essentially a speed limit free roller coaster of a road you drive for 14 miles.  Not the road to go on autopilot on.    Instead of watching the hairpins, I was contemplating life.   I’m feel like I am sliding into a funk and I can’t seem to swerve away.  I have a couple posts I am sitting on but not sure about sharing yet.

The Chimney Fire is 100% contained!!  Woo hoo!  Thank you firefighters!!!  Though I will miss seeing you all around town.  😉

I was so small! Also thoughts for another post

I thought about driving to Ventura this weekend to run a 5K.  Just because I really like the medal.   But I decided that wasn’t exactly fiscally responsible.  Boo.   Then Timehop showed me pics from the Ventura half in 2014.  Just rub it in Dino.

2 years ago

Instead of racing, it’s that time again- Avocado Margarita Festival!!    The format has changed a bit so I am only volunteering for a few hours one day.  What will I do with the rest of my time???  Well, run of course.  🙂

Someone found my blog last week by searching “gastroparesis pants”.  I get that.  I may not have talked about my asshat stomach in awhile but it’s still an asshat.    I actually have my quarterly appointment with my gastro next week.  I think I’ve run out of diets to try.  Grr.

While I am looking forward to fall weather, the sun is setting so much quicker already.   I will have to make the transition to the treadmill sooner than I would like if I want my runs to be longer than 4 miles.  Or I need to get hella’ fast.  Hmmm.

I tried to use a gif, I failed

Oh- I won 25 bucks on a scratcher ticket!  I’ve never done that before!  I was stoked.

I am reading a book where the main character’s name is Fallon.  Mind trip!  It’s kind of odd.

Remember when I said I randomly gave myself bangs?  Apparently I should have done it sooner- customers keep complimenting me.  Which makes me wonder- did I look that bad before??!?   I am also very blonde right now (summer sun!) and one customer told an employee that I look so much better au naturel and should stop dying my hair dark.  Say what?  You keep those thoughts to yourself!   Haha, she doesn’t know I was looking at hair dye the other day.  A purple shade was really speaking to me.  😛  Too bad work wouldn’t approve.

Thanks for letting me ramble!

Share something random?

Ever dye your hair? Would you have said that?

What are you reading?


Week 14- Stutter

I knew going into this week that schedule wise it was the toughest week of the month.   My boss left for vacation so starting Friday I was flying solo and the weekend was the Avocado Margarita Festival and I was conscripted volunteering all weekend.   With that in mind, I was hoping to front load my miles.  Monday was Labor Day and I had Tuesday off so I was optimistic that I could pull it off.

 Monday-  4 mile recovery run

I usually take the day off after any race but I was hoping to get in my easy run of the week.    This was probably a bad decision.   I’d waited until 6 but it was still around 90 outside.   My mother was having an evening tennis practice so the plan was to run to the school, maybe do a few laps on the track and then go to dinner.    It was utter crap.   My legs didn’t want to work and my lower back was super sore and achy.  2 miles in and I was done.  However I was 2 miles from home and 2 miles from the high school so I just headed to the school anyways.   Somehow I managed to negative split the run but I have no idea how.  It never felt any better.    13:11, 11:12, 10:23, 10:10.

 Tuesday-  Plan– Long run 10-12 miles-      Real life- 3 miles

Maybe Monday was a sign or maybe I should have rested- who knows.  We had a heat wave last week and Tuesday was a comfortable 103*.    I just headed straight for the gym.  I was hoping to get in 6-8 miles on the treadmill and then do a temp check.  If it had dropped below 90 I was going to finish the run outside.   Otherwise I was just going to stay on the treadmill.   My back was still achy but I was hopeful it wouldn’t bother me.  However, the ankle pain was unexpected.    My left shin and ankle straight up hurt.  Not ache but actual pain.   I called it at mile 3.   I’m too close to race day to chance an injury.  Plus, it was only Tuesday.

Wednesday -Rest

The Wednesday black hole is back- I can’t remember what I did!

Thursday- 8 miles Stationary bike

Apparently I can’t tell time.  Or subtract.   I had a doctor’s appointment so I left work early.  I had somewhere to be at 5:20 but hoped to fit in my long run or some speed work in between.   I didn’t even get out of the doctor until after 3.   By the time I got home, changed and was ready to head to the gym (another 103* day) it was almost 4:30.   Color me confused, how did I mess up that badly?   So I hopped on the bike for some intervals.   😃

Friday- rest

This day kicked my ass.   It was straight chaos at work.  At one point I straight sat down in the middle of floor behind my desk because I was just done.   I ate cookies again to deal with the stress, oops.

 Saturday- rest?

Avocado Margarita Festival day one. I slept in a bit before heading back to work town.  It’s a good thing I left early because I got super lost picking up a coworker to work the first shift with me.   All my fault- I assumed I knew better than Siri.     I think he got his revenge though- the route to get back to where I needed to be damn near made me car sick while driving.

A little over 7 hours later and I was free!  Haha.  Being locked in a tiny room all day is draining.   The constant hum of the generator wasn’t helpful either.   I felt fried.   The only exercise accomplished was walking to and from the event- about half a mile each way.   My Fitbit tells me I moved way more than I thought though so who knows.

 Sunday-  3.25 miles AM, 3.5 miles PM

I had a later shift at the festival so I squeezed in some errands in the morning.   My alarm had gone off for a morning run but my stomach was expressing its displeasure with the previous day’s meals.   I had a tiny window before I had to leave so I fit in some miles.   It was warm but overall the run felt good.  I wished I could have kept running but I had to make sure I could clean up in time.  I mentioned the tiny room right?  Had to make I didn’t stink it up smelling like I had just run. 😀.   I discovered a new level of contortionist though- ever take off a sweaty sports bra just to put on another one?  Crap, that was hard.

After another numbing 4 hour shift I was finally heading back to my car.   Didn’t think about the fact that now I was lugging all the supplies we used back up the hill.  Half a mile uphill with 40+ lbs? Sure no problem.  Ha!

I headed to the lake path to get in a few more miles.   I really wanted 5 or more but this run was the complete opposite of the morning run.  Struggle from the get go.   I was achy and stopped to stretch a few times.  I also visited with lake cat quite a bit.  😃.  I called it after 3 laps.

So while I didn’t pull off a long run this week like I wanted to, I still got in some time on my feet and the bike.   More than I thought was going to happen by week’s end.    It’s a hell of a lot more than I accomplished this week last year.  😛

Paleo- C

Honestly the week started out well.   I derailed on Friday -cookies!  Plus my boss put together a little care package for me while she is gone.  2 full size bags of the sweet potato chips, a big bag of pretzels and 2 bags of cinnamon bears.  Covering all the cravings since I can’t leave the building.  😀.    Saturday’s lunch was provided for the volunteers and I don’t complain about free food.  Even if it was wheat bread.   I met my parents at Olive Garden that night and had a few bread sticks.   Oops.   At least my chicken breast and broccoli was on point.   😋.

My goal is to not stress eat over the next two weeks.    Good thing the snack bags will eventually be empty and I can’t run to the gas station to buy more.  I just need to make sure I don’t have crazy dinners as a way to decompress.  Why is food so comforting?!

How was your weekend?

Ever volunteer for local events?

Would you eat an Avocado Popsicle? I saw those this weekend.

Stand up!

After 6 days with no running last week, I was both itching for a run and nervous.   It’s like I was thinking I would have forgotten how to run or something.   After working at the Avocado Festival Saturday, I knew I had to be up early if I wanted to run before working the last shift at the festival on Sunday.    Now with the exception of race mornings, I am not an early riser.  At all.  I love sleeping.  But I forced myself out of bed and was running by 8:30.  Not even that early, right?   I was tired and my head is still a little rough so I had two route options- 3.8 or 4.2.  3.8 won and I felt like my legs took miles to warm up.  That I could have handled, it was my damn lungs that were annoying.  We rarely ever have humidity here so I didn’t bother to check it.  Fail!  The humidity was 70% that morning, some freak cloud system had rolled in overnight.  The clouds left but the humidity lingered.  Ugh.  But 3.8 miles done.  I checked the weather again at 3 and the weather was 102º with 9% humidity.  I would have rather run in that.9-14

I spent 5 hours working at the Avocado Margarita Festival on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.   The weather was awesome in work town and the festival was packed.  However I spent those hours in an old building.  It needed a fan and the giant generator was right outside.  It ran the entire time- so not helpful for my head.    Even though after a couple of hours, I started to tune it out.    It was still a good weekend and it was an amazing fundraiser and it sounded like everyone had a good time.   🙂


I worked in a restaurant for years and it was 95% standing and walking.  When I started with my current organization I still primarily worked standing up.  I was used to it so it was no big deal.  When I was promoted and transferred locations almost 2 years ago, I went to a regular desk height counter and sat in a chair about 75% of the time.   It was kind of the luck of the draw that that was the way the new building was set up.   Surprisingly or thankfully, I only put on 6 8 pounds over that time.   I kind of felt like I was in a hole after a while and said that it was harder for me to keep an eye on everything- I’m such a lurker.   I would crack jokes that I either needed a stand up desk or a trampoline chair that I could bounce off.   I found out Saturday that one customer compared me to Wilson from Home Improvement because the most he says he ever saw was from the eyes up.  Then again he also thought I was a teenager when I saw him at the festival.   Ha!   A coworker used to say I looked like a Meerkat sticking my head up all the time from my computer.

Anyways, back in February I figured it could never hurt to ask, so I asked my boss if there was ever a chance.   It took awhile and had to go through a bunch of levels but as of yesterday, I have a counter height desk!!!  Woo hoo!  I did a little dance when I saw it after construction and I may or may not have hugged the counter.   I also have more drawers now.   🙂   Now I just have to work on keeping it looking neater than the “organized chaos” that it was before.   I swear I knew what was in every pile, but now they are visible piles.

I am working my way back up to standing all day, so my legs are a little sore.   Between that and volleyball yesterday, I am crazy stiff.  My calves are tight and my abs are sore.    I feel like I ran more than usual playing last night and I was serving a little harder than usual.   I suppose it’s good news that I use my abs for my posture rather than my back right?    I know I am going to be a little achy this week adjusting but I am still so excited about it.  Such a nerd, I know.

We’re almost halfway!! How is your week going?

What about you?  Do you sit or stand for work?

Any fun events coming up in your neck of the woods?