Mid Week Musings 11

I know it’s Thursday but it’s the halfway point of a short week that’s midweek right?

The fans are gone!   The silence is glorious, it really is.    Now we don’t have hot water as they start the repairs but small victories right?  πŸ˜›

I drove home on auto pilot.  Which I am sure happens to all of us at some point but I drove the scenic route home.   A portion of which is essentially a speed limit free roller coaster of a road you drive for 14 miles.  Not the road to go on autopilot on.    Instead of watching the hairpins, I was contemplating life.   I’m feel like I am sliding into a funk and I can’t seem to swerve away.  I have a couple posts I am sitting on but not sure about sharing yet.

The Chimney Fire is 100% contained!!  Woo hoo!  Thank you firefighters!!!  Though I will miss seeing you all around town.  πŸ˜‰

I was so small! Also thoughts for another post

I thought about driving to Ventura this weekend to run a 5K.  Just because I really like the medal.   But I decided that wasn’t exactly fiscally responsible.  Boo.   Then Timehop showed me pics from the Ventura half in 2014.  Just rub it in Dino.

2 years ago

Instead of racing, it’s that time again- Avocado Margarita Festival!!    The format has changed a bit so I am only volunteering for a few hours one day.  What will I do with the rest of my time???  Well, run of course.  πŸ™‚

Someone found my blog last week by searching “gastroparesis pants”.  I get that.  I may not have talked about my asshat stomach in awhile but it’s still an asshat.    I actually have my quarterly appointment with my gastro next week.  I think I’ve run out of diets to try.  Grr.

While I am looking forward to fall weather, the sun is setting so much quicker already.   I will have to make the transition to the treadmill sooner than I would like if I want my runs to be longer than 4 miles.  Or I need to get hella’ fast.  Hmmm.

I tried to use a gif, I failed

Oh- I won 25 bucks on a scratcher ticket!  I’ve never done that before!  I was stoked.

I am reading a book where the main character’s name is Fallon.  Mind trip!  It’s kind of odd.

Remember when I said I randomly gave myself bangs?  Apparently I should have done it sooner- customers keep complimenting me.  Which makes me wonder- did I look that bad before??!?   I am also very blonde right now (summer sun!) and one customer told an employee that I look so much better au naturel and should stop dying my hair dark.  Say what?  You keep those thoughts to yourself!   Haha, she doesn’t know I was looking at hair dye the other day.  A purple shade was really speaking to me.  πŸ˜›  Too bad work wouldn’t approve.

Thanks for letting me ramble!

Share something random?

Ever dye your hair? Would you have said that?

What are you reading?


15 thoughts on “Mid Week Musings 11

  1. Avocado Marg fest?! That sounds so intriguing, although tequila hates my life (I’ve actually considered that I might be mildly allergic to it or something as it immediately makes me feel so hot and sick from like half a drink). Hope you’re able to pull yourself out of the slump soon and find things to rejoice over – like fun hair and some great runs! I didn’t dye my hair til my mid-20s and I’ve had a bunch of diff looks…some burgundy/dark raspberry on the underneath, a couple of red and blonde ombres, etc. It’s fun and one of my girlfriends is my hair dresser so she’s always helpful about what she thinks I should or shouldn’t do.


    1. And I like the tequila but the avocados. πŸ™‚ I’ve always spent so much time working it, I’ve hardly walked around it- I may need to this year. I think I first dyed my hair at 13 and every year since I think! I wish I had a connection like that but I usually do it all myself.


  2. Mmmm sounds like a great way to spend a weekend – avocado margherita. People have no filter – keep your opinions to yourself. Unfortunately, I have to dye my hair due to those pesky gray hairs – thanks grad school! – but keep it pretty natural. Purple sounds great- you should go for it!


  3. I color my hair – and I color it purple. πŸ™‚ Not even kidding. Last year I went back to my natural color cause I thought I was too old for purple… but you know what? I’m not too old. My hair is purple. But… I have dark hair naturally, so purple on my is very muted and mainly comes out in the sun and good lighting! And I like you with lighter hair, too πŸ˜€


    1. You are not too old! Rock that purple!! Grrr to silly work rules or I would do it! But blonde is so much easier and laziness wins these days. Every time I go dark, I have to work hard to keep it dark- my roots start coming in and I look like I have a receding hair line!


  4. Yay for running in Ventura… my husband is from Ventura, I love the town and I’d love to run there sometime (they have such great running paths along the water!).

    Also, dye your hair whatever color you like πŸ™‚ I get my hair colored next week!!


  5. Yeah, your coworker didn’t phrase that the best way, but it sounds like she was actually trying to give you a compliment in a foot-in-mouth sort of way. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt if I think their intentions are good.

    I get a ton of compliments when I have bangs too. I don’t think it’s that my hair looked bad before, just that bangs really are so much more flattering on my facial structure. Wish they didn’t have to be trimmed so often.


    1. Oh, the comments from customers just kept getting better- a male customer told of the employees that she really shouldn’t wear her hair in a bun, it just wasn’t the right look for her. What?!?! People need filter more!

      I like the bangs just they can be a lot of work. I have pretty strong cowlicks that I can hide with long hair but not bangs. So after I wash my hair, I have to pin them all going one direction. I guess it’s a good thing I am single!


  6. Chimney fires and Asthma – Not a nice mix. Just but the fireman’s calendar – better on the lungs. You guy’s and your hair issues makes me happy about being bald :). Go for a run along Venice beach, that will end the slump:)


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